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"Roach Motels, Hotel California, and the Noakes-Ruggiero 'First Immune' clinic in Bussigny."
"I'll take 'Places where one checks in but never leaves alive' for $250, Alex"

We have not looked in on Marco Ruggiero lately to check on his recent contributions to the parasitical publishing ecosystem, or which jurisdictions he is currently avoiding.

To recall, younglings, that the last time Professor Ruggiero came under the benignly protective gaze of the Mad Scientist Anti-Defamation League, a panaceal blend of lipids, polysaccharides and Vitamin D had emerged from his workshop, superceding all his previous immortalising products (including previous blends of lipids, polysaccharides and Vitamin D).

There were lingering doubts that imuno® genuinely came with Ruggiero's imprimatur and colophon and foolscap, for distribution was limited to, whose relationship to truth is fraught at the best of times and at the worst the subject of a restraining order. It also remained to be seen whether imuno® would wreak its all-curative miracles by inducing quantum entanglement and relativistic time-dilation effects at the level of cellular chromatin, as was claimed of Klotho Immortalis (that being Ruggiero's most recent product, and totally not a character in a coming installment of The Chronicles of Riddick).
Riddled radar
What brought our friend back onto the radar was the BBC coverage of the Persecution and Execution Imprisonment by the Southwark Crown Court of David Noakes. Much water and medicinal yoghurt has flowed under the bridge since Noakes and Ruggiero were camaradas in the GcMAF Skirmishes, jointly treating cancer patients for financial hypertrophy in a Swiss clinic. But enough connection remains to subject you to BBC prose stylings, which lie limp and recumbent across the screen, unwilling to task readers with more than one sentence per paragraph for fear of stack overflow and coredump:

Noakes, who now lives in Dover in Kent, first encountered GcMAF in 2009, he said, after attending a conference at the University of Ghent while working for ING Bank in Belgium.
The chance encounter would change his life, leading him to take the blood product in 2010 and curing six minor ailments, he claimed in court.
By 2011 he had set up a lab with the aim of producing GcMAF, teaming up with scientists in the UK and the University of Florence in Italy.
Scientists at the University of Florence in Italy

The framing is that of Noakes' defense."A conference at the University of Ghent" sounds serious and academic, more so than "conspiracy impresario Ian R Crane ranting about Big Pharma's genocide agenda at an conspiracist scamboree".

It is also a stretch to describe his lab technicians Rodney Smith and Lynda Thyer (née Banks) as 'scientists in the UK'. Smith's chief qualification for operating an high-affinity chromatography blood-protein-separation facility in a Cambridgeshire barn was his previous half-share in Meridian Brewery, while Thyer's qualification for certifying the separated protein was being the sister of Trevor Banks and Leslie Hutchings (née Banks) -- also employed by Noakes as social-media infiltrators / influencers (in a subplot of the whole intricate saga, they later went off the reservation with their own competing GcMAF scam).

I am disappoint that the BBC skipped over this dynastic aspect of Mr Noakes' legal adventures, all laid out as they are in archival Riddled coverage, though that might have required paragraphs of two or even three paragraphs. I console myself by calling the younglings' attention to the Whackyweedia entry on Mr Noakes. Does its post-February recension draw heavily upon Riddled investigations? I like to think it does. VINDICATION.

Noakes runs the website,[3] and since 2007 has published the free monthly newspaper Westminster News,[54] in which he claimed that Zionists and the German company Siemens control the BBC. He has promoted theories about the Illuminati.[55]
Lede, buried
Let us go back to the trial itself, which is buried within this post, which means that it is probably the lede. Truly the excitement has reached fever-pitch at Southwark Crown Court, with Noakes and his little team of helper elves parsing their sentences in one courtroom, while friend-of-Riddled El Coyote was witnessing an equally hilarity-ensuing trial down the corridor. All that was missing was an appearance from the Twelve Red-Bearded Dwarfs.

Now Noakes had pled pleaded guilty, but the prosecution and defense teams could not concur on some questions of material fact, leaving them for Judge Lorraine-Smith to adjudicate. For instance:

GcMAF: David Noakes 'no scientist', court hears

Does this mean that Noakes contended that he was a scientist? As night follows day, as merciful oblivion follows three pints of Gleamhound's Sobriety Draught, the corollary seems to follow. Alas, there is more to Sciencing than (1) paying the staff to dress up in labcoat cosplay and write a lot of fabricated bafflegab, and (2) signing your name to their word-dumps before paying parasite-publishers to host them on journal-shaped garbage-scow websites. That just makes you an advertiser.

As Dora has helpfully explained [warning: Italian], Mr Noakes' trial dwelled solely on the legality of his business model of extracting and selling a product he believed to be GcMAF... not about the scientific basis of the miraculous claims he made on its behalf ("It is not GcMAF that is on trial"). This is why he was granted only 15 months of Her Majesty's hospitality, rather than the half-decade or so that a more truth-centric conviction might have incurred. One can only hope that he will appeal the sentence out of injured amour propre (and because prison is no place for a gentleman, even it is not that ultimate horror, a French prison) and give the Prosecution a chance to revisit it.

So anyway, after that brief Noakes-themed anabasis, we find our way back to Marco Ruggiero and imuno®, amid joyful shouts of θαλασσα, θαλασσα! In company with Stefania Pacini (Mrs Professor), Marco has so far extruded two communiques about the new product:

The spigot for the former was "Madridge Journal of Vaccines" (editor: M. Ruggiero) -- Madridge [Interconnecting Scientific World] being chancers in Hyderabad who have adopted a tent as their emblem, inspired by its associations of rapid untraceable overnight departures. The latter pukenozzle was "Integrative Cancer Science and Therapeutics" from OAText, more Hyderabad competitors with OMICS. In their determination to out-do OMICS in the field of shameless larceny, the latrine-sloths and shitweasels at OAText have taken to stealing the identities of less-fraudulent but defunct journals... though that is material for another blogpost, mentioned now only as reflecting on the calibre of people who share Ruggiero's stratum.

The points of difference between the new product and the now-deprecated rerum® are (1) the substitution of phosphatidylcholine for oleic acid, and (2) the elimination of Heinz Reinwald (part-owner of rerum IP) from a share of the business. The claims for imuno® have not changed; like rerum, it is protean in nature, a food supplement and a wrinkle-removing face cream and a cure for cancer / autism / chronic fatigue and a floor-wax and a dessert topping.

<meta name="description" content="Buy GcMAF and imuno. Cancer Immunotherapy Support. Cancer Treatment Natural Support. Evidence based natural method. Complementary Cancer Support. GcMAF." />

<!-- Document Title ============================================= --> <title>imuno | Rerum | GcMAF | Cancer | Autism | Chronic Fatigue</title>

The two papers try to stay modest and circumspect, presenting imuno® as an immune-response-boosting adjuvant for as-yet-nonexistent cancer vaccines (much as rerum was to be an adjuvant for DNA-based AIDS vaccines that might emerge into the medscam market). However, Pacini and Ruggiero could not restrain their natural ebullience for long and the OAText advertorial went off the reservation into a rationale whereby imuno® controls one's cellular DNA by way of radio transmission. I am not making this up:

Also 'negentropy' and 'supramolecular structure' and 'protocellular bilayer membranes' and sundry other Worship Words. This novel and stimulating concept of "radio communication with DNA" is an established part of Ruggiero's performative repertoire.

imuno® is produced in New Zealand -- "manufactured in a government certified facility by Imuno Corporation" * -- presumably by Michael Kelly, who also distributes the stuff through and Inquiries into ownership lead (for whatever jurisdictional reasons) to an accountant's office in Port Vila, Vanuatu -- also the source of an application for the 'Imuno' trademark. Neither the NZ nor the Vanuatu company registers show any record of an "Imuno Corporation".

The supply chain has branched out into a network. There are US distributors now!

"Oxygen Health Systems" may be familiar to readers. It is one of numerous grifty little cookie-cutter medscam webstores mass-produced by one Michael Carroll, and receiving quizzical attention from the FDA. "What keeps bringing me back to the GcMAF market is the high calibre of individuals one thereby encounters".

* Coincidentally, Noakes' GcMAF was "made in highly professional sterile laboratories to standards superior than those required by GMP".

[H/t Dora]

“It almost does feel like one of those teenage trends that happen,” he said. “One juvenile seal did this very stupid thing and now the others are trying to mimic it.”

This seal is how I feel about 2018.

The scientists have removed "three or four" eels from juvenile monk seals' nostrils over the past two years, mostly in the last few months. The seals are fine. The eels died.*
“It’s just so shocking,” Claire Simeone, a veterinarian and monk seal expert based in Hawaii, told The Washington Post on Thursday. “It’s an animal that has another animal stuck up its nose.”

It is only shocking, Hawaiian monk-seal expert, because you spent your youth in some unproductive way when you could have been listening to re-runs of "I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again".

*It's the opening of the seventh seal that we have to worry about.

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A chariot will take me to The Valley of the Kings #2

Rowland Emett, 'Borg Warner Car of the Future':

Cornelius Bos, Grotesque Triumphal Chariot (1552) [h/t Peacay @ Bibliodyssey]

Just coincidence?

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Futurological Congress

"AcademicSera" are the plural of "AcademicSerum" - a biological elixir designed to transform the recipient into a tenured professor. Perhaps the AcademicSera are extracted from older academics, in a needlessly painful process that involves boiling and pressure (one of the less-profitable activities of the Abrasax clan), but that would be speculation.

Each bottle of Academicserum requires the
harvesting of 100 Emeritus Professors

This is by way of introduction to the riveting topic of Mockademic Conference Tourism. Curb your excitement!

Congress predation
All the cool kids have been investigating and exposing the fraudulence of Congress Predators like WASET and BIT, and carrying on as if discovering a novel phenomenon. Or blogging about the torrent of scammy invitation spam inundating their in-trays. Heaven knows, there is much to blog about, for conference-predation is clearly lucrative and most parasite-publishers have diversified to latch onto the money-teat (even the most pathetic and sub-barrel-bottom ones). Or preparing checklists of "Tell-tale signs of parasitical publishers", and keynote-speaking on that theme at scamference offshoots of parasitical publishers.

What is forgotten in this trend is the happy complicity of many of the customers, for whom an overseas holiday thinly veiled as 'Conference Attendance' is an accepted part of their remuneration package, compensating for their risible salaries. The production-line conference mills serving their particular market are lower in profile, for they do not need to choke the interducts with their invitation spam (though they may spam anyway)... the customers are already committed, and all they want for $mas is a list of travel destinations to pick from.

The outcome has been the emergence of three niches in the vibrant ecosystem of junk-scholarship support. Niche #1 is occupied by the conference mills themselves, like Academicsera or the equally-egregious ResearchFora:

Behold the scope of their hard work and dedication to their cause: eleven International Conferences booked in Auckland (NZ) for January 5th alone, on a diversity of disparate topics (ranging from Sports Nutrition, ICSNS to Genetics of Wildlife, ICBPGW by way of Finance and Accounting, ICEFA); and this is only one city from one country. The mill must work around the clock, staff delving into Scrabble bags for newly randomised arrangements of letters to present as each meeting's theme and scholarly body.

The function room at the Surrey Motel could become a scene of interdisciplinary eclecticism, as they simultaneously strive
to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results about all aspects of $SCAM. It also provides the premier interdisciplinary forum for researchers, practitioners and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns, practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted in the fields of $SCAM.
...Unless each specialty observes the fiction that the other 10 are somehow invisible. Assuming that any of the attendees bother to turn up to speak or to pin up a poster.

The same applies to the convention convergence the following day, when 10 meetings ranging in number from the 411th International Conference on Language, Literature and Culture (ICLLC) to the 519th International Conference on Recent Advances in Medical and Health Sciences (ICRAMHS) fight for supremacy in the Functions Room of the Anglesea Motel in Hamilton, grabbing the microphone and the remote control for the PPT projector from one another in an unseemly brawl, all under the auspices of AcademicsWorld. Or the next day on the 7th: the turn of the James Cook Hotel in Wellington to host the 459th International Conference on Vehicular, Mobile and Wearable Technology (ICVMWT), the 527th International Conference on Medical and Health Sciences (ICMHS), and four other concurrent, equally garbage creations from the "International Society for Engineering Research and Development".

The Keynote Speakers for these Potemkin events are always "To be Announced Soon", while the Definite Program Schedules are equally unlikely to ever congeal; attendees already know that the events are frauds, so why waste effort making them look halfway credible? But the clientele do need some plausible pretense of documentation that they can show to their universities, so as part of the deal they buy a personalised Letter of Invitation. Also too, an entry in a Proceedings webpage.
Inside a Conference Mill

Which brings us to Niche #3. It also contains the DigitalXplore archive, but I would rather focus on the World Research Library, for the sake of its title of grandiose, Alexandrian aspirational scope. Just look at the different conference franchises whose Proceedings-shaped word-dumps are hosted there! It is ecumenical and non-partisan, accommodating AcademicSera and ResearchFora and the whole tangled thicket of acronymic competition.

The name and web-address used to belong to the Wood-Sutton counter-globalization World Research Library (described in SourceWatch), but the domain lapsed at some point between 2007 and 2015 and fell into the hands of entrepreneurs.

This leaves Niche #2, which we have already met in passing, for it houses the commercial conference-listing services, where an alluring panoply of tourism destinations parade before the discriminating consumer. Services like ConferenceAlerts, and another ConferenceAlerts, and AllConferenceAlert.

This proliferation of niches and websites may seem cluttered and bewildering, but do not fear: the entangled ecosystem of competition and symbiosis is simpler than at sight. It turns out that all the rival conference-mills, and all the listing services, and all the Proceedings repositories enjoy close propinquity in a suburb of Bhubaneswar (Odisha state):

This must facilitate the flow of freshly-generated Conference details from the mills to the listing agencies.

In a more dispositive detail, they are all subserved by a single IP address:

Which is to say, they are branches of just one business (or extruded pseudopods, if you prefer a more amoebic metaphor). The "IEEEconference" part of the operation is short for "Industrial Electronics and Electrical Engineers", and the possibility of a confusion with the prestigious meetings held by the "Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers" is unintended and unfortunate.

However, we have only scratched the surface of the tip of the iceberg. There are, in fact, other groups of conference-mill / repository / tourism symbioses. "AllConferenceAlert" lists hundreds of Scrabble-bag-named and equally-phony excuses to visit New Zealand (to pick a tourism destination at random) each month, churned out from a different network of production lines. In this case, "Academic Research Library" is the Potemkin Write-Only Archive for pretend-publishing the proceedings.

One could excuse all this, since the money-losing victim of this empire of scam is the Indian university funding system, but their use of Algerian in the logo is hard to forgive.

That dumpster fire repository is also used by ARDA International. And ASAR (the Association for Scientific and Academic Research), and "Academic World Research". These were spawned as part of an empire of congress generators and listing sites, centred on Technoarete Headquarters (which is to say Flat 4A, Girija Apartments in Chennai), largely registered by "Technoarete Research And Development Association". All are worth a visit for the quaintness of their English:
World academics since emergence of science has always been in need of excellent colloque where pioneers of science can exchange their knowledge and innovation. Cutting edge technology expands with rigorous interaction and sharing of knowledge and experience.
...but bored now, and leaving them as an exercise for the equally-bored reader. You get the general picture of the scale of spurious science. The yearly production of wholly bogus events from Indian assembly lines - all simply to facilitate and profit from the tourism needs of South Asian academia - must number well into six figures.
When assembly lines go wrong

Will no-one think of the carbon footprint?
[Thx John Chen for inspiration and lynx]

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You can't spell "icon" without 'I' and 'con'

Wellington, city of pageantry, home to the iconic British Museum and Buckingham Palace...

THAT IS NOT MY COW Wellington. That is the Wellington Arch in London, viewed from behind.

London, sun-soaked jewel of the South Pacific...

THAT IS NOT Wellington MY COW. That is GLASGOW - home of an equestrian statue of Wellesley Duke of Wellington, who sports a road-cone on his head on festive occasions as is the traditional costume of his people. It is almost as if some shiftless grifter was sent to the Interlattice tasked with searching out scenic icons of Wellington, but had given his last fuck.

Wellington, capital of New Zealand (population 67,659,683), where the languages are English, Maori and Lorem Ipsum...

This is just really sad now.

OK. There exists IASED ("International Academy of Science and Engineering for Development"), whose physical address is an anonymising / virtual-office service in Hong Kong (popular among tax-evaders and money-launderers). They have one telephone number, and a secretary who is willing to pander to a caller's tastes by becoming Ms.Amy L. P. Yeung; Ms. Jessily D. M. Cheung; Ms. Yedda Q. Ye; Ms. Anna H.M. Wong; or Ms. Tiya T. Deng (among others) depending on the nature of the call. For IASED exists primarily to instantiate ad-hoc professional and academic bodies from its flanks... bodies that exist primarily to arrange scabby little scamferences at monthly intervals around the world, while inviting suckers to pay $570 of their employers' money so as to attend.

The IASED-spawned CCVPR, JCRAM, ICCSSE and ISEEIE all invite you to their December meetings at the James Cook Grand Chancellor hotel in Wellyton, in the same three days (13th-15th Dec) and indeed in the same conference room. A one-day meeting, really, since the 13th and 15th are scheduled for registration and a tourist outing respectively. They claim different organising committees but the same keynote speakers for all four events.

Assuming that the staff have cleaned up the room after the hard-core festivities of 10-12 December, when the IASED sockpuppets ICCAEE, JCMME and JCRAI hold their combined monthly meeting.

Many of these meetings were initially promoted as occurring under the auspices of the Museum of New Zealand (which came as a surprise to the not-well-pleased Museum)...*

... or at the Wellington Convention Centre.

This has the minor disadvantage of not existing, forcing the scammers to relocate to the James Cook hotel. Updates will follow if I hear back from the hoteliers.
[Thx John Chen for the heads-up and for research]

* Museum, not-well-pleased:

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I seem to have buried the lede in a recent post

The lede subsequently clawed its way out of the grave and is now staggering and lurching and groaning about “brainzzz” through the Riddled archives, where it blends in perfectly and is hard to locate.

The post concerned itself with ITNJ member John Walsh, who is a real-world person and not a character I plagiarised from an unwritten Tom Sharpe novel; and Alex Wymarra and his invisible friends - the 'United Tribal Nations' and the 'Treaty Council'. It alluded in passing to a little pompom-shaking cheerleadership story in the Australian, about a land-lease co-prosperity agreement between Bill Moss (retired banker turned medical advocate) and the Gudang-Yadhaykenu tribal grouping.

Recently the 2000-odd members of the tribe regained title of 360,000 hectares of land that no-one else wanted at the Northern tip of Queensland, making them a prime target for carpet-baggers and monorail salesmen. Hence the Australian item... clearly a press release written by Bill Moss or Alex Wymarra and baited for the editors with introductory paragraphs about Gubblement ineptitude and the virtues of private enterprise / private philanthropy, to ensure they stovepiped it straight into publication with the signature of Turi Condon (who is the real-estate columnist for the newspaper and therefore need not fear losing dignity or self-respect).
Former Macquarie Group banker Bill Moss and a group of trad­itional land owners have struck a deal over a vast area of land at the tip of far north Queensland, hoping­ to do what no government has managed and create an economic ­future for indigenous communities.
Mr Moss and the Gudang-Yadhaykenu clan native title holders, which have about 2000 family members living on the Cape York land and others living around the country, aim to lease out parts of the 360,000ha to ­establish tourism and agriculture businesses, with a proportion of the funds going to indigenous trusts for education, health and employment.
This will be a business venture, with a social and charitable outcome, but without government involvement, Mr Moss said.
“We don’t need the government. My experience is that everything is then caught up in bureaucratic red tape. This is a business model,’’ he said.
Set in stone
Some Wikieditor copied the link into the Yadhaykenu Whackyweedia page so now it is set in the stone of social reality. We also find Wymarra repeating his account of the deal, and foreseeing a radiant future of tourism development and monorails, in a dictation session interview sockpuppeted through Paul Gregoire at the latter's blog. Alternative Journalist Gregoire types commendably well for someone whose right hand is perpetually upraised in a clenched-fist salute of righteousness, but I digress.
The Treaty Council organised an economic treaty agreement between the Gudang-Yadhaykenu people of Far Northern Queensland and former Macquarie Group banker Bill Moss in February last year.
The deal involves the local native title holders leasing out 360,000 hectares of land in the northernmost region of Cape York to establish tourism and agricultural businesses.
A band of Alternative Journalists
Note upraised clenched-fist salutes
A different version of events was written for an actual news service by an actual journalist, who asked questions and interviewed people, so it offers details about the priorities of the locals and what they hope to see out of the deal. The author notes that rather than representing the tribe (as in his own account), Alex Wymarra was on Bill Moss' team as an advisor... it is possible that he worked both sides of the street, which is economical but has down-sides.
Indigenous land owner representatives of Gudang Yadhaykenu nations earlier this year [...] teamed up with Financial expert Bill Moss AO and his team from Boston Leisure and Tourism and the Northern Cape Group.
Bill Moss is the former CEO of Australia’s Maquarie Bank and head of Boston Leisure & Tourism and Co-Chairman of The Northern Cape Group. He was represented by his team led by his N.C.G. Co Chairman Alex Wymarra.
Inquiring minds are led to wonder, "What is this 'Boston Leisure & Tourism' group?" Also, "Why is all this of any possible interest to the Riddled readership?" But the Riddled mission statement has not been published in the Whackyweedia so it is not set in stone... also the whole story features journalistic dereliction at the Murdoch Press and that always ensues the hilarity.

Confusingly, the entity also operates as the Boston Indigenous Leisure & Tourism. Domains were staked out on the Interducts for BILT-related websites, but they remain as desolate, vacant building lots, frequented only by crickets and the occasional prowling dingo. And there does exist a BILT FaceBorg entry, which was fleetingly active in March last year at the time of peak Moss-deal publicity before slumping back into desuetude. This is not the philanthropic / entrepreneurial vigor that we expect from a player. "Desuetude" turns out not to mean "deprived of suet", by the way chiz chiz.

So we come to one Jason Irvine -- named in those news stories as BILT Executive Director. Also "Director of Business Development" and Core-Team member at FSHD Global (Bill Moss' medical-research philanthropy / fund-raising foundation).
Jason has had a career in business management in the areas of sport, leisure and tourism. He currently works part-time with FSHD Global as our Business Development Manager. For the balance of the week Jason wears his other work hat as CEO of Boston Leisure and Tourism, a company focused on creating strategic partnerships with Indigenous groups which will create important education and wealth opportunities for local communities.
In contrast to BILT, FSHD does have a functional website... one that has been recently cleansed of almost all acknowledgements of Jason Irvine's existence.

My commitment to the causes of accuracy and exhaustive completion obliges me to note that according to his FB page, Jason moved on to a new job in May 2018... that is to say, his ZoomInfo record and LinkedIn entry are out-of-date and lying jades. I am further compelled to observe that last year's fraud charges against him ("knowingly dealing with the proceeds of crime, dishonestly obtaining property by deception, and acting with intent to pervert the course of justice") were dismissed as insufficiently conclusive. Though the magistrate was not well-pleased with Mr Irvine's shenanigans, which were "deeply troubling" and "very strongly suggestive of guilt". The back-story there was a complicated made-for-TV saga of money-laundering and illegal payments in the foopball industry, involving Irvine and more than one generation of Moss, details of which are TL;DW. I am just here to congratulate the Gudang-Yadhaykenu tribe on their choice of business partnership.

The best-case scenario would be for the 50-year land-lease deal to be forgotten and never mentioned again... apart from another round of invoices from the negotiators, and another impassioned communiqué from Alex Wymarra (channeled through Greg Pauloire) about paternalistic bureaucracies keeping indigenous peoples in dependency by stifling their right to exploit their own assets.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
We had hoped for more whacky hijinks from the 
judicial-robe cosplayers of the ITNJ, Uncle Smut.

Nag nag nag. Content yourselves with this recent public preening, capitalising on the West Island Pry Minster's grudging apology to the victims of institutional church-based child abuse, in which Chief Justice Sir John Walsh of Brannagh co-opts it as a vindication of the ITNJ's business model (i.e. begging for money to help them publicise imaginary crimes).

Prime Minister Scott Morrison issued the national apology at parliament, in front of hundreds of victims and advocates of this horrific generational complex. The apology earmarks a sea-change in the willingness of the establishment to acknowledge such crimes, not least because in Australia some of the highest ranking people in government institutions themselves have been named as alleged perpetrators of historic child sex abuse.
The fact that the Prime Minister included in his address the term ‘ritual abuse’ was another victory for campaigners and advocates of truth and disclosure in this arena. Ritual abuse indicates the more nefarious aspect of child sex abuse, as it encompasses and acknolwedges [sic] the occultic Satanic element, which is vital in understanding the true pathology of historical child sex abuse.
The ITNJ, its justices, commissioners, and trustees thoroughly applaud the Australian government for taking this historic stance and have extended to Prime Minister Morrison an offer to cooperate and assist with any ongoing inquiries or investigations.
The numpties of the Morrison Gubblement have prior form for slack-jawed credulity in the face of self-conferred titles (or perhaps it is just professional courtesy), so it is possible that they did indeed waste one of the limited seats at the Federal Parliament event on this disbarred deadbeat.