Thursday, August 19, 2010

In the middle of our deep blue sea

Some time ago the New Zild government was Cock o' hoop, indeed Cock o' the walk about attracting Brazilian oil companies Petrobras to New Zild waters by kidnapping a Senior Executive and holding him to ransom. Incidentally have you tried the new line in lingerie by this company? Nothing says sauve sophistication like a Petrobra.
Various propaganda units spun the story like uranium centrifuges in Tehran  At least these people said that there was opposition from some loony tree huggers and Maoris.

Now it seems that the contract were awarded without considering all that environmental and safety nonsense
Petrobras has since reportedly had a small fire on an oil rig and another has been closed for safety problems.
Energy Minister Gerry Brownlee says there is no need to consider specific environmental requirements until drilling begins.
Brownlee is a busy guy, understudy for Peter Griffin in "The Family Guy" is just one of many eggs in his quiver so he can't be expected to spend the 0.08 seconds I spent  to find a story that puts Petrobras in the "Dodgy; Handle with Fire Resistant Tongs" category
Facilities operated by Brazilian federal energy major Petrobras (NYSE: PBR) are not undergoing safety inspections as often as they should because of political interference, Adriano Pires, director of consultancy Centro Brasileiro de Infraestrutura (CBIE), told BNamericas.

"The government fiercely defends Petrobras' image as a major national champion. The current administration makes it hard to criticize Petrobras, as if it would be a national offense to point out company errors or other issues," he said.
But as Mr Brownlee points out "Lois, the sea cannot catch fire"


Smut Clyde said...

just one of many eggs in his quiver
I laughed.

Another Kiwi said...

Success!! Now I can retire

mikey said...


A government-owned oil company is a "major national champion"?

Um, in what league? Who's the competition? What game do they play? How is the winner selected? How come I can't find them on Yahoo! Sports?

Is this another rugby/soccer/cricket whatever that damn game AK is always on about post? West Ham n eggs and a Petrobras biscuit? I'm confused. Again...

merc said...

All because...Kiwi don't surf.

ovathick, I kid u not.

M. Bouffant said...

The Petrobra® ranks well above the water bra in the "feels like fatty sweat glands" category.