Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fairly Unbalanced

Foxhead 1: So Fh2 why is Ursurper Obama hiding in South America, this week?
Fh2: (Glassy smile) Don't have the memo. Show the golf.
[Video and voiceover]: Here is Kenyan Golfer B.Hussein Malcom X "Straight outta Compton" Osama playing golf while the world goes to hell around him. Hey, so-called President how's that dereliction of duty going, Chicago Mobster?
Fh2: And we're back live with the newest report of a rabble rousing speech given by Imposter and possibly the love child of Bobby Seale and Jane Fonda, El Presidente, Kid Dyno-mite, .
[Still photo of Barack Obama with Scooby Doo voice over.]
"Ry am a rocialist. Ri ruv Bill Ayers"
Fh1: No surprises there, Fh2. Can we stop this man before he kills us all and turns us into hamburger patties as he promised to do in that clip?
Fh2: We'll talk about that with Karl Rove, William Kristol and Fred Phelps, right after these messages.
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Fh1: My god you're beautiful
Fh2: Why thanks
Fh1: Save me Jesus! The mirror talked to me


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

That's what you get for watching FAUX.

vacuumslayer said...

Now watch this drive!

Willy said...

Style reminds me of The Bobblespeak Translations".

From today's Press the Meat...
Admiral Mike Mullen - Chair Joint Chiefs of Staff
Sen. John Kerry - (D-MA)
Sen. Carl Levin - (D-MI)
Sen. Jeff Sessions - (R-AL)
Michael Hayden - Frm Dir. of CIA
Richard Haass - Council on Foreign Relations
Richard Engel - NBC
Jim Miklaszewski - NBC
Andrea Mitchell - NBC
Helene Cooper - NYT
Gregory: wow the allies have launched
Operation Odyssey Dawn!

Audience: isn’t that a Carnival cruise line?

Engel: for a nation with a psychotic leader dealing
with a civil war and under attack Libya is very calm

Gregory: really?

Engel: yes it’s much like Madison Wisconsin

Gregory: doesn’t Libya prove Obama is a
bad President?

Engel: yes the rebels are already disappointed with Obama for not bombing harder or pushing for
a public option

Gregory: what is Qaddafi up to?

Engel: he is going to open up the armory to
anyone who wants a gun

Gregory: so just like Arizona