Monday, August 8, 2011

Competitive Brewing is Serious Work

I warned Evangeline van Holsteren that her idiot boy friend shouldn't be talking to those "journalists", but did she listen to Grandad Smut? Does anyone ever listen? Do they bogroll. Now the opposition have stolen our recipes.
But that's all water under the stable door. I think we still have a chance to win the Sir O'Ciss Trophy for Best Novelty Hangover with our special Borscht Beer... not to mention the Catas Trophy for "Least time to dissolve a cocktail umbrella". There is no way the other brewers will guess the secret ingredient.

Remember, drinkers, if you're not seeing wind-up crocodiles then it's not Riddled Ale!


Another Kiwi said...

"Nana Bennett's Christmas Ale"??
That sounds positively wholesome, what sort of Christmas Ale is that. You probably can't clean brass with it.

M. Bouffant said...

Only a matter of time until the blink tag appeared, I s'pose.

tigris said...

Taste - Fruit Mince, Brandy, Roast Malty? Where's the burnt rubber, the toasted Limburger, the piquancy of grassy, sweaty tube sock? No, her recipe is safe.