Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Widows Medium Flavour

Yes this is a code title for a certain well known media player which went doo lally on me yesterday. Hah! say the tech savvy amongst us, tell us something we do not know, grandad!
And yet, one would hope that a media player could "rip" (ATYFS) music from a CD and stick it inna file allowing old coots to listen to it when they liked. And it did that no problem, until yesterday when it decided by itself to store the ripped music somewhere and it wasn't telling where, so there. It may have added "millennium hand and shrimp."
But of course when you try and keep oldies from listening to their Joni Mitchell they will get all cranky on it and consult the Googacle. Which lead one to a whole slew, yes A SLEW, of pages about Winsome Medical Slayer and it's various ills and poo flingings.
On a whim I checked the tools tab for Wallows Medium Plonker and found that it seemed to have started redirecting ripped music into Where-The-Fuck, Ohio.dll for kicks. With short purposeful clicks I unclicked the box and this appeared to have worked until this morning when I loaded up dearest Joni but imagine my surprise when I turned on the computer later in the day and found a complete absence of Mitchells in the m's.
Aghast I searched for new fixes and found one which involved clearing a corrupt database. Obviously it had been paid to kick out Canuckistan music because of all the healthcare and such.
But the most interesting thing is that the whole BIG set of pages exist for fuck-ups that Willows Median Flayer makes and they are still embedding it in their operating system or whatever the kids call it these days.
It's almost like they don't care. Which would cast doubt on alla that corporate citizenship stuff, I guess.


gregor samsa said...

Joni is awesome.

At least with Apple you know the disfunction is about money and control...with wind rows it's about disfuntion.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Where-The-Fuck, Ohio.dll

I know where that is!

mikey said...

I would respectfully submit that your problems are not actually rooted (heh) in the "Medium Flavour" portion of the program, but more commonly are found in the "Widows" part.

You do have options. There are small, fast, highly usable "Operating Systems" available FOR FREE that happily install next to and peacefully coexist with those marginally functional Widows and simply do what you want them to do when you want them to do it.

I would kindly recommend that you go back to the googly resource and type "WUBI" into the box. This will provide you with the option of safely installing one of those free Operating Systems alongside windows without changing or partitioning your hard disk. It is not a long term solution, but will instead allow you to spend a few weeks or months with an alternative to those pesky Widows while still having access to them when you feel needy. My suspicion is that you will find yourself quickly growing apart from their unpleasant and frustrating dysfunction...

Whale Chowder said...

Alternative number Dos would be Winamp, which while it has its own set of annoyances, doesn't suddenly decide to send your precious Joni to Bumfuck, NSW.

I would endorse mikey's recommendation of one of the Linux flavors except that Teh Big L is kind of notoriously bad at multimedia shit.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

I love story time.

Substance McGravitas said...

Obviously it had been paid to kick out Canuckistan music because of all the healthcare and such.

All your music got cancer and died because of the socialist utopianism.

fish said...

I hear Apple even makes iTunes for those handicapped with Windoze.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

fish, you shouldn't mock the less fortunate.