Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Riddled Radio Rugby Round-up with Roger Rogerson

RR: Good evening, sports fans.
I can't hear you. Did you say "Heckuva job, Roge? Why yes, yes you did!"
This evening we are privileged to have one the finest minds in rugby analysis with us, a man who has been to that place upstairs from the Thai takeaways where they do the frame by frame looking at the video. Another Kiwi, how they hanging AK?"
[CRASH] AK: The chair is all wrong!
RR: Help him up Clarence. You Ok AK, Hah hah
AK: Yeah, yeah Ok, Don't anyone worry about me.
RR: So AK, What about that World Cup?
AK: I don't like the muffins you have here, They are too sticky and squish up in your pockets.
RR: Fascinating, Now the World Cup?
AK: Ooooo sorry Rogered, I didn't mean to not talk about the World Cup
RR: It's Roger and you are supposed to talk about it. Have you seen any of it?
AK: Oh yes, I've seen it, hours and hours of it, people onna teevee running around like mad things.
RR: Well....analysis?
AK: Russia is gone Roge, out of the park, toodle-oo, so long. Bye bye. As are many teams, I think you'll find, Roger, the pools of death have spoken and there has been a great unbuttoning and loosing off of minnows, which is a type of fish and not in ruggedbury at all. Now it is down the serious stuff with the points and such.
RR: And what do you make of the Carter injury?
AK: It is in the groinal region Roger so I don't know what you are implying I would make of it. Insituations! Smut said I should watch out for this. He said "They are snakes-in-the-grass those people, AK, have some anti snake bite elixir" He is very kind...unlike some who I could name!
But New Zealand must resist the urge to wallow in Dan Carters groin! Forward, Esperanto! You people, mind how you go!
RR: How big an effect will the win over France have on team morale?
AK: Roger, Roger, Roger, they don't eat Morels! They eat Kiwi Big Brown Ugly Mushrooms that grow in the dark and eat shit. None of your fancy Morels here, mate. WAH
[CRASH] This chair is fecking dangerous, man. I'm going
[DOOR SLAMS] Owww, it was shut,
RR: Thanks for that AK, we'll hold you to those predictions


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...


THIS is the analysis we've been waiting for.

mikey said...


If AK were doing the 49ers game I'da turned up the sound...

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Another kiwi said...

There is certainly enough blowhardery to go around