Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Long live the new flesh

I will have you know that my manly antibodies are performing perfectly! Not a word of complaint has been said about gel-column failures!

It is uncanny, how the scammers and spammers manage to focus so precisely on the exact insecurities plaguing their targets.

This one needs work, however:
It would work better if there were some mention of the vast fortune in royalties acquired by a strain of HeLa cells, which the cells are unable to transfer out of the laboratory, and which they are willing to share with me if I facilitate the process by providing access to my bank account.


vacuumslayer said...

Antibodies worked just creeping me out.

Rachel said...

You know, Smut, I truly love you but I don't like the casual surprise tentacle pictures - reminds me too much of the perversity of most of my male relatives. Your brilliance outshines them, but your good manners are eerily similar. Forgive me for being a troll sometimes. I love how you incite my return to self-expression - I'm a big fan, just with a sharp edge that I mostly can't seem to find an outlet for. Thought you'd take in stride... just another wacky female lurking on the intertoobz. I guess it's a rather potent mix of love/hate... forgive me, you can get my e-mail address from Subst if you want and I'll ask you about ART.

Smut Clyde said...

Let the record show that Riddled is remarkably restrained vis-a-vis casual surprise tentacle pictures. Compared, say, to a certain Substance. Compared, say, to what we could have released.

I'll ask you about ART
I will ask Substance (or he can send you my e-address). But my tastes in art are boring and conservative (all Northern Renaissance and 1930s German Expressionism). I have had a lot of opportunities to visit art museums, and what with a retentive memory, I now have a well-stocked supply of mental images, which I can flick through when I am bored or physically asleep or in need of an illustration for a rant.

Smut Clyde said...

Antibodies worked just creeping me out.

"Body / Antibody" was amusing and contains no Manic Pixie Dream characters.