Saturday, March 10, 2012

Now Minna Erve was joined on the platform by Merk Ury. Minna said: "Merk will brief you. But I must remind you all that Time is running out." *

We haven't checked the Search Terms lately to see which topics attract the typical Riddled customer...
Why thank you, four anonymous Google-users! This is the perfect excuse to mention Rudolf Steiner, and his gnostic-astrologic-theosophistic clairvoyant revelations on the spiritual evolution of the solar system!

Sadly, as with Steiner on practically anything, these views are difficult to summarise, being deep and opaque as a high-school swimming pool. This is why there has been little progress on the intended "Movie version of Life of Steiner" that has been appearing in the 'unrealised assets' column of the Riddled Yearly Budget regularly since 2010. The dialog is very wordy and we may need to bring in Zombie Ayn Rand as script doctor to write a less clunky version.

Apparently, at some early stage in cosmic history, human souls left Planet Earth, and re-settled on the seven planets of the solar system. I am not sure if they were attracted there by favourable tax regimes, or by the scout camps where they could undergo specialised spiritual training. At any rate, they have lately been returning to Earth -- starting in the Atlantean epoch -- bringing with them different psychic gifts depending on their planet of most recent residence. Currently most of the interplanetary soul migration is from Vulcan:
Whereas in ancient Atlantean times these human beings descended to earth from Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, and the other planets — and it was therefore a matter of human soul beings entering the earth existence then — now a time is beginning when beings who are not human are coming down to earth from cosmic regions beyond. These beings are not human but depend for the further development of their existence on coming to earth and on entering here into relationships with men.

Thus, since the eighties of the nineteenth century, heavenly beings are seeking to enter this earth existence. Just as the Vulcan men were the last to come down to earth, so Vulcan beings are now actually entering this earth existence. Heavenly beings are already here in our earth existence. And it is thanks to the fact that beings from beyond the earth are bringing messages down into this earthly existence that it is possible at all to have a comprehensive spiritual science today.
This diaspora account sounds vaguely familiar as if half-remembered from engrams laid down in a previous incarnation. It may well be that Xenu -- the dictator of the Galactic Confederacy -- was responsible with his volcano-and-hydrogen-bomb related activities.

Scientology: Unaccountably popular among the book-reading buildings of Copenhagen
Steiner's esoteric planetology is not that of NASA. The planets are seven in number. Seven shall be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be seven. Eight shalt thou not count, neither count thou six, excepting that thou then proceed to seven. Nine is right out. The list is interesting: Moon, Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus and Vulcan.

Early sighting of Vulcans
Lescarbault was the first astronomer to identify Vulcan, in 1859, spotting it in transit across the disc of the sun. In the solar eclipse of 1878, Watson and Swift between them reported at least three Vulcans, and possibly four.
It turns out that Vulcan is not a single planet within the orbit of Mercury, but a veritable planetary plethora. Sometimes they are superimposed and sometimes they follow separate orbits. This is in accordance with Pontifex's Corollary to Phelan's Corollary on Gravity:

The number of Vulcans rises and falls in an 11-year cycle (first plotted by Heinrich Schwabe). As they cross the sun they are a positive nuisance for solar astronomers trying to observe the rarer phenomenon of sunspots.
This what the library pixies provided
when asked for "picture of a sunspot"

"Mistaking Vulcan for a sunspot" is one of the classic blunders which young scientists are warned against, second only to "Forgetting to check your references before becoming involved in a land war in Asia". There is a paper in Medical Hypotheses about how sunspots cause schizophrenia from a Richardson-Andrews who fell into that trap. Also schizophrenia can be eliminated by zinc supplements because, you know, sun-block. Googling "sunspot + zinc + schizophrenia" will direct you to Medical Hypotheses, showing the lengths people will go to for traffic. Not making this up:
In the absence of any plausible physical mechanism by which the extent of solar acne when an individual is born might predispose him towards psychic disintegration in later life, Richardson-Andrews' theory makes no sense at all. But contrariwise if you look for a link with the cycle of Vulcan numerosity, then it's mainstream astrology so PERFECTLY SENSIBLE.

"Are you really saying that most sunspots are really transits of Vulcan?" Another Kiwi vouchsafed incredulously.

"Not really," I smutsplained. "Some of them could be shadows of Vulcan."

You fool, Sunpot is DEAD!

* From the "Congress of the Planets" scene in Briefing.


alison said...

At the risk of attracting a Steiner groupie or two (although I suppose that could drive up your traffic) - he really was a Very Strange Person, wasn't he?

Smut Clyde said...

It is not the fact of Steiner's barking madness that worries me so much as the fact that Steiner schools are independent but state-funded, and a force to be reckoned with in the NZ education system.

Are Steiner's astronomical fantasies part of their curriculum? Teach the Controversy!

Smut Clyde said...

In other news from Medical Hypotheses:

Substance McGravitas said...

Not making this up:

Refund please.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Can't you just post a video?

Smut Clyde said...

No new posts for ZRM! Special embargo!

Another Kiwi said...

So who took the videos of the universe forming? Duh.

Another Kiwi said...

"Are you really saying that most sunspots are really transits of Vulcan?" Another Kiwi vouchsafed incredulously.
I think you'll find, on listening to the security audio, that what I said was "I'm sure there were milk chocolate Hob-Nobs, here".