Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Roger Simon tribute post -- Title to be stolen from elsewhere

Funded by someone else's money because not enough people pay to read his opinions, Roger L. Simon -- yet another American weathervane liberal-turned-conservative penseur who cannot spell 'pyjamas' -- surveys the world of popular culture from the Parnassian heights of Pajamas Media* and grumbles about the left-wing bias of Hollywood, i.e. the way that the mass media subsidise opinions that not enough people would pay to read or watch.

Simon was apparently once a scriptwriter or something before the Hollywood Blacklist slammed the door on him and his fellow Republicans, and one would think he can wield words with some vague sense of their connotations and denotations. So when he writes

-- I guess he really does mean to compare conservative cinema to vomit.

* A rightwing portal / aggregator / linktank that collects advertising rent from syndicates other people's blogging. Like the content, the idea and web code come from elsewhere. At one point known as "Open Source Media" until that name also proved to belong to someone else.

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