Friday, March 29, 2013

Political Permutations with Peterson Peçanha

Bob Rummel: Hi Politics fans Bob 'Rum man' Rummel here bringing you the next programme Political Permutations with Peterson Peçanha, Rapid București Goalkeeper. Hey PP what's up?
Peterson Peçanha: Hi Bobster, we've got a big line-up tonight from all around the globe. Those naughtay Norte Koreans are getting jiggy with it and the UK is going down for the third time and not in a good way.
BR: You sly dog Paypay partay.
PP: Back atchoo Bobsteranious but first we have the Maven of Misbehavin', the man who puts the undies into Pundities, Mr Another Kiwi. How are you, sir?
PP: AK are you there.
[studio door opens]
AK: There's plenty of time, Mr fecking Studio Head. Patrick's still gabbling on with Brian about their bromance.
PP: What's up AK? You ready to go with the politics?
AK: Ah yes, the politics. They do a nice muffin here Pancho.
PP: Peterson. Dude, you can call me Pete.
BR: Pistol Pete perchow!
AK: Bob is like advertisements in the Saturday morning cartoons.
BR: And in a good way
[car hooter]
PP: So New Zealand politics is heating up a bit AK.
AK: Oh heating up Pilate, heating up to lukewarm and higher!
PP: Pete, how is it doing that ?
AK: The government is stuffing up everything it touches at the moment Pitta, just kablooey, everything they touch. Like when Greenish Hugh dropped the Gentian Violet. Purple everything. You've probably never seen a purple Peckinese dog, nor had Evangeline van Holsterin's mother. Gave her quite a turn when her Flopsy came home, like that.
PP: Her dog was called Flopsy?
BR: I would have called it ----
PP: Thanks Bobster you old rascal. Now AK, the government is not having a good time.
AK: No Pippin, they are having a good time. They just put their fingers in their ears and sing that they can't hear you. Society crumbling around them is a minor consideration.
PP: My name is Peterson, but there is a parliament where they must answer questions? Can they escape it there.
AK: Sorry Perry, well there is a new speaker in the Parliament who appears to be doing a bang-up job of not making them answer questions. He gave two opposition MP's a time out a couple of days ago. I have written him a letter and expect to see results any day now. I am prepared to do the job if I can have a funkier chair and an iPad.
PP: Oh ho hot stuff AK. Still, eh democracy was teh winner on the day. It always comes first.
BR: I did not say anything.


Substance McGravitas said...

I have heard tell that AK's chair was quite funky enough already.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Peterson Peçanha?

Can He Cårven Pumpkin?

Another Kiwi said...

He would carve pumpkins if he could. Wooden't he?

mikey said...

You just never know what font those Riddled scamps are going to employ next. A foolish consistency, indeed.

Who needs QA when you can have QC-?

Another Kiwi said...

I have, in my sleep because I do not remember doing it, changed the settings on Blogger so that when I enter in 'Normal" for font size it puts 'small' into the HTML. Silly old me, I forgot that once you make that change it cannot be undone.
People have to change it manually in the HTML screen, big sillies, still it may teach them not muck about with the settings in their sleep.