Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cloude of Unknowyng

I told everyone that it was a bad idea to upgrade the Talking Brazen Head Automagic Post Generator to Windows 8 but did anyone pay attention to Uncle Smut? DID THEY BOGROLL. It was all "Calm down and have a nice cup of ovaltine and don't get in our way while we handle the software."
Now the BHAPG is seized up in an endless loop of device-driver conflicts and is stuck in the TIME WAS stage of its sequence. Another Kiwi is trying to access the reboot switch through the Cloud Connectivity protocol and then switch to the Linux partition as the default OS. Frankly, though, I am not optimistic, partly because AK's answers to any questions about kernels are inevitably phrased in terms of popcorn.

If normal service cannot be resumed soon then we will have to send the BHAPG off to the technicians at "Random Babblings" and go back to the bad old days of writing our own blogposts, which will be a chore and a bore chiz chiz. Also this cup of ovaltine tastes funny, not the way real ovaltine taste/';z sd  whe ntAWE KMm


Trevor said...

Sorry squire, I hope you have backups because we'll have to nuke the drive from orbit and start be reinstalling DOS 6.1, if we can find the 5" floppy drive that plugs into the ear.

El Manquécito said...

Just get better VoRecog so you can go from your mouth to Blogs here.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

So they used to send things via SedEx, eh?

OBS said...

sed, ex, and finger are all Unix commands -- maybe you just need to install the Cygwin utilities for Windows?

Although screaming "SED EX ME" with your fingers in your ears is the recommended strategy for dealing with GRUB boot issues, so perhaps you're already on the right track.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Friar Bacon weeps!

mikey said...


I seem to have done something ugly and shredded my MBR on the SSD. So I have GRUB running on an external drive dual-booting windows 7 and Ubuntu 13.

So two questions. First, If I run the system restore will I get the factory original windows 7 system, or will the MBR still be fucked up and it won't boot?

Second, if I just reinstall Ubuntu against the SSD (Windows still works once you boot from the USB hard drive), will it move GRUB to the SSD and solve the problem?

Substance McGravitas said...

You just push the reset button over and over again with a sledgehammer.

Smut Clyde said...

Show me on the head where god touched you.

OBS said...

Mikey: Sorry I totally missed this, I went away for a while :(

If you haven't already borked it further, you should be able to just write out a new MBR to the SSD from your booted Ubuntu. I think you want the "install-mbr" command... Not 100% sure though, it's been a while. Check the internets and read the man pages first.