Saturday, November 2, 2013

Gorilla my Dreams.

"So" said tigris consulting her Memorex Executive Clipboard with sticky notes, " I see that the World Wildlife Fund movie 'Totes Adorb Babby Animules' is in the can, as we say in the movie mileu".
"Yes" I vouchsafed "In the can, though we could not find a mileu to put in it what with it not being the season, and all".
"Also" noted Smut Clyde, Senior Cameraperson and fingernail technician, "no bugger even knows what a mileu, is."
"It is not" I opined "one of them little furry, bitey things, from in the Riddled Evolvamat. I think they may be seagulls."
"Untrainable, those little bleeders" noted Smut Clyde "although they make a glider as soon as you put them in a prison cell, it's uncanny."
"Greenish Hugh got them to make a BBQ nook at Riddled Manor by telling them to make a stable for Louie the Carthorse" I noted.
"Why did they make it on the 3rd floor then?' asked tigris "he never goes up there... oh I see"
"I feel that we may hear more from the furry, bitey things after their negotiations with the Library Pixies. When they all wake up, I've never heard such singing" said Smut. "And carousing"
"Well anyway" said tigris "the babby animals movie?"
"Oh yes" I said "babby animals all over the place, being all cute and such"
"There aren't any, are there?" said tigris
"No" said Smut "the budget did not stretch to it after The Stimson Bros. Rusty Sythe Stout bill came in"
"Yikes" I said "it was vast, lucky we did not get the healthy version, with prunes. However we have a very exciting and heartwarming story about a gorilla and a dinosaur trapped on an island by invisible other monsters."
"Oh" said tigris "this accounts for the banana stains in the time machine and Throgmorton Portcullis Industries liver and bacon deliveries"
"The accounts department may be querying that bill since former Hospital meals do not constitute "Gourmet Delights To Your Doorstep" in my view" said Smut.
"That Gorilla is a bleedin' artiste" I said "always walking off and having to be soothed by Greenish-David Attenborough."
"Happy now, as parks and recreation officer for Upper Aramoho" said Smut "although shrieking at the clientèle has created some tension"
"People should learn to stand still as he charges and not show their teeth" I said.
"And the dinosaur?" said tigris
"I expect he's happy somewhere" said Smut "the time machine dials need resetting and the possibly even new lithium crystals"
"Good ones" I noted "Not ones from KMart. Even though the wrapping is purple, just like the good ones"
"Righto" said tigris "I shall fax off the standard denial form and we'll go back in time next week to not even enter the tendering process. All this time travel might cause problems"
"We are always very careful" said Smut "although the eggs in Margaret Thatcher's hair was very funny for a few weeks"
"She got got quite batty about it" I said.
"And then the dinosaur married her" said Smut "they were made for each other"
tigris ticked the project completed box on the project completion page, twice.
"I think we could use a stout" she said.
"We have been flat out like a lizard stealing eggs from a crazed British Prime Minister" I noted.


mikey said...

Goodness me.

It's like you've been wandering around in my sock drawer...

Another Kiwi said...

Maybe, maybe not. But just asking why there might so much Brie in a person's sock draw??

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

I know how this movie ends!

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

And then comes the sequel with the kids, right, B^4?

tigris said...

You know, if we go back in time far enough the animals we have will be babies... GET THE CAMERA!