Wednesday, February 11, 2015

World Cup of Goodness.

Ronny Raydon: Good evening and welcome to "Sports and Politics Should Not Mix" with the goalkeeper of Nottingham Forest and Chavdar Etropole football teams, Dimitar Evtimov!

D.E.: Thanks Raymondo, well it's a bumper programme tonight with talk of the Australian political goalmouth scramble and the imminent Cricket World Cup of Cricket in New Zealand. And who better to tell us about this from the Sofa of Truth than Another Kiwi!!

A.K. (snoring noise)

D.E. Ha hah, wake up Kiwi!

A.K. (mumbling) Is that you mother?

D.E. No it is not your mother it is Dimitar Evtimov at "Sport and Politics Should Not Mix" You are on the Sofa of Truth to talk about Australian politics and the Cricket World Cup of Cricket.

A.K. Righto, Dimitar, the Sofa of Truth should be called the Sofa of Snoozing.

D.E Ok, now, what happened in Australia?

A.K. Captain Cook discovered it Dimit, he was in a boat.

D.E. Ah yes, maybe we could move on to more recent events concerning the Prime Minister, Mr Abbott

A.K Ah ha Mr Bloody Abbott and his reneging on his promise to outlaw Global Warming! A promise is a promise in my book Dennis.

D.E. He promised to outlaw Global warming or the research that proved it?

A.K. Same thing Demist, same thing. And he didn't do it, so the people in Australia said they wanted a change but the Liberal party couldn't get their act together to roll him. They are all about efficiency in government so they didn't have the time to get the coup organised.

D.E It seems that it is popular result with the opposition, though.

A.K. The Labor Party seems to think that Abbott is good for their side!! Ha Ha it's no secret that he's on the other side of them. Ha ha. He's not like that Julia Gillard who had 1/3 of her own caucus against her!

D.E. Yes, Abbott got 39 votes against and 61 for. But moving on to the Cricket World Cup of Cricket.

A.K Yeah, bring it on NZ is ready!

D.E. Yes they had a very good game against Zimbabwe. Sadly the weather robbed the NZ team of bowling out the Zimbs for 120 runs after the kiwis had plundered the bowling. Bit of a comedown after the 350 they got against Pakistan. They aren't choking are they?

A.K. No Demitri they are not, it was a speed wobble as the momentum builds to a great tournament!

D.E. Goodness, are you getting paid by them?

A.K. Only in sponsors products Demerit. Pillows and umbrellas mainly.

D.E They have had some good results, do you think they can springboard off them?

A.K (Snoring)

D.E. Phew

(A Walk in The Black Forest plays)


rhwombat said...

Eine Schwarzwaldfahrt! Have you been listening to First Dog on the Moon again, AK?:
Schadenfreude sangers for lunch again!

PS: Thanks for not mentioning underarm bowling.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

He promised to outlaw Global warming or the research that proved it?
A.K. Same thing Demist, same thing.

The Australian Austrich, head in the sand! And, no, I am not emused.

Another kiwi said...

Goodness, i did not know about the Black forest though I can see the obvious links between Mr. Onthemoon's genius and my scribbles.
Austrich and emused win the internets for Mr.Bastard yet again.

Smut Clyde said...

BBBB is a victim of verbal diar-rhea. We should not emulate him.

rhwombat said...

A moa rhealistic cassowary emusing ratite puns I aves yet to see. How Apteryx for an AK post.

H. Rumbold, Master Barber said...

A fan wearing the Indian team jersey summoned up the mood best "World Cup main kuch bhi ho jaye, lekin Pakistan seh nahi harna."

(from NDTV Sports)

Another Kiwi said...

Through somewhat tortuous translations I think that means "As long as we beat Pakistan" ?
Which is fair enough. Ask Australlia

H. Rumbold, Master Barber said...

Cricket can replace rhythmic gymnastics in the Olympics any time.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

He's not like that Julia Gillard who had 1/3 of her own caucus against her!

Yeah, but did Julia wear speed dealer glasses with such aplomb?