Saturday, January 30, 2016

The truth about global warming

Apparently it's caused by quantifying magnetic field changes. Things were fine until we started measuring.

...The vanity-publishing scammers at SCIRP are onto a good thing with Michael Persinger (whom FSM preserve) of Ontario. They published a first piece of junk science last year, but because the publisher's peer-review process consists of waiting for the cheque to clear, a not-unimportant error slipped through, over-estimating the climate-changing energy available from geomagnetism:
Vares and Persinger state this value as 2.1 x 10¹³ J, which is too small by 12 orders of magnitude
(boldface mine caused by changes in the Earth's magnetic field).
This error being noted, SCIRP profit from a second junk publication correcting the first (by postulating "recondite mechanisms" to provide the missing energy).

I hasten to add that "recondite" is not a variety of piezoelectric mineral. Here is a recondite mechanism, and it is mine. Persinger has previously shown that:
  1. The Earth's atmosphere is functionally equivalent to the human brain, with lightning activity in one paralleling axonal discharges in the other.
  2. Our brains emit more ultra-weak biophotons when we visualise illumination.
THEREFORE global warming is caused by the atmosphere's own consciousness dwelling on thoughts of warmth (causing emission of photons in the infrared band), and can only be remedied by nudging planetary cognition in a more gelid direction, perhaps by surrounding the planet by an orbiting network of giant speakers and blasting it with suitably chill-out music.


Yastreblyansky said...

Twelve orders of magnitude is quite a lot, isn't it? So no evidence the observer's paradox applies to systems as large as, say, the average politician?

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Most people have an order of magnitude error of ten.

This one goes to 12, you see??