Friday, February 5, 2016

Those are worship words! Riddled worship! You will not speak them!

Acharya Shilak Ram, of Acharya Academy (Haryana), is working the Riddled side of the street. This aggression, will it stand? [spoiler: NO]

Publish your Research Papers in International registered and refereed (Print) research journals:
“Chintan” research journal (ISSN :2229-7227) (Impact Factor: 2.38)
“Pramāna” research journal (ISSN: 2249-2976) (Impact Factor: 2.87)
“Drashta” research journal (ISSN: 2277-2480) (Impact Factor: 2.64)
“Hindu” research journal (ISSN: 2348-0114)
“Arya” research journal (ISSN: 2348-876X)
“ABSURD” International Research Journal for English Literature (ISSN: 2319-703X),
“Swadeshi” International Research Journal for Hindi Literature (ISSN: 2319-7048)
“Justice” International Journal for Law (ISSN: 2320-1665),
“Vision” International Journal for Management and Commerce (ISSN: 2320-1673),
“Darshan” International Research Journal of Philosophy and Yoga (ISSN: 2320-8325) and
“Awareness”: International Research Journal of Education (ISSN 2320-8333).

Imagine my relief to find from the main portal that only Chintan, Pramāna and Drashta Quarterly Research Journals have archives, with ABSURD and the others remaining in a more refined or ethereal level of reality.
The Impact Factors they boast come from the International Society for Research Activity (ISRA), which is not well-thought-of in wider academic circles. Otherwise, no criticism of the journals is intended. Kudos to Acharya Shilak Ram for (a) giving potential authors fair warning that promotion and tenure committees may not rate for their contributions:
The research papers should be written according to RESEARCH METHODOLOGY.

Although this is an international registered research journal but in any case or circumstances if any university/college/institute/society denies to accept or recognise author's/research scholar's published research papers in the journal, then it will not be the responsibility of Editor, Publisher, Management, Editorial Board, Referee or Subject Experts.
and (b) circulating his invitation-to-publish through non-spammy channels.
So the publications are not annoying anyone, and are only brought to your attention because I was looking at the CV of the Editor-in-Chief of IJMER, the International Journal of Blink-Tag Websites... which is an unrelated journal... except that on his CV, the IJMER Editor-in-Chief boasts of belonging to the editorial boards of all the Acharya Academy journals (including the ones that are purely aspirational in nature). We can only sympathise with the level of competition and the desperation for credentials that prevail in South Asian academia.

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