Friday, October 21, 2016

"Bother!" said Pooh, as the first landing ships of the Kzinti expeditionary force touched down in the Hundred-Aker Wood

"You scream and you leap," explained Tigger
I would pay good money 400 NZQuatloos for a mash-up of "House at Pooh Corner" and "Fight Club" which ends with Eeyore's acceptance that the Tigger character, visible only to him, has all along been simply a projection of a repressed aspect of his personality.
Alas, the externalised aspect of my own personality refuses to write it.

Also, why is there no Unicode character / pictogram for "Quatloo"? THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE, World.

Afterthought: Atlantean high-priest Klarkash-Ton does not get enough credit at TVTropes for Schizoid Creator, an early contribution to the Split-Personality / Imaginary Friend / It-was-me-all-along genre.

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rhwombat said... Are you sure this script wasn't sold to the HindenTrump Disaster Reenactment Team? Mind you, Trump as Kzin would go some way to explaining his hair as well as his "personality".