Wednesday, December 28, 2016


You never know what you are going to pick up with the Riddled Dream Machine when you focus it on the location of other Riddled staff members, taking advantage of their recumbent position under the trees in the garden bar at the Old Entomologist, resting their eyes. This appears to be some oneiric form of Treebeard / Saruman slashfic, and not at all what I would have expected from tigris. The message on the speech ribbon is probably Entish for "We are Groot".

It is also possible that I mis-focussed the Dream Machine and recorded the tree's dream, and it is fantasising about throwing branches at Another Kiwi -- and whipping him with the chyron caught in its foliage -- the next time he comes staggering out after a toga party to shout at it. Possible, but unlikely.

Enterotica is seldom SFW and can result in woodcuts.

[Stolen from Oglaf]


Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

The relationship soured when Saruman began singing "Come on, Baby, Light My Fire".

Emma said...

The message on the speech ribbon is probably Entish for "We are Groot".
And that was when I died. R.I.P. Me. I had a good run, you have to admit.

Smut Clyde said...

Hey AK, time to order a new reader. Another one's broken.

H. Rumbold, Master Barber said...

In October, a New Zealand college professor submitted a paper to the OMICS-sponsored “International Conference on Atomic and Nuclear Physics,” which was held last month at the Hilton Atlanta Airport. It was written using the autocomplete feature on his iPhone, which produced an abstract that begins as follows: “Atomic Physics and I shall not have the same problem with a separate section for a very long long way. Nuclear weapons will not have to come out the same day after a long time of the year he added the two sides will have the two leaders to take the same way to bring up to their long ways of the same as they will have been a good place for a good time at home the united front and she is a great place for a good time.”

From New York Times, 29 Dec 16. Fess up, Smut- or Herr Doktor Bimmler, if that's your real name.

Smut Clyde said...

the autocomplete feature on his iPhone

This must be a very deep and meaningful comment indeed, for I do not understand the words you are using.