Tuesday, December 20, 2016

In vitro in vino

From the Department of Unexpected Results:
This study (N = 124) tested the main and interactive effects of alcohol consumption, egalitarianism and right wing authoritarianism (RWA) in relation to prejudice suppression in the natural environment of a British Public House (pub). Employing a quasi-experimental between-subjects design, participants who had consumed alcohol were worse at suppressing their prejudice than participants with no alcohol consumption.
I am far from convinced that "natural environment" is the best description of a British Public House (pub).
Also too one wonders whether "regular costumers" was a typo, or whether the venue in question caters primarily to Furries and Cosplayers.
Inquiring minds wish to know whether Canterbury qualifies as one of "the two major universities in the Southeast of England", as I was brought up to believe that it's a second-rate dump.
Below: Regular costumers


Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

In vino veritas,
With vino, be an ass.

rhwombat said...

In vitro veritas - the truth is in Smut's ornate bowl.

J— said...

a quasi-experimental between-subjects design

[Subject A and Subject B stand at bar; scientist stands between two subjects]

Scientist (turns to Subject A on right): Here, have a drink. On me.
Subject A: Thanks!
Scientist (turns to Subject B on left): Sorry, I'm all out.
Subject B: What?

[Repeat repeatedly]

[30 minutes later]

Scientist (turns to Subject A): So Brexit, huh?