Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Well done Australya!

Here is Oz Foreign Minister Julie Bishop taking seriously the ITNJ fabrications of Mr John Walsh, and wishing him every success with his current scam.

Someone on her staff must have known that the pompous little gobshite isn't even a barrister any more, having been struck off a month or so ago for excessive fraud [also "Unprofessional Misconduct" and "Professional Misconduct"]. It's no secret in the Oz gubblement that he's an inveterate fraudster whose litany of honours, titles and qualifications are self-endowed... it was all entered into Hansard a while back. Did it never occur to her to ask anyone, "who is this dude who wants me to lend him the support and credibility of the Conservative Coalition?"

Please admire the fact that his inflated CV includes his membership of "Rolls-Royce Owners' Club".

"That solicitor should be struck off the Rolls," Keats said.
[Lynx c/o Hoaxtead Research]


Yastreblyansky said...

"Barristers are advised to ensure that their frauds remain within accepted norms."

rhwombat said...

This is consonant with the fact that Jewellery Bishop was a lawyer in Perth, specialising in delaying claims for asbestos until the plaintiff died, prior to her current position as anorexic clothes horse, Foreign Monster and perennial bridesmaid to the little shriveled dicks of the Oz Spivs & Arseholes Party. Could we borrow Jacinda Ardern every now and then, just to spite Ms Bishop?