Thursday, January 10, 2019

Foundation and Empire

So I wandered into a rough neighbourhood of the Interweave the other day while looking for information about David Halsall (European drug distributor for David Noakes; scores 4 Teslas in terms of conspiracist crank magnetism), and found myself at the National Health Foundation website.

Noakes' recent vicissitudes and his persecution within the UK legal system have weighed heavily on NHF minds (Noakes and the NHF have been BFF from way back), and there is a report on his conviction in Southwark Crown Court. It is complete with a fabricated "George Orwell" quotation to virtue-signal the author's commitment to the cause of mendacity.

From it we learn that
(1) Arcane, unwritten provisions of UK law compelled Noakes to admit guilt when he would rather have proclaimed his innocence before a jury.
While David Noakes did not want to plead guilty to any of those charges and certainly not to the completely bogus charge of “money laundering,” the unique British justice system funnels (i.e., strongly encourages) its defendants into pleading guilty at the earliest possible stage of any criminal proceeding.
(2) Noakes was poorly served by the defense lawyers he chose, and we can infer that they were really imposed on him by the Deep State with the hidden agenda of ensuring a custodial sentence.
In the event, of the 20 witnesses whom Noakes wanted on the witness stand to testify on his behalf, his own counsel only placed one of those witnesses on the stand and even then only for a very brief time. David Noakes himself had to carry the testimonial burden.
As it turned out, David Noakes held up well, despite being on the witness stand for hours and with unfriendly questioning by both his own attorney and the prosecuting witch.
(3) Despite that, and despite the consensus between the judge and both teams of lawyers that the efficacy or otherwise of GcMAF was not under discussion -- only the legality of its sale -- the trial was a glowing vindication of its curative properties.
So, on that Tuesday, Judge Nicolas Loraine-Smith decided that David Noakes had attempted to save lives and that GcMAF could be effective to treat cancer and other diseases. Still, the Judge did not award David Noakes the medal that he deserved.
It may be that there were two concurrent trials in the Southwark Court, with the NHF's informants attending one while court reporters while BBC journalists were all at the other.

It may also be that you have not heard of the National Health Foundation. They are all about Health Freedom, which is the freedom of pill-mill scammers to make up supposed benefits of food supplements without having them fact-checked by burdensome stickybeak gubblement agencies... as opposed to health unfreedoms like abortion rights, birth control and womens' autonomy in general, which are BAD. Mandatory GMO labelling: GOOD. Accurate therapeutic-benefits labelling: BAD. I hope that is clear. There is a lot of overlap with the Dr Benway wannabees at the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons.
Not Scott C Tips
Health Freedom does include the right to turn yourself into a Smurf by drinking Libertarian Azoth, so NHF president Scott Tips works the colloidal-silver side of the street as well.

Understandably they would like to greenwash themselves as Happy New-Age Progressives and play down the extreme-rightwing Trumpeteering Truther-trash aspect... much like the NRA repositioning themselves with attractive young poster-girls (who turn out to be Russian operatives).

So in the 16 months since my last visit the NHF website has tried to become less embarrassing. With a more mainstream appearance in mind, they have purged the Articles and Press Releases in their archives... removing the material that's too overtly racist (environmental degradation is all caused by immigrants!) or too far out there with Nazi-moonbase conspiracy theories.

Will Humans Be Secretly Microchipped Through Bird Flu Vaccines That Will Be Mandated On The Population? Microchip Implants, Mind Control, and Cybernetics 
[file under "Betteridge's Law"]

Out of of 1700 entries (many of them stolen *),

this left 65 (dominated by advertisements for Neem products).

Sadly, not all NHF contributors got the memo about "Try to look sane and don't mention white supremacy outside the club-house". Here's Katherine Carroll, all about the evils of Planned Parenthood ("monthly corporate abortion quotas"), the danger of biology research without theocratic control, and the importance of Racial Purity.

NOT HELPING, Katherine.

* Libertarian respect for the sanctity of property rights disappears when other people's intellectual creations are waiting to be filched.

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