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The Persecution and Assassination of Jeff Bradstreet by a Cabal of Conspirators under the Direction of Big Pharma

On an earlier visit to the swirling accretion disk of grift known as GcMAF (the less-known brother of MAFfei 1 and 2), to revel in the delightful personalities encountered there, I wondered why Candice Lee-Bradstreet wasn't blaming magic-molecule-man Mario Ruggiero for the sinister demise of Jeff Bradstreet. And so it has come to pass, IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE PROPHECY.

"Has it occurred to Candice that the person most motivated to remove J. Bradstreet from the scene was in fact Ruggiero himself, impresario of mystical dairy products?"

A little context is in order for all our new readers. Jeff Bradstreet was a serial medscammer who never saw an cancer- or autism-cure con he didn't like, and here at Riddled Investigative Bureau and Trebuchet Museum we were pointing and laughing at the lowlife cockwomble even before he ventilated his spleen with a bullet. Hilarity ensued that ventilation, in the form of crowd-sourced fund-raising to prove (by way of a private forensic examination) that his death was really MURDER. The instigators were Jeff's brother Thom and sister-in-law Candice, who were not well-pleased with the lack of cooperation from local constabulary... nor with Bradstreet's widow Jennifer, who was disinclined to promote the private-investigation scam scheme. Candice's FaceBorg page was rife with dark speculations on what Jennifer was trying to hide, and reminders that she could clear her name any time by cooperating.
[...] We need Jennifer Lackey Bradstreet to talk to Det. Keever NOW. This video only shows a glimpse of the frustration our family endures with her withholding information from the family. [...] Put yourself in our shoes for a moment, feeling completely helpless, tormented with questions, and tormented that we couldn't be there, before she cremated his body, destroying all evidence and any chance we may have had at a second autopsy [...] Jennifer, if you ever read this, or somebody sends this to you, please know that we never wanted to suspect you. You have every opportunity to come forward and speak to law enforcement and clear your name. We want to believe you, we want to move onto other theories, but we can't do it until you talk. Until you do, you will always remain a suspect.
The original crowd-source goal of $25000 was soon met, and therefore doubled, and the fund had reached $43000 when it was cashed in and dissolved amid folding of tents, without an accounting or anything to show. Some might say that there could be be no tribute more appropriate for Jeff's career of fraud, but such cheap jibes are below us here. There is competition, anyway... Erin Elizabeth's tribute was to solicit funds to make a documentary about her "Great Culling of Quacks" fabulation.

In the absence of talkative informed people and of any actual investigation, one can just make shit up. So here's Amanda Mary "Trail of Bodies" Jewell again (a person of regular interest to Riddled) - still relieving cancer patients of the money they no longer need after taking her advice to avoid real treatment, but seemingly back in Mexico rather than lying about her health resort and New Age University in Belize - with a list of Bradstreet's assassins, taken without credit from an Agatha Christie plot-line.

One thing missing from her account is any trace of an actual investigator's report. There are quotes from anonymous law-enforcement sources, though; and anonymous scene descriptions (contradicting Candice's earlier complaints that the exact location of Bradstreet's suicide was suppressed). Also anonymous reports - freshly forged and still glistening with rectal mucus - of the presence of Jennifer on the scene. The main attributions are the frequent invocations of "the Bradstreet family" as a source, which is to say Candice.*

The post is an extended composition, maintaining a kind of coherence for entire paragraphs without reverting obsessively to the more fascinating topic of Amanda Jewell herself. In fact it would come as no surprise if Candice had written the whole piece herself and puke-funnelled it through Jewell for the same of deniability (vindictive defamation doesn't really fit into her fauxvangelist Christian brand).
Naturally the Big Pharma hit-clans take pride of place in the conspiracy line-up. Evidently, though, they could not be trusted to stage a simple suicide by themselves, and required Ms Bradstreet's assistance (motivated by freshly-fabricated rumours of marital discord). In third place we find Fiona O'Leary (fine person and Friend of Riddled) who really doesn't like Alt-Med fraudsters, especially when they target the autism neurotribe.

Fiona's schedule is already crowded with naming and shaming bleach-enema scum, $cientologists and neo-fascist conspiracy-theory politicians, but she found time to shine sunlight on Bradstreet's various skeezy scams... impacting on his income streams and earning the enmity of his heirs. It isn't clear from the Jewell account whether Fiona left her family in Ireland to participate in the hit, as opposed to involvement through planning and support. The evidence is that she gloated over Bradstreet's demise.

As further provocation, she is accused of embarrassing and bad-mouthing AMJ (and the whole GcMAF industry) to the point that the Saisei-Mirai chain of placebo clinics in Japan will no longer supply their fermented-colostrum variety of ersatz GcMAF, forcing AMJ to resort to a Bulgarian source. It was totally not because someone welched on paying Saisei-Mirai.

The current version of the List concludes with Mario Ruggiero, who was first to grasp the commercial possibility of GcMAF - before he abjured GcMAF as a cure for anything, switching his clinical endorsement to subsequent products like GOleic and Rerum with less-generic names and less-commodity natures, and a greater share of the profits going to M. Ruggiero. Thereby betraying his guilt. Also he is clearly in cahoots with Fiona, as evinced by her lack of hostility towards him.

The target audience for AMJ and Candice is the faith-based Truther flocks, who can be trusted never to check what they are told, for fear of failing a purity test by their disturbing lack of faith. Anyone who does Google outside the bubble will find examples of Fiona condemning Ruggiero as a shameless charlatan in about 20 seconds. Conversely, the records of her gloating over Bradstreet are exponentially harder to find; almost as if it never happened.

Here at Riddled we are disappoint by our own omission from the List. Does a brother have to sign the feckin crime scene to get any credit?

I am not sure how thoroughly Candice has thought this all through. At some point, AMJ will need to up the ante in search of additional drama, by extending the List of conspirators... and who profited more from Jeff's death than Candice herself?
* To be fair to AMJ's post, it is not entirely unsourced, for a "MD Fermin Celma" provides his clinical opinion about the methods of suicide preferred by medical professionals ("euthanasia drugs). Unfazed by the threat of meeting the same fate as Bradstreet,
MD Dr Fermin Celma Simon [...] has thankfully carried on and progressed Dr Bradstreet’s work in his specialised field of Autism.
Needless to say, Dr. Jose Fermin Celma Simon is himself sufficiently fraudulent to qualify to be AMJ's fuckpuppet employee, and his medical views should be valued appropriately. Before that he was working (along with MAJ herself) at La Flor De La Salud quack-clinic / spinal chop-shop.
While working under Dr. Jose Luis Romo, in Puebla, Mexico at La Flor De La Salud, he trained in the specialized areas of magnetic pairing and Voll testing. There, he also studied recovery therapies for many chronic illnesses, bio-cellular medicine, HTA control and the treatment of disc hernias without extensive, invasive surgery
In other news, Candice is currently dosing her husband Thom with AMJ's ersatz GcMAF in lieu of chemotherapy, so we can anticipate yet another charitable crowd-sourcing appeal soon, to pay for the expenses of his funeral.

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Tension, apprehension, And dissension have begun #2 (European Arrest Warrant edition)

Stockpiles of Drama were running low again, and the prospect loomed of having to excavate Youtuba comments threads. But then Louis Carthorse brought the news that it was a mast year in the Drama Orchards in the back paddock behind stately Riddled Manor, and the dramadillos were exercising their rights of agistment and pannage and silage and growing fat on the windfall. This means that your hard-working but infinitely distractable Riddled scribes are in a position to bring you up-to-date with the GcMAF saga!

Of course GcMAF was only the first of a series of game-through break-changing snake-oils. Magic Yoghurt, GOleic, Rerum and most recently Immortalis Klotho were in turn presented to the world, each surrounded with the same curative promises and the same warnings that previous products no longer worked. And there were no-frills own-brand knock-offs: ReViVe, and Kerry Rivera's 'Condroitin', and 'Omnia' from Trevor Banks. But that is all forgotten now, swept away in a wave of GcMAF nostalgic revivalism.

The story resumes with various hard-core Truther conspiracists calling for Derriford Hospital (Plymouth) to account for the whereabouts of Lynda Thyer (Biomedical Researcher, "cancer cure genius" and altruistic purveyor of the best placebos money can buy), now disappeared from the Psych Ward and feared abducted by Big Pharma kill-teams. If anyone wants to adapt this episode for the big screen, the Beelitz-Heilstätten facilities would provide the right ambience.

Ideally, readers will recall the delightful characters who have enlivened the saga so far. There are siblings Trevor Banks and Lesley Hutchings, who for a while were on the payroll of David Noakes as social-media consultants (i.e. they infiltrated on-line support groups and bulletin boards for cancer and Chronic Fatigue and what-have-you, posing as afflicted themselves and preaching the virtues of the magic molecule GcMAF, as sold by Noakes). Then they went free-lance, and joined forces with Amanda Mary Jewell while companies came and went. Eventually Lesley was selling the health-bringing panacea in the form of protein-enriched skin-cream... only to incur the full persecution of the French state, despite backing away from the claim that her "MAFactive" cremes-passionelle actually contained any GcMAF. Ideally her chief nemesis Judge-Inquisitor Jean-Luc Gadaud will be played in the movie version by Keanu Reeves.

But meanwhile, the third sibling Lynda Banks stuck with Noakes, wearing a white lab-coat, which makes her a scientist. The family own a house in Dover but all the evidence points to them really hailing from Essex.

Anyways... Ms Thyer was previously holed up in the attic of 450 New North Road, Ilford, under siege from landsharks and paramilitary forces in the guise of paramedics. Just saying: if there's a knock at the door and a shout "Someone rang for an ambulance, is everything OK?" they might as well be calling "Candygram!"
Accepting an offer to stay at a friend’s home, Lynda Thyer arrived at the undisclosed safehouse at 9:45 pm. Around 10:15 pm, very suspiciously, two ambulance crew-women with walkie talkies knocked repeatedly and violently at the front door for 20 minutes. An uncalled-for ambulance was parked outside for no reason for two hours until midnight, then drove off. An unmarked car with rear lights on was seen between 10.30 pm and 1 am across the road to the left of the Green, also parked for no reason for over two hours. Neelu Berry notes it is possibly of the Secret Service which has followed Lynda from the airport on a tag.

Around 10.47pm on 11th June 2019, an ambulance crew turned up at the home of Neelu Berry without being called out, knocking violently and repeatedly at the door for 5 minutes, and remained parked, blocking the drive for 2 hours. Another Black car was seen parked for the 2 hours plus another 2 hours after the ambulance left. This was an Extra-Judicial Kidnap and Assassination attempt by the Organised Crime Network which provides Protection Frauds to criminals to target whistleblowers with Impunity. The Criminals are hired to wear different outfits as per the frauds they are required to act out, whether Police Officers, Bailiffs, Social Workers, Ambulance Crew, Secret Service Agents....
Before that, Thyer was sighted at Heathrow Airport. The story has it that she was waiting to surrender herself into French custody, following instructions of the Kent Police European Liaison Unit, who had also sent her the train tickets to Heathrow, with orders to wait there overnight for the French squad to arrive on June 12 to escort her to their home country. She suffered an attack of the Malingles in Reading in the course of her odyssey (which to be fair could happen to anyone in Reading); was arrested, resuscitated (without the use of GcMAF) and released again on her own incognizance, and having reached Heathrow, she proposed to kip on a bench and TOTALLY NOT SKIP THE COUNTRY ON THE NEXT PLANE await the gendarmerie. Well-wishers persuaded her to sleep at the undisclosed safe-house New North Road instead.

The story seems implausible, and perhaps there had been a misunderstanding, for details include (a) a letter from Thyer's solicitor, giving her a 10-day stay of the extradition and excusing her from gym because of hay-fever; (b) medical advice against flying for the next five days; and (c) an appointment in the Magistrate's Court on Monday June 17th, to begin the extradition proceedings. If all this sounds confusing, don't blame me - I flatter myself that I have actually added coherence to the narrative despite its filtration through the fevered brains of Clan Paranoia. It is possible that our Truther informants were experiencing interference from alternative pasts, with cognitive cross-talk and bleed-through (as predicted by the Clyde Multiple Pasts model of quantum reality).

Now this is where Ian R Crane enters the story, and where it gets interesting, for scholars of the human condition (and for insensitive easily-entertained brutes). Crane seems determined to weld the diverse strands of Trutherdom into a single unified force, with himself at the helm, directing them through Youtuba ukases issued from a field in England. He aspires to be the Pope of Paranoid Ideation; the ringmaster of a 5-ring Conspiracist Circus where supplement pimps rub shoulders with anti-5G EMFphobics and exchange their insights into the Purity of Bodily Fluids and race. When I wrote "interesting" I was using the word loosely.

Readers should recall Crane as the John-the-Baptist to Noakes' implausible Jesus, initiating him into the esoteric wisdom of GcMAF and setting him on the path of cancer fraud, in an incident involving Algerian typeface and the 'Codex Alimentarius'. More recently there occurred Alternative Views 10, a yearly gathering of the Truther Tribes, or Glastonbury for Galoots if you prefer.

It turned out that one of the mystery guests at AV10 (Embracing the Chaos!) was Lynda Thyer! She wowwed the crowd with her tale of persecution and oppression and pathos. The pathos came in with the news of the recent cancer death of her father. So the gathered believers-in-search-of-belief opened their wallets, and Lynda is flush with donations, making her even more popular and very truly run-after by other fraudsters. In case you were wondering, this was the father whose cancer had previously been cured with GcMAF and the advice of Amanda Mary Jewell.

Summoned by a Crane-call, the Sovereign Citizen Freemen-on-the-Land contingent rallied to Thyer's defense. These especially solipsistic individuals have collectively assembled an economic / jurisprudential / linguistic scholium of thought in which their own ad-hoc lynch-mobs Common-Law Courts overrule the traditional, consensus illusion of a legal system. They are distinguished from the more common Libertarian belief system by having no desire to win wider society over to their way of thought, and by not rejecting wider society's obligation to support them. So long as they use certain talismanic markers of pronouns and pronunciation to distinguish the Dasein from the Ding-an-Sich they can slip the surly bonds of taxation and debts, exempt from mere written laws. To understand how all this works you have to internalise a special syntax, with a non-standard punctuation of colons and square brackets (the addition of emojis is only a matter of time)... I like to think that you pronounce the marks in verbal discourse, like Victor Borge's Phonetic Punctuation. It is as if General Semantics and Null-A Logic made a cabalistic baby together.

A mouthpiece of this eccentric collective delusion, empowered by a Common-Law Court that regularly convenes at "Sizzlers" curry house in Dundee [Dave Barry disclaimer here], came down to London for Thyer's June 17 Magistrate's Court appearance and appointed himself as her supralegal representative, by dint of his Power of Attorney. This also sufficed to disestablish her existing legal team. The same legal genius had already quashed Thyer's extradition (and disciplined High Court Justice Supperstone for ordering it) with a ruling issued from the same curry house, with little obvious effect, but he was undeterred. Indeed, he also presented himself to the Royal Courts of Justice in his role as Surrogate Thyer, planning to appeal the extradition and / or abolish the court, to the bemusement of staff as her Appeal had taken place back in March.
On Thursday 13th and Friday 14th June 2019, John Smith attended the High Court at the Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand, London.
John was there as he had obtained a Power of Attorney for the living woman and ownership of the Fictitious Name 'LYNDA THYER.'
It was pointed out by various members of court staff, department managers and a solicitor, who they had contacted, that John Smith had no standing in this action. They refused to accept Common Law Court documents and stated that they could only deal with the legal team who had represented Lyn previously.
When these staff were informed that John had a Power of Attorney and ownership of the Fictitious Name, they ignored it, confirming that they would not accept any paperwork from John.

At the end of the two days, John had sacked the existing legal team and the same court staff had to accept the lawful Common Law Court documents presented by John, in doing so they also accepted that John had standing. These papers are currently with a judge and we are awaiting an update.
Ian Crane + Field in England
"Power of Attorney" here means that John Smith assumed Thyer's status in the court; in paralegal terms he became her [no, I am Spartacus!]. The court refused to recognise him, either as a legal representative or as Thyer's surrogate. But where was Thyer herself? Not there to surrender herself, it seems.
There were about 65 people there and the judge threw out the case in 20 mins. John Smith insisted he was Lyn Thyer. The judge said but Lyn is a woman. Johnj said that he had acquired all the legal rights to the name Lyn Thyer. The Judge refused to see the paperwork which, to my experience, should have been filed at the court before the hearing (even if its a weekend, as only 3 days notice of the hearing was given).
I was surprised that most of the support did not realise that Westminster Mags is where the chief Mag of England and Wales and specialises in extradition. Rumours were abounding that the supreme court handed down to a lesser court, but this was not the case.
Lyn didn't turn up at court, but there is now a warrant for her arrest "for her protection".
The ruling on that real-world extradition appeal is replete with details of Thyer's health issues, depression, suicide attempts and general overacting; and about the parlous, inhumane state of French prisons (which is something one should really think about before moving to France to do all the crimes).. It was argued that the French authorities were not sincere in their desire to interview or else they would have interviewed her already rather than let her flee the country, but the judge was having none of that

It is an informative document, spelling out charges, in language which might have sounded less quaint in the original French.
The details of the offences in summary are (1) swindles as a gang;
(2) illegal exercise of the profession of pharmacist;
(3) marketing or distribution without authorisation of products defined as medicine;
(4) advertising products defined as medicine;
(5) fraud over the nature and substantial qualities of a product;
(6) fraudulent possession of products defined as medicine without previous marketing authorisation as a gang, facts considered as importation and exportation as smuggling;
(7) concealed work by dissimulation of activity;
(8) illegal operation of a pharmaceutical establishment; and
(9) biomedical research without obtaining a favourable opinion from the Committee for the Protection of Persons and the authorisation of the competent administrative authority.
The framework list is ticked for swindle.
Only Mopery and Aggravated Cozenage are missing. For additional quaintness, Thyer is described as 'companion' of David Noakes, and he as her 'former partner'. For Noakes is as much a person of interest. Fortunately he is no longer enjoying Her Majesty's hospitality, as his UK trial had focussed on minor charges of distributing unlicensed products (and a little light money laundering), so he is now free to be extradited as well, allowing the all-round convenience of a combined trial. Along with one-time euro-scrubber David Halsall, and one can only speculate about the other defendants.

The document is also a window into the manufacturing / distribution network assembled in the Continent after meddling stickybeaks in the UK shut down David Noakes' facility in Cambridgeshire (operating in a garage under the supervision of Rodney Smith, fully-qualified home brewer). We learn of the Dutch distributor Duurzaam Gezond Production ("Sustainable Health"), from which Thyer received €11,411.05. "Sustainable Health" is Rinno Heidstra, a broad-spectrum quack who operates a clinical cafetaria of medscams -- blood-ozone perfusion and the like -- out of Enschede, to attract German suckers using a cross-border loophole. Like Klaus Ross but with fewer casualties. The new supplier of the Magic Molecule was not stated (perhaps it was not germane to the French prosecutor's case).

But there is no honour among cancer leeches and elsewhere Noakes reckons that all his ill-gotten profits ended up in the pockets of his erstwhile colleague Marco Ruggiero, leaving him only with his private plane and his collection of bullion and Jaguar cars.
During an operation conducted on the instructions of the judge in February 20, 2017 in the region of Cherbourg, the following elements were discovered and seized: cash in 10 different currencies, 2 silver bars, 2 jaguar vehicles, a storage room, clandestine manufacturing laboratory, a stock of 7,000 vials ready to be shipped – with an estimated resale value of 3,150,000 Euros (7,000 vials at 450 Euros each), as well as many documents (invoices, records, manufacturing memorandum…)
But wait, it gets better! Eight other defendants!
Further to my telephone call to you at 3pm, I have just been informed by Derriford Hospital 01752 202082 in Plymouth that they are very concerned for the Medical health of Citizen Lynda Thyer after she absconded from the Respiratory Ward at 11 am this morning. She was admitted on medical grounds due to stress induced loss of appetite of 1 week, after 5 collapses in 7 days, low BP, several attempts at resuscitation, coughing blood. A Mental Health Fraud was also attempted at the hospital.
She was officially discharged at 3.20pm this afternoon in her absence.
I can confirm that the criminal charges she faces are identical to those faced by Citizen Mr David Noakes who has 3 appeals to Ruling, Conviction & Sentence pending from 27th Nov 2018, due to failure of the Criminal Appeals Office to process them in an Extradition Fraud.
All Extradition proceedings in the Westminster Magistrates Court are in Contempt of the Criminal Appeals Court.
Please note, both Lynda Thyer and David Noakes as well as 8 other Defendants are the subject of a witch-hunt by the MHRA Big Pharma, after they successfully found a natural way to recover patients with Stage 4 Cancers within a few months using GcMAF. Lynda Thyer is a World renowned Researcher and Biomedical Scientist. Over a 100 Naturopaths have been disappeared or murdered in the last few years.
So to sum up: Citizen Thyer has absconded, and it is the hospital's responsibility, and Libya is a land of contrast. This post needs more lynx, and maybe more illustrations, but I am jetlagged and the next flight is boarding.


Auckland International Airport.

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Beautiful evidence

Additions by Tiger. This post was earlier cross-posted at Leonid Schneider's site, hence the nonfrivolity and Explaining Voice. The version there is improved by Leonid's editing and explanation of the back-story, and readers' comments.

Feel free to admire these panels. The angular silhouettes are not cranes in flight or fish schooling among bubbles, but vat-cultured carcinoma cells from a lineage prone to metastases; they have been lured through pores in a microfilter and then stained, to quantify how different conditions and deterrents affected their invasive tendencies. Sadly in light of the positive results of this 'migration assay', it did not exist outside Photoshop, and in comments at PubPeer, 'Bacillus Mannanilyticus' has helpfully circled some of the clone-tool-multiplied cells.

The authors took the criticism to heart and recently retracted the paper --
This article has been withdrawn at the request of the authors. It contained several inappropriately processed and incorrect figures, Figs. 3C, 3D, 4B, 4C, 4D, 5B, 5D, 6B, 7B, 7C, and 8B. On behalf of all authors, the corresponding author has taken full responsibility and apologizes to the readers of Molecular & Cellular Proteomics for submitting and publishing the erroneous article and any inconvenience caused.
-- though without crediting PubPeer or B. Mannanilyticus... perhaps they learned of the cloning accidents through other channels.

An earlier retraction from the same research group hinged on overlapping microphotographs. Let us say that the number of stained tissue slices (and thus the number of distinct treatments) represented in Figures 5 and 7 was smaller than the number of panels in those subdivided diagrams. Like roofing tiles, or Ordnance Survey maps, the panels share many edges in common.

This article has been retracted at the request of the authors. It contained several inappropriately processed and incorrect Figures. On behalf of all authors, the corresponding author has taken full responsibility and apologizes to the readers of BBA Molecular Basis of Disease for submitting and publishing the erroneous article and any inconvenience caused.
This is our introduction to the oeuvre of Dr Li Jia. Now care is required when counting how many of her papers have been discussed at PubPeer (and the Researchgate archives are little better), for there are some quite separate names in Chinese which become 'Li Jia' when romanised by the Pinyin system. Here we are concerned with the Dalian Medical Hospital cancer researcher, who received her Ph.D in 2006 - the basis for her initial papers (seven of them with her Ph.D advisor as main author and herself as first author). That Li Jia.

Advised by Professor Jianing Zhang, a Kyoto University-trained Doctor of pharmaceutical sciences, Li Jia received her PhD on Pathology and Pathophysiology from Dalian Medical University in 2006, with her PhD thesis titled “Effects of CD147 glycosylation on the lymphatic metastasis in murine hepatocarcinoma cells lines”. It won a title of distinguished PhD thesis of the Liaoning Province in 2007. After her PhD, Li Jia remained in her university and became full professor in August 2008, her numerous research grants established her academic success and earned her an own lab and a big team.

What draws me to this oeuvre is the breadth of fake-data styles it encompasses. The versatility is impressive. Future conferences on Data Integrity could use it for an overview of the range of graphical techniques available for inventing results in cell biology. In fact the sheer abundance of material to include has forced me to be systematic, and to arrange everything along a time-line. I have limited its scope to the decade 2006-2015, with 27 papers receiving post-publication review at PubPeer (the two retractions, both from 2014, are [22] and [23]).

The time-line is not comprehensive; it features images that tie everything together by occurring more than once. There was no space for exuberant but one-off fabrications, such as Figure 3B from [3] in which hepatocarcinoma cells multiply to form colonies in nutrient agar (peer-reviewers were not concerned that identical colonies arose independently, such as the Mickey Mouse silhouette marked with a blue trapezoid in the first and third panels).

Over to the left of the chronology I have arranged the various manifestations of Western blots. The emphasis is on the metamorphoses of a small number of loading controls, the labels on the lanes changing according to the exigencies of different experiments. Now one school of thought regards loading controls as a needless, time-wasting formality, and relies on the process of harvesting cell contents to capture the same number of cells and yield the same concentration of proteins for each experimental situation (i.e. for each lane in the blot) - making it nugatory to control for that concentration. Jia was evidently of that persuasion.

However, that defense does not apply to the "swoosh" series of metamorphoses (from papers #3, #5 and #7), in which the recurring blot serves as empirical evidence for the three substantive proteins MMP-11, COL8A1 and VEGF-A.

Apparently the same slice of gel can be a GAPDH control from different cell-lines in [1], or Matrix Metalloprotease-11 expression in the same cell-line exposed to different concentrations of tunicamycin, in [2]. None of this is promising for the Ph.D thesis source. Nor is it a good advertisement for supervisor and main author Jianing Zhang, who had left Dalian Medical University in 2013 and took the position of the Dean of the School of Life Science and Medicine in a neighbouring, but much more prestigious Dalian University of Technology.

That second manifestation as MMP-11 opens up further vistas of exploration when we look at its nominal loading control. It overlaps with other controls in the same paper, and they with others still... until we can reconstruct a single Ur-blot with nine lanes, from which various segments were extracted to provide the GAPDH controls for five separate blots, comparing multiple gamuts of conditions and spanning papers [1], [2] and [9].

No reconstruction is needed for a 12-lane GAPDH blot, which was shown in full in Figure 2E of [3], ensuring stability over a time-course.

Short excerpts from it can be found controlling for other trials in [3], [5] and [7] (where we met them already), and [11].

However, new material did enter the repertoire after 2010. One eight-lane band will always be "lipstick traces" to me. Various fragments featured as Figure 5A of [12], as 6A of [17], and four times in Figure 5 of [16].

The time-line includes a 2011 gap between [10] and [11], when Jia spent a year in Japan on a research fellowship (May 2010-May 2011) on the basis of her promising youthful productivity. Evidently this provided fresh blots, among them a second six-lane segment featured in overlapping segments in [11], [15], [16] and [17]... I like to think of it as the "charm bracelet".

In total, counting Figure 1D of [11] as well as 6B, the charms appeared five times. As its debut it took the form of the substantive protein B4GALT1 to justify a crucial claim of the paper: that the expression of that gene was blocked by a targeted shRNA. In that manifestation it acquired a GAPDH loading control of its own, which was less versatile, occurring only twice there and again in [12].

From Western Blots we shift to a genre grouped on the extreme right of the time-line. Here the molecules of interest - to be separated by molecular weight and labelled - are DNA segments, transcribed from RNA in the cellular extracts using Reverse Transcriptase, then amplified with PCR. Repurposed Northern Blots are not a novelty, and readers may recall them coming under scrutiny in previous blogging, but Jia took them to a new level. Prepare yourself for flotillas of kayaks and Canadian canoes parading across the screen, like a Mohawk war party in a Fenimore Cooper novel.

Two strands of repurposing can be discerned. The less active strand is distinguished by the crumpled prow (or stern) of one of the kayaks, and comprises only [3], [4], [6] and [13].

The "core blot" of the second strand is recognisable by the wee peg below the keel of one kayak and by the dot above another one (I surmise that to be the vanguard of the war party, and the leader has raised a small balloon, in the manner of a tour-group leader, to stop the others wandering off and becoming separated). It was cropped to two bands and three lanes for its debut in [1], and to a three-by-four form for [2]

This blot had already been manipulated when it first appeared outside Jia's thesis: the upturned kayak at the top right corner is a fabrication, spliced in. Anyway, these distinguishing marks allow us to trace the blot through its variants and permutations in [3], [4], [5], [6], [7] and [8]. Sometimes the kayaks are merely flipped vertically [5] or horizontally [7]:

Conversely, in [4] the manipulations reach delirious heights of ransom-note rearrangement to create eight lanes.

The two strands meet in Figure 1A of [6], which is a veritable stamp collection. Even a Helpful Diagram does not really make clear how much the core blots were sliced up and reconfigured.

Let's go back to the Colony Growth assay, and to a group of images recycled across [4], [7], [8] and [10]. Everything can be improved with googly eyes, but also with duplicated colonies. Among other discoveries, it emerged that COLA81 manipulations affect the proliferation of Hca-F cells in exactly the same way as CD147 manipulations affect P388D1 cells... even producing identical colonies (in multiple copies). To my mind this phenomenon deserves a paper in itself.

We have already encountered the Invasion / Migration Assay. There is some visual variety in its applications, depending on the specific lineage of cancer cells that had squeezed through pores in the filter. The software enhancement of the images is constant, though, and B. Mannanilyticus noted a number of cloned cells in Figure 3B of [16] (see also 4B).

Some of the repetitions stem from the fact that the upper-right and lower-right panels of 3B are essentially the same, as can be seen when one of them is colour-inverted and superimposed on the other, so that identical areas cancel out. The areas of failed cancellation are where cells were added to one panel, or the other, but not both.

We should also pay attention to the upper-left panel of 3B, for it reappeared in [19] as the top right of Figure 5(b), minus the Photoshop improvements (again, an inversion and superimposition clarify the areas of difference). The repeating sections are confined to other panels of 5(b), and to look at them closely is to be reminded of the crude faces in Appel's "Vragende Kinderen" paintings.

But we cannot linger on those images for I am impatient to move on to a group of invasion-assay results which may well be hommages to Yayoi Kusama and demanded their own thread in the time-line. Overlapping sections of panels reappear between a half-dozen papers, stretching across seven years, purportedly representing treatment with different siRNAs to discourage the cells' mobility. This series began in 2007 with Figure 5A of [3], where the most obvious overlaps are with 2E from [10].

Note that a prominent cell was inserted for the [10] version (or perhaps erased for the [3] version), presumably for aesthetic reasons. The authors continued to improve the images with more dots and manipulations, as if in the thrall of a gaes or whatever is the opposite of trypophobia, and the series build to a crescendo in [13] (2012)...

... then reached a dizzying apotheosis of artificiality in [18] (2013).

The failure of the PLoS-One reviewers to recognise the creativity poured into these figures must have been galling. Anyway, the links of re-use / alteration between papers are spelled out in the PubPeer threads, and rather than take up more space, I have prepared a little diagram to help interested readers follow the routes from one to another.

We are nearly finished with Invasion / Migration Assay images. The ones featured in [24], [25] and [26] are close to the angular cranes-in-flight profiles with which we began, though because they are purple I'll compare them to tropical fish in aquarium tanks. I lied when I wrote that "the software enhancement of the images is constant", for there is nothing amiss with these examples... except their re-use within and between papers, differently labelled.

One visual motif remains to tie these papers together. The FACS-plot strand stretches practically the length of this sample, from [3] to [27], though only five papers take part.

Because the three panels of 3B from [5] portray the protein-expression distributions of murine hepatocarcinoma cells, while panels 1, 2 and 4 of Figure 3A from [7] involve human leukemia cells - measured under different conditions - we expect them not to cancel out when panel is superimposed upon panel. But prepare for disappointment:

The repetitions are not complete; some points have been added or scraped away (each point indicating a single cell), as if an experimental data-file had been plotted with a different choice of filtering parameters, or simply revisited in Photoshop. As for the third panel of 3A, it is an unnatural chimera, formed by grafting two half-panels together.

A single color-coded diagram captures the almost-repetitions across Figures 4E from [10], 4B from [3], 3B from [5] and 6D from [27].

After 2015, Li Jia's research shifted direction towards the area of micro-RNA and its role in intra- and inter-cellular regulation. [28] is "Comprehensive N-glycan profiles of hepatocellular carcinoma reveal association of fucosylation with tumor progression and regulation of FUT8 by microRNAs", from 2016. [29] is "Long non-coding RNA HOTAIR promotes osteoarthritis progression via miR-17-5p/FUT2/β-catenin axis".

A feature of this newly-popular miRNA genre is its strong visual conventions. Papers follow a template, and as well as Western Blots and FACS plots, readers expect to see immunofluorescent staining and scatterplots of miRNA levels against cancer biomarkers.

Fig 4C of [28]: Not entirely clear on the "independent measurements" aspect of scatterplots

As part of that shift, her laboratory left behind the egregious displays of forged results. Another 10 threads at PubPeer examine her output since 2015, but with some exceptions they concern trivial image duplications that can be corrected with an embarrassed Erratum notice and a Does-not-affect-the-Conclusions. Indeed, four of the affected papers have been recently amended (coinciding with the Retraction with which we began). Note, too, that these 10 papers are only a fraction of the group's productivity, with 11 papers published in 2017 and nine in 2018.

"With some exceptions". Figure 5C from [29].

It may be that Li Jia does not need to make up results now that she has students of her own. Once you make it you no longer have to fake it. It may also be that I spent too much time on over-thinking this. Arguably there is nothing exceptional about this body of work, though it does conveniently bring together a diverse range of ways in which data manipulation can manifest.

Here are some out-takes. The task of finding the source(s) is left as an exercise for the reader.

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