Saturday, November 17, 2018

And at last I am part of the machinery

I defy you to look at the 'Scientific Reports" logo...

...without seeing an imp being dragged into the cogs.

Thanks to Trudy & Doug's Out-takes from "Safety Signs in Hell".
Title from "The Belldog".

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Valerie's got the needle but she always makes him plead

It is tempting to speculate on the forces behind Roger Landry's grave concerns for Purity-of-Essence and public-health initiatives in the UK. Of course there is the same temptation to speculate on the causes of my own grave concerns for spittle-flecked shrieky persons on the Interlattice...
What are you on about, Uncle Smut?
Have you been smoking the dried leeches again?

To show attentiveness and respect, younglings. I refer (as any fule kno) to Roger Landry of The Liberty Beacon.

The title is redolent of Freedumbness
and survivalist asshattery.

Indeed it is! As yet there is no entry for Mr Landry at the Encyclopedia of American Loons, but the RationalWiki entry will serve our purposes, limning his position within the Truther-Industrial Economy. As an Alex Jones wannabee, his challenge is to compete for that audience of paranoid-ideation soft-heads who have spare moneys to donate (as reward for sufficiently exciting and sufficiently implausible conspiracy theories). It is an increasingly crowded market and an increasingly contested resource. Landry selectively copy-pastes curates content on GMOs, chemtrails, vaccines and Purity of Bodily Essence in order to target the pants-pissing survivalist sector.

The entry does not mention the antisemitism (Soros = world gubblement = Elders of Zion!!) nor the Godwin-level racism (swarthy immigrants = a disease!!), but perhaps these can just be taken as read.

I am especially drawn to the "EuropeReloaded" satellite site, staked out in mid-2016. For Mr Landry has set out to diversify... perhaps in the hope of capturing some of those sweet cash-for-vaccine-disnfo roubles, though one can only speculate. EuropeReloaded has the same colour scheme, style sheets and regrettable graphical / layout decisions as TLB. A Branch Editor handles some of the content piracy curation, shifting the content mix to show slightly less Trump fellation and slightly more Brexitement, with boot-licking Putin apologias as a constant feature of both sites.

It is my experience that any site or twitterer with a nym centred on 'reloaded' will be on the wrong side of the borderline of fascism, and this case here is no exception; "Europe Reloaded" proves to mean "Aryan-only, purged of dusky Southrons". Mr Landry also runs "UK Reloaded", which is 99.94% Islamophobia, but in the absence of a Branch Editor the dumb fuckknuckle hasn't updated it since 2016.*

Now TLB / EuR were behind a recent antivax scamboree, "Spotlight on HPV Vaccines", which is what brought them to the attention of the Riddled Working Group for Dendrogramma Taxonomy and Indoor Curling, when we met last night at The Old Entomologist. Just look at it!

Today I and The Liberty Beacon Project are so proud to present a conference that is well past due. This conference is facilitated by one of TLB’s most prolific and well researched authors/contributors … Christina England, a recognized expert on vaccines and vaccine harm, has brought together globally renowned researchers/experts to … TELL the TRUTH!
Is it not a thing of beauty?

So this post is really about antivaxation?
You seem to have buried the lede, Uncle Smut.

More a case of bricking the lede into a niche in the catacombs, having lured it down there with promises of a cask of Amontillado.

The line-up of speakers is a cavalcade of clown-cars. A charivari of charlatans, if you prefer, with Alt-Med fraudsters as far as the eye can see; "mainstream medical opinions" were not a priority.
  • Keynote speaker - Dr. Graham Downing - Consultant healthcare practitioner with areas of expertise in Neuro-musculoskeletal & Functional Medicine, with special interest in infection, fertility, endocrine & neuro-developmental disorders
  • Brandy Vaughan - Ex-Merck pharma rep turned REAL HEALTH advocate. Founder of #beBRAVE #betheCHANGE
  • Leslie Carol Botha - Womans Health Educator and Hormone Expert - USA
  • Dr. Jayne Donegan MBBS DRCOG DCH DFFP MRCGP MFHom - GP & Homoeopathic Physician with Certified Specialist Accreditation in Medical Homeopathy from the Faculty of Homeopathy, London.
  • Senta Depuydt - Belgian free-lance journalist in health and education, writing for independent magazines. She organized the premiere of Vaxxed in Brussels, Paris and London in partnership with the EFVV and rallied French lobbyists to oppose new vaccine mandates in France. She is a board member of the French "Ligue Nationale pour la Liberté de Vacciner" and of the "European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance".
  • Anthony Hughes - B.Sc Dip.Chem.Eng., Dip.Stats. & O.R. Licentiate in Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinical Certificate (Nanjiing) China
  • Juliette Scarfe - Lawyer and Entrepreneur, Organic Formulator, Writer, Speaker, Healer, Holistic Nutritionist UK
  • Professor Christopher Exley PhD - Keele University - Expert in Aluminum UK (filmed interview with Christina England)
  • Steven Hinks - representing the UK Association of HPV Vaccine Injured Daughters (AHVID), who will be speaking about their work and introducing Ruby Shallom and Christy Cormack, two young ladies who have been severely injured by the vaccine.
  • Christina England BA Hons - Research Journalist and Author
  • Amanda Dew BSc Hons - Mother of HPV Vaccine Injured Child
Conceivably the "Dr." is Downing's first name. He is not a PhD, and nowhere to be found on the UK medical registry, which is why he is careful to call himself a "Consultant healthcare practitioner".

Jayne Donegan appeared some years ago as an expert witness at an unsuccessful court bid (and an unsuccessful appeal) to have vaccination withheld from two children, against their fathers' wishes. The original judge and the appeals judge engaged in friendly judicial competition to ridicule her testimony most memorably, with terms like "junk science" and "confused in her thinking". However, a subsequent panel of the Medical Council allowed Donegan to retain her medical practice. They concluded that when she cherry-picked papers from the literature to support non-vaccination, and traduced or invented the contents of those papers, she was not motivated by her deeply-held convictions (which would count as Professional Misconduct), and was merely applying routine dishonesty or incompetence in the service of her clients, i.e. motivated by venality.

The scamboree's instigator, a career antivax fabulist and poster-girl for Munchausen-by-Proxy, is proudest of her exploits as apologist for infanticide - crusading on behalf of prison inmates, with her theory that their babies' bones broke and their brains bled spontaneously (notably Amanda Sandowsky and Alaia S) on account of vaccine-induced vitamin deficiency.

"About Christina England: Christina was born and educated in London, U.K. After taking an A Level in Psychology and a BTEC in Learning Support, Ms. England spent many years researching vaccines and adverse reactions. She gained a Higher National Diploma in Journalism and Media Studies and in 2016 she gained a BA Hons degree in Literature & Humanities. She currently writes for VacTruth, Health Impact News, GreenMedInfo, The Liberty Beacon, Vaccine Impact and Medical Kidnap on immunization safety and efficacy. She has co-authored the book, Shaken Baby Syndrome or Vaccine Induced Encephalitis – Are Parents Being Falsely Accused? with Dr. Harold Buttram and Vaccination Policy and the UK Government: The Untold Truth with Lucija Tomljenovic PhD, which are sold on Amazon."

But we should not forget England's other claims to fame! These include fueling the slow-motion civil war in Chad (by providing one side with fabrications about vaccination-campaign disasters to weaponise in its propaganda against the govt. side), which we can agree is a kind of accomplishment. Also, the England Hypothesis. I am not making this up:
According to the England Hypothesis, vaccine injury-induced autism is an intentional chemical manipulation used to create millions of worker drones – sterile, docile, unable to question the conditions handed to them for their lives, content with boring, repetitive tasks, placid, disposable and interchangeable. In short, autists are the ‘deltas’ and ‘epsilons’ of the brave New World Order toward which we are being herded through intentional social, political and genetic manipulation consistent with the genocidal aspirations of the globalists and their horrifying Agenda 21.
We can safely skip over the history of the term "encephalitic cry". Much could be said about England's role in elevating this combination of words to become a shibboleth within the antivax scholium of thought, with true believers collectively convincing themselves that it is a genuine recognised medical symptom, but TL;DW.

Christopher Exley - England's interlocutor in the filmed interview that was played at the meeting - has strong views on the neurotoxicity of aluminium, and has previously featured at Riddled. He presents himself as Serious Scientist. It remains to be seen which of the two lost more credibility by agreeing to an interview with the other.

* Mr Landry's attempt to monetarise his audience's contamination phobias by way of a heavy-metal blood-test medscam seems to have gone tits-up at some point, though nothing of value was lost.

For completeness I should also mention his TLBtv 'network' (which is to say, a Youtube repository). A common conviction among Truthers is that they are Television Broadcasters, i.e. they record rants and upload them to Youtuba. This may spring from their mistrust of the dark arts of 'reading' and 'writing' (which can so easily be vectors for sinister Obama mind-control messages), and their preference for the immediacy and rapid information transfer of the spoken word.

UPDATE: One corollary of the phenomenon of Crank Magnetism is that Crank Magnets will find one another. So we shouldn't be too surprised to find that Roger Landry is BFF with 'Mel Ve' (Melani Vermay): already noted at Riddled for her advocacy of the SwissIndo scam, and the QEG 'free energy' scam, and the Sovereign Citizen scam, and Sacha Stone's entire sprawling archipelago of scams. Her 'Conscious Consumer Network' (a hosting service for online rants) is a grifter-friendly environment.

Mel Ve was South African before she became a citizen of the New Age of Libertarius, and her longest-standing concern is about non-white persons in Sud Afrika being able to vote. More information can be found courtesy of the Hoaxtead Researchers.

Monday, November 5, 2018

"It was the sort of thing one did at the turn of the century"

The news items do not say whether the acid was subsequently neutralised with an alkaline buffer, and then mixed with cheap red wine, while the consular staff were herded under a large ornate table in the Audience Hall and provided with glasses. I presume that this was the case, so that Saudi officials could smugly announce that "We drank Jamal Khashoggi under the table."

In fact all the cool kids these days are using alkaline hydrolysis for body disposal (Victor the Cleaner is not a reliable source on these matters) but the kleptocratic savages in charge of Saudi Arabia are not really au fait with anything more recent that the Merovingian period.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Agents of Fortune

Busy. Working. No posts.

For now, for your amusement, we get mail:

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Friday, October 19, 2018

Let your ideas be second-hand, and if possible tenth-hand, for then they will be far removed from that disturbing element – direct observation. Do not learn anything about this subject of mine – the French Revolution. Learn instead what I think that Enicharmon thought Urizen thought Gutch thought Ho-Yung thought Chi-Bo-Sing thought Lafcadio Hearn thought Carlyle thought Mirabeau said about the French Revolution.

"Tell us more of how Alt-Med promotional bollocks becomes Received Truth in the microbiome literature, Uncle Smut!" begged absolutely no-one. So we voted on the request last night at the Old Entomologist and the motion was carried.

Not every salacious morsel of squick from Lewin's More on Merde was regurged by clickbait churnalism sites or incorporated into the moraine of Scientific Common Knowledge by laundering through a succession of citations-of-citations-that-noone-ever-checks. These closing sentences have been sadly ignored:

If the story could be made true by sufficient repetition, it would create a new niche for Riddled's 'Celebrity Fecal Transplant' business. It would also dovetail nicely with this recent report, for in combination they explain the continuing existence of royalism.

Naked-Mole-Rat Queens Control Their Subjects by Having Them Eat Poop

This is all a tangential way of introducing this week's Friday's episode of Bad Citations in the Camel-Poop-Coprophagia Microbiome Literature.

In previous episodes, of course, we encountered the pill-mill pimp Peter Rothschild, who lent his fertile though unsavory imagination to the cause of advertising an Alt-Med scammer's crapsules: thereby inventing an entire alternative history of microbiology in which Bacillus subtilis was not discovered until 1941, by German Army doctors working out why Arabs ate camel poop. Dr Jörg Bernhardt believed Rothschild's lies, and you know how that stovepipe ended.

Not satisfied with an alternative past, the pill-mill advertisement created further corroborative detail:
For many years afterwards, cultures of Bacillus subtilis were sold worldwide as a medicinal product (sold in the U.S. and Mexico, for example, under the brand name Bacti-Subtil) rapidly becoming the world's leading treatment for dysentery and other intestinal problems. Unfortunately for Americans, this popular bacterial supplement that cures intestinal infections began losing favor in the late 1950's and 1960's, upon the advent of synthetic antibiotics which were heavily touted by the giant pharmaceutical companies as "wonder drugs," even though they cost five times as much as Bacti-Subtil, and took three times longer to accomplish the same results.
Bacillus subtilis is still used widely today in Germany, France and Israel, where safe, effective all-natural therapeutic products are more highly esteemed by the health-savvy public than the more expensive synthetic drugs espoused by the orthodox medical establishment with all of their dangerous side effects.
At the Riddled Institute of Irrefutable Truths, old-fashioned and slavishly enthralled as we are to the cause of "reality", we marvel at the notion that crapsules from Bio/Tech and its precursors dominated the pharmacopoeia for over a decade (continuing to dominate the market in enlightened parts of the world), without leaving a trace. Where are the old textbooks, prescribing guides, advertisements?

But in October 2012 -- which was when wikieditor Ashashyou incepted the narrative into a Whackyweedia page -- it was a more innocent time, before the expectation that implausible or outrageous assertions need to be accompanied by some form of evidence:[cit. needed]
Cultures of B. subtilis were used throughout the 1950s as an alternative medicine due to the immunostimulatory effects of its cell matter, ... It was marketed throughout America and Europe from 1946 as an immunostimulatory aid in the treatment of gut and urinary tract diseases such as Rotavirus and Shigella,[11] but declined in popularity after the introduction of cheap consumer antibiotics, despite causing less chance of allergic reaction and significantly lower toxicity to normal gut flora.*
'Ashashyou' was drawing directly on the Bio/Tech origin story, which by then had become a specimen in the Wunderkammer of conspiracy ideation at Independently, Dr Bernhardt (2000) had made his own inquiry into these claims and was able to elaborate on them:
Even today B. becomes subtilis used in human medicine. In the Red Liste® available in Germany finished product by 1997 (Rote Liste ®, 1997) are encountered, for example, on the preparations Utilin®, Utilin N® and Bactisubtil®, the cells or spores of subtilis as present as lyophilizates or suspensions and Treatment of chronic dermatoses or diarrhea, fermentation and putrefaction dyspepsia, enteritis, enterocolitis or intestinal disorders of chemo- or radiolabelled cancer patients.

Had he looked up the details, he would have noticed that the Bactisubtil® product does not contain B. subtilis, but rather is a compound of Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium lactis (unless you buy the French product with the same name, which is based on B. cereus... as well as a bacterial species, this is an exclamation I often hear from the Frau Doktorin). As for Utilin®, it is nominally derived from B. subtilis spores, which are indeed lycophilized: but wait, according to the manufacturer Sanem-Kehlbeck, they are also sterilised. And then diluted by 106, for Sanem-Kehlbeck is an Alt-Med griftery of the homeopathic persuasion (the presumed rationale for treating diarrhea with B. subtilis is that it causes diarrhea in non-homeopathic quantities).

Dressed up in Latin Cosplay so it must be homeopathy

This is all by the way, however, because Lewin did not cite that aspect of Dr Bernhardt's disjecta membra. So that particular provenance of nescience ended.

Speaking of disjecta membra, now is the time to prepare my Sexy Naked-Mole-Rat Hallowe'en Costume. This serves as a distraction from the medicinal-motions saga (it is too depressing to contemplate that the main purpose of the Intergrids is copy-pasting some random grifter's self-serving fabrications, legitimising them, and alchemising them into History). It's either costumes, or revising, in the still days at the Adrogué hotel, an uncertain Quevedian translation (which I do not intend to publish) of Browne's Urn Burial.
* Ref [11] there is Mazza (1994). It does not help us much with bolstering the Bio/Tech backstory, for few libraries around the world have archives of Bollettino Chimico Farmaceutico. The journal has no on-line presence, and indeed stopped publishing in 2005. After many iterations of Wikirevision the citation was removed in 2017, the Wikieditors collectively deciding that the dressed-up version of a supplement-scammer's advertisement was too well-known to need any supportive evidence at all.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Going through the Motions #2:
When EndNote goes horribly wrong

It is not entirely clear how Ralph Lewin -- sole author of "More on Merde" (2001) -- acquired four co-authors, seemingly of Qwghlmian nationality:

The source of this eccentric citation is De Groot et al. (2017), and its relevance to my interests lies in its contribution to the Case of the Coprophagic Arabs. Which is to say: De Groot's paper on fecal microbiota transplants relates on one hand to an advertising hoax (concocted by Rothschild in 1993 to promote the products of a medscam pill-mill), in which Rommel's Afrika Korpsmen self-medicated by eating camel poop, in imitation of the dysentery-cure practices of the local Arabs... And on the other hand, it bears upon the Whackyweedia entry on FMTs, as amended in early 2015 to incorporate Rothschild's fantasy.

Readers may recall some intermediate steps along the fantasy's pathway to general acceptance. Bernhardt (2000) cited Rothschild (1993), either ironically or out of credulity, in a short collection of out-takes from his PhD thesis. The story fitted Lewin's (2001) narrative so he cited Bernhardt.

Meanwhile, in a parallel route to legitimacy, Rothschild's fabrication came to the attention of a conspiracy-theorising Alex Jones / David Icke wannabee. Rense added it to his collection of paranoid ideation at the eponymous which is a totally reliable source by the standards of listicle clickbait sites like Cracked and MentalFloss, so they regurged their versions of the story presented as Irrefutable Fact. In turn, Perkins and DeSalle (2015) took that churnalism and paraphrased it in their book-shaped object from Yale University Press.

So that is the executive summary of a previous post, to which this is the sequel. Those of you who read and remembered it can wake up now.

De Groot et al. (2017) is the most recent of four reviews by Nieuwdorp (Dutch doyen of FMT) and his students, all setting the stage with versions of an introductory passage. Smits et al. (2013),
The first known description of human donor feces as a therapeutic agent came from China. In the fourth century, Ge Hong, in the Handbook of Emergency Medicine, prescribed ingestion of feces for a variety of conditions.6 Much later, Ralph Lewin reported that “…consumption of fresh, warm camel feces has been recommended by Bedouins as a remedy for bacterial dysentery; its efficacy was confirmed by German soldiers in Africa during World War II.”7 The first use of FMT in mainstream medicine was described in 1958 for the treatment of pseudomembranous colitis (presumably due to Clostridium difficile infection [CDI]) by Eiseman et al.8
Nieuwdorp (2014),
The first known description of human donor faeces as a therapeutic agent came from China in the fourth century, when Ge Hong, in the Handbook of Emergency Medicine, prescribed ingestion of faeces from babies (described as ‘yellow soup’) for a variety of conditions2. Much later, Ralph Lewin3 reported that ‘… consumption of fresh, warm camel feces has been recommended by Bedouins as a remedy for bacterial dysentery; its efficacy was confirmed by German soldiers in Africa during World War II’. The first use of FMT in mainstream medicine was described in 1958 by Eiseman and colleagues4 for the treatment of pseudomembranous enterocolitis, presumably due to CDI.
Van Nood et al. (2014).
The first description of the use of human feces as a remedy for disease derives from ancient Chinese history, when feces were prescribed for a variety of conditions according to the Handbook of Emergency Medicine, written by Ge Hong, approximately 1700 years ago [1]. Later, consumption of fresh, warm camel feces was recommended by Bedouins as a remedy for bacterial dysentery; its efficacy was confirmed by German soldiers in Africa during World War II [2]. In modern medical literature, infusion of feces from healthy donors was first reported in 1958, when the surgeon Eiseman described a heroic response in patients with antibiotic-associated diarrhea treated with enemas containing donor feces [3].
In these first three installments, rather than linking to More on Merde, citations [7], [3] and [2] are to Lewin's earlier book Merde, no doubt a fascinating tome but one that only mentions camel dung in a combustive role (i.e. as a cooking fuel), with no mention of its pharmacological properties. Curious minds are wondering whether they always... no... never forgot to check their references.*

In the 2017 version. De Groot et al. fixed this lacuna and cited both of Lewin's works... with the four additional Qwghlmian co-authors, just to be safe. They also referred their readers to the "Great Camel Dung Mystery" chapter of Welcome to the Microbiome, having come across Perkins and DeSalle (2015) and seen it as an independent source of validation, rather than as just another rehash of the Rothschild fantasy.

My point -- to the extent that a point is required -- is that the Nieuwdorp group are the missing link between Lewin and the Whackyweedia recension:**
The concept of treating fecal diseases with fecal matter originated in China millennia ago. Fourth century Chinese medical literature mentions it to treat food poisoning and severe diarrhea. 1200 years later Li Shizhen used yellow soup aka golden syrup which contained fresh dry or fermented stool to treat abdominal diseases.[29] 'Yellow soup' was made of fecal matter and water, which was drunk by the patient.[30]
The consumption of "fresh, warm camel feces has been recommended by Bedouins as a remedy for bacterial dysentery; its efficacy probably attributable to the antimicrobial subtilisin produced by Bacillus subtilis was anecdotally confirmed by German soldiers of the Afrika Korps during World War II".[31]
The first description of FMT was published in 1958 by Ben Eiseman and colleagues, a team of surgeons from Colorado...
Entrenched in that unassailable bastion, the fabrication continues to pullulate and proliferate and make inroads into Consensus Reality, like Perytons or some other Borgesian parable, so there is little prospect of ever rounding it up for incarceration within a Fictive Confinement facility. Sbahi & Di Palma (2016), Matijašić et al. (2016) and Gagliardi et al. (2018) are only three recent scrap-booking exercises in the FMT literature to have copy-pasted the Wikipedia passage into their Literature Reviews, and after finding them I lost heart and could not be arsed recording any more.

I am not counting Baktash et al. (2018), who evidently copy-pasted directly from Nieuwdorp, since (in imitation of his infelicity) they cite the wrong Lewin work.

It is always possible that De Groot et al. (2017) deliberately added Lewin's collaborators Uwlfoh SS, Dgglwlrqdo RU, Derxw L and Duwlfoh W, to see which rivals plagiarise their References section.

Schultze & Maldonado did not cite a source for the introduction to their June 2014 Editorial for AAP News, so I am just going to speculate wildly that it was Nieuwdorp.
First described in the fourth century in China, human fecal preparations were given to patients to treat cases of severe diarrhea. More recently, German soldiers in World War II noted that the Bedouins recommended the consumption of fresh camel feces as a remedy for dysentery, and in 1958, fecal enemas in humans were first described for the treatment of pseudomembranous colitis.
* In addition, Van Nood & with Ref. [2] managed to engarble the book's title and its author's name:
2 Merde LRA. Excursions in scientific, cultural, and socio-historical coprology. New York: Random House Inc.; 1999.
** For incorporating the passage, Wikieditor 'Wuerzele' was recognised as "one of Wikipedia's top medical contributors".