Monday, July 1, 2024

Detritus / Wee Dude / Fairypoo Pumpkinpie / Little Princeling. 2009-2024

Enjoying his sunhouse for the last time.

Now reunited with his big floofy girlfriend. He will not feel cold again.

The Doktorling found photographs of the Little Princeling in his prime.


BDR said...

Many condolences - this, you resurfacing not your sad cat news is why I keep a blogroll of moribund long ago bloggers, to see when you stir - sorry for you and yours losses.

We're down to four from eight in the last sixteen months, is suckful but worth it for the before they were moribund (and we'll happily be adopted again)

Smut Clyde said...

We have no more cats to farewell, anyway.
I would like to return to the daily routine of blogging. In some ways it felt like a productive way of wasting time. At the moment I'm a guest-blogger at 'For Better Science' but that is a more serious outlet for procrastinative energy.