Friday, January 8, 2010

Medieval Movie Madness

The pitfalls of taking your girl to the movies in the Good Olde Days. For a start, movie houses were a lot smaller then, look this happy quartet can barely fit in the door.
Then the clothes that people wore do not seem to be very comfortable, the women are just about swaddled and the one foot that we can see on one of the swains is not exactly in New Balance is it? Just think how that would be after 2 hours of "Ye Avatarres of Sherwoode Forrestte and there Merry Japes".
No wonder that the second woman looks a little down cast while the first woman has a speech bubble with nothing in it, literally speechless.
Is it because  someone has written "Doir" on the ground in front of her? What can it mean???
As the Title of the picture says "Comments will be moderated by English and Americans and should be about the movies."


mikey said...

The woman in front is apologizing to her date, explaining that it's not necessary to strike her with the stick again, it was just a little flatulence brought about by some cabbage that had gone over.

The woman behind her is staring intently at her ass, because she's got a bic lighter and if that floozy shows any signs of letting another one fly, she's gonna light it - dude, it's gonna be fucking HILARIOUS!!

Her date is just offended. He's offended by the whole hitting her with a stick thing, he's offended by the foul stench and he's REALLY offended by this whackjob babe with ye olde bicke lighter his cousin fixed him up with.

Just another friday night in merry olde englande....

M. Bouffant said...

My medieval French isn't what it used to be, but I think they are going to solve the flea problem the ladies have, made obvious by the ladies scratching at their hairier regions.

tigris said...

"How the English brought Joan of Arc to Rouen and had her kilt"

I guess she refused to take her speech bubble down during the film even though she WAS asked to several times.

Smut Clyde said...

had her kilt
Envying the Scotsmen again.