Monday, August 2, 2010

Hitler's on the phone from Berlin

Can't be arsed reading The Spear of Destiny so this is all second hand through T. J. Constable's retelling:
Adolf Hitler considered Dr [Rudolf] Steiner his most important and dangerous enemy. The reason? Steiner could maintain surveillance from the astral plane of the machinations of the satanistic Thule group that had recognized Hitler as the Luciferic messiah.
Hitler planned the assassination of Dr. Steiner at the Munich railway station in the spring of 1922. Inside his compartment, a sawn-off, double-barreled shotgun was to be discharged into the face of this Christ-like man. Dr Steiner knew of this planned murder through the same faculties that had opened the inner workings of the Nazis to him. His high ethical and moral standards however, would not permit him to use those powers to avoid this attack, for this would constitute black magic or misuse of those powers. He consequently arrived at the Munich railway station on time.

Before Steiner could board the train and meet the bloody fate planned for him by the Hitler gang, [...] Dr Walter Johannes Stein arrived with friends and students of Rudolf Steiner. Surrounding the great teacher, they hustled him rapidly from the Munich station to safety. Walter Johannes Stein had penetrated the Thule group around Hitler, and learned in time of the murder plot.
Am I alone in seeing this as the plot for a movie? I envisage Robert De Niro in the role of Steiner. Tom Cruise is not acceptable in any position. But best get onto it quick before Charlie Stross appropriates the story for a Laundry novel.


mikey said...

It's about a mustache....

Hee hee. And you thought I wasn't paying attention....

Hamish Mack said...

How Hitler inverted the Force in a bid to conquer the world. Fascinating reading. Photographs

I hope that there are step-by-step instructions. Making a staircase with only photos DOES NOT WORK.

Smut Clyde said...

HA HA another person falls into the trap of trying to reconstruct M. C. Escher's home-improvement photographs.

mikey said...

It's actually pretty amazing. Because the EXACT SAME thing happened to me in 1970. See, there was this Belgian, Pierre. Smoked these godawful cigarettes that sizzled and popped and threw sparks and if you spend any time with Pierre you're clothes had nasty little holes burned in them from these cheap ass smokes. Fucker.

Thing is, the little frog bastard could find NVA artillery. Guns, mortars, Katayushas, just about anything they could throw uprange, he could find, just by closing his eyes and concentrating, then looking down at a map and quickly marking it.

So we're on this pretty decent road north of Pleiku, Pierre and me and Sergeant Givens, when all of sudden the foul cheroot pops out of his mouth and he falls on his knees. He starts gibbering, all this nonsense in six different languages. Hell. I unfolded a map and placed it on the red dirt road in front of him. He pointed emphatically at this little valley eight klicks from our pos.

Fine. We were in the shadow of Firebase Fox, and within range of the 8 inchers at battalion, so I called in a fire mission and we started walking up the road.

It took us an hour to reach that little valley, and by the time we got there the fires had burned themselves out. Sixteen hooches were ripped to shreds, and based on the random arrangement of the severed arms and legs there had been thirty some civilians living there. Now? Now nothing lived there.

I took out my .32 revolver and pointed it at Pierre, but before I could even think about pulling the trigger Sergeant Givens took out his entrenching tool and beat that Belgian fraud to death hard and fast right there in the road. We turned around and left that valley with nothing but its dead, and we carried with us the important lesson that most people can't do what they say they can...