Monday, February 28, 2011

OD'd on Life Itself

So who was the smart-arse who signed me up to Spatula - Journal on Complementary Medicine?
Perhaps some American reader could SUBMIT an ARTICLE about the homeopathic use of hops in beer.

People will be pleased to learn that cilantro (coriander) "is used in the preparation of many household medicines to cure bed cold, seasonal fever, nausea, vomiting, stomach disorders and also used as a drug for indigestion, against worms, rheumatism and pain in the joints".

Spatula DD. Volume: 1, Issue: 1

    Original Research

  1. Antioxidant activity of the volatile oils of Zingiber officinale (ginger)
    Ragaa Hosny Mohamad Al-Tahtawy, Amal M. El-Bastawesy, Mohamad Gamil Abdel Monem, Zekry Khalid Zekry, Hussain A. Al-Mehdar, Mahmuod M. El-Merzabani
    Spatula DD. 2011; 1(1): 1-8
    » Abstract - PDF Full Text » doi: 10.5455/spatula.20101209111419

  2. Comparison of aniseeds and coriander seeds for antidiabetic, hypolipidemic and antioxidant activities
    Ullagaddi Rajeshwari, Iyer Shobha, Bondada Andallu
    Spatula DD. 2011; 1(1): 9-16
    » Abstract - PDF Full Text » doi: 10.5455/spatula.20110106123144

  3. Observation of T cell receptor Vbeta gene usage in the peripheral blood of patients with chronic hepatitis B after being treated by Hejie Decoction
    Youwu Lin, Xiao Dong, Zexiong Chen, Yonghua Chen, Shijun Zhang
    Spatula DD. 2011; 1(1): 17-22
    » Abstract - PDF Full Text » doi: 10.5455/spatula.20101122041739

  4. Investigation of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Practice and Drug Use in the Elderly
    Özden Dedeli, Ayfer Karadakovan
    Spatula DD. 2011; 1(1): 23-32
    » Abstract - PDF Full Text » doi: 10.5455/spatula.20101209111244

    Review Article

  5. Melatonin; from pineal gland to healthy foods
    Ahmet Korkmaz, Russel J Reiter, Dun-Xian Tan, Lucien C Manchester
    Spatula DD. 2011; 1(1): 33-36
    » Abstract - PDF Full Text » doi: 10.5455/spatula.20110113080358

  6. The Medical Usage of Caffeic Acid Phenethyl Ester (Cape), an Active Compound of Propolis, in Neurological Disorders and Emergencies
    Sümeyya Akyol, Ferah Armutçu, M. Ramazan Yiğitoğlu
    Spatula DD. 2011; 1(1): 37-42
    » Abstract - PDF Full Text » doi: 10.5455/spatula.20110208013739

  7. Antiasthmatic Potential of Indigenous Medicinal Plants
    Neelesh Malviya, Sanjay Jain, Sapna Malviya
    Spatula DD. 2011; 1(1): 43-50
    » Abstract - PDF Full Text » doi: 10.5455/spatula.20101223032951

  8. Medicinal benefits of coriander (Coriandrum Sativum L)
    Ullagaddi Rajeshwari, Bondada Andallu
    Spatula DD. 2011; 1(1): 51-58
    » Abstract - PDF Full Text » doi: 10.5455/spatula.20110106123153


ckc (not kc) said...

...those are all cricketers!

tigris said...

I eat cilantro and don't have worms so PROVED.

Smut Clyde said...

Belgian witbier: purely for medicinal reasons.

Dr.KennethNoisewater said...

Now all you cilantro-haters can STFU!!!!

True story: One time when the fam and I were playing Scattergories, the category was "Reasons to Stay Home from School," and my stepmother wrote down "worms." As in, one may want to abstain from school for a day or two if one has abnormal intestinal parasites. We, uh, did not allow that answer, though we do enjoy reminiscing about her creativity.

Substance McGravitas said...

Melatonin; from pineal gland to healthy foods

Looking forward to this year's harvest!

Smut Clyde said...

More diet tips from ZRM?

mikey said...

I can assure you that both my Turkey Cutlets Cordon Bleu and my warm Spinach, Bacon and Peppers salad will benefit from a healthy (and I mean that in every sense) addition of Cilantro leaves AND stems...

Hamish Mack said...

Cilantro apparently is one ofmany household medicines to cure bed cold,
Er, so are blankets.

M. Bouffant said...

I don't like to be insulted by my medicine any more than the next clown walking down the street does, but it doesn't have to go in the other direction & slurp me, either.

Captcha is so funny I am not sharing.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I see no mention of the benefits of pot brownies.


Mendacious D said...

the homeopathic use of hops in beer.

I am, in fact, at this very moment drinking an example of homeopathic IPA. It is okay, if you consider it to be something else. I think there is a lesson in this for all of us.

WV is castigating me for my gruditi.

fish said...

the homoerotic use of hops in beer.

I am interested in a subscription to your newsletter.