Thursday, June 16, 2011

Learning from experience: Much over-rated

Once again we made the mistake of following one of Substance McG's recipes. Who would have thought that a simple confection of sponge-cake, custard and sherry would lead to such tragedy! As you see, Another Kiwi is now diagnosed with Post-Culinary Stress Disorder and the very sight of an egg is enough to trigger memories of custard running along the knife.

We thought about taking Substance to court to seek recompense but the Riddled legal advisors were all "The Law is not concerned with Trifles".


Substance McGravitas said...

Being an Iron Chef is not for the faint-hearted. The egg battle is OVA!

Gentlewoman said...

In first with: "Well then, the Law's an ASS."

PS Sorry the trifle was roont. Mebbe next time go right for the sylla, bub.