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An unscrupulous, opportunistic attempt to use the "Novelty Teapots" tag

In an earlier post we touched briefly on the manifold commercial activities of Dr Sin Hang Lee, wart-virus researcher and entrepreneur. It appears that the list was incomplete. We regret the omissions, which are here corrected. The author was a very naughty boy and he needs to be punished by a strict disciplinarian.

(1) This invention introduces a container in the form of a mug with a lid or in the form of an enclosed vessel of any size and shape for tea steeping wherein the dried tea leaves are extracted with hot water neither in contact with oxygen in the free air nor in contact with oxygen in a pocket of free air in order to maximize the preservation of the antioxidants in the aqueous tea extract to be used as a health-promoting beverage.

In my experience, dogs are reluctant to drink green tea, unless they are nervous little dogs trying to cut down on their espresso consumption. Nevertheless, claims for the Patent include

[0074] Tea Extract Prepared Anaerobically as a Supplement for Controlling Canine Lymphoma

[...] in this illustrative case of canine lymphoma, green tea extract prepared according to this invention has extended the remission induced by prednisone from about 30 days to at least 150 days, and probably longer. [...] This invention has introduced a standardized method of preparing tea extract, as an example, to be used as a potentially effective non-toxic combination therapeutic agent for the treatment of canine lymphoma.

It may be that the claim has been phrased in canine form to avoid the unwelcome attention from the FDA often attracted by claims to cure human cancer, while hoping that customers will make the implied extension. A dog whistle, as it were.

Great Failures of History #19: First Dog Whistle

Wait what I don't even
(2) This invention involves a new device and method for treating hemorrhoids. The device has a substantially cylindrical shape and, at least at one portion, has a diameter of between about 5 mm and about 30 mm. The device is inserted into an anal canal so that it is positioned against at least one displaced anal cushion, and is maintained there for a sufficient time to achieve reduction of the displaced anal cushion.

(3) Dr Lee's short-target DNA-sequencing nested-PCA test -- which can detect the aluminium / rDNA ligands purportedly contaminating the HPV vaccine Gardasil, within blood samples, months after a few millilitres of vaccine were diluted within four or five litres of bloodstream -- is not yet at the commercial stage. The IP rights for the test -- and for results thereof -- appear to lie with the anti-vaccine lobby group SaneVax. It cannot be far from the market, however, for

(4) SaneVax include Lee on their list of practitioners who will treat people who believe they suffer from post-vaccination injuries.

(5) Genotyping your wart tissue samples. Evidently the officially approved HPV-genotype test is not reliable, for the virology specialists at the NCI have only singled out two strains of the virus as common and potentially carcinogenic. Thus their test could lull you into a false sense of security -- for the versatile Dr Lee has identified “13 high-risk HPV genotypes”. But fret no longer, you can send a tissue sample plus $50 (“Most health insurance companies will reimburse this cost”) to SaneVax and Lee, and they will tell you whether you in danger!

Dog-whistle FAIL: 1912 edition

Dog-whistle FAIL: Covent Garden edition
UPDATED with bonus copy-pasta from a comment at BioBlogs [copy-pasta is a Bad Thing but WE.ARE.RIDDLED]:

Going further into the Google, it does look as if Dr Sin Hang Lee's genotype test for the different genital-warts / HPV strains is a pivotal part of the backstory behind his issues with the virology mainstream that has failed to recognise his genius.

In 2008 he was suing the FDA (through his company HiFi DNA Tech) because they refused to endorse his test. The FDA argued that Lee had showed them no evidence that his test was any more specific or reliable than existing ones, what with extravagant claims on their own being insufficient. Evidently their argument was convincing because we find Lee appealing to the 2nd Circuit Court in 2009, amid a flurry of accusations about conspiracies and conflicts-of-interest between FDA officials and the suppliers of tests that are endorsed.

Conspiracy is also involved in the NEJM declining to publish a manuscript from Lee on the economics of HPV screening (and how much better it would be with his test). We find him harassing the editorial board here, and appealing to a professional group that he believes can over-rule them.

There was a Dr Sin Hang Lee, of Connecticut, sacked from a shared pathology practice in 2003. In 2006-2010 he was (unsuccessfully) suing the employment lawyers of that practice for allowing him to sign a revised employment agreement. Of course there might be multiple pathologists of that name in CT with the habit of employment-loss-related litigation.
There is a Riddled prize for the best palindrome involving "straw-man" and "nam-warts", first prize being one of Mrs Miggens' possum-and-comfrey pies.


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