Tuesday, December 3, 2013

You can't spell Pantomime without Ptomaine

The script for "A Very Riddled Christmas" -- this year's end-of-year production from the Riddled Amateur Dramatic Society -- emerged from a marathon Script Workshop and Velcro Barfly Night at the Old Entomologist. Everyone wanted a part, which is why there are three Krampusse, and three Santa Clauses at centre left arguing which of them is the real Personification of Generosity. We couldn't keep the library pixies out of it even though they had been at the green ginger liniment and went all giggly and topless. Evangeline van Holsterin's vile nephew Throgmorton did not officially get a role but he comes flying in through the window anyway; serves him right for twerking on the trebuchet.
Ars Moriendi
Another Kiwi and tigris are whispering by the Xmas tree, which has a fairy on top but is otherwise bare and symbolic in the modern style.

As it happens, the footage above is not from the actual production, which has been postponed, with rehearsals currently suspended for health reasons. Instead it comes from tuning the Riddled Dream Machine to record "Santa Claus' Worst Nightmare". Cast members are all expected to make a full recovery, owing to prompt administration of the Galactic-Imperial Christmas Ale and Universal Antidote* to the appropriate orifices. Throgmorton remains tight-lipped as to the source of the 'special mince pies' he provided for the RADS AGM. Most of the cast remain tight-lipped as well, though that appears to be an effect of the botulinum toxin.

It is fortunate that Santa's dream follows the script of our pantomime so closely. Evidently what makes it so nightmarish for him is the Doppelganger / Trippelganger aspect.

Santa is not the only one to be frightened of meeting his own image walking in the garden:

Some people are more badly affected by the experience than others.
* Also known as GIXA, but only if you don't mind sounding like you have hiccups.