Thursday, October 22, 2015

"For instance, it is possible that a medicine man may emit a focused electromagnetic signal during a fertility ritual that actually increases the germination rate of seeds in a field."

Here is Canadian-born psychiatrist Colin A. Ross using his optical energy beams to defeat the reigning champion of Chessboxing. For shame, Dr Ross, that is CHEATING, which we condemn in strong terms and impressive deep voices.
Eye lasers seem to have become a recurring theme at Riddled. I suspect that tigris and Another Kiwi added them as a rider to the corporate emission statement while I was up at the bar.

But Ross has a distinctive spin on the trope. He argues that his optical extraemissions are in the ELF radio band of 3 to 30 Hz (i.e. with wavelengths on the scale of the Earth's diameter), and are neural oscillations that instead of being measured by an EEG and labeled with Greek letters, have been focussed and directed along the optic nerves. Apparently they are not attenuated by distance in the usual inverse-square way, and allow us to cast the Evil Eye, also to communicate with submarines, which is why the US closed its Code SANGUINE ELF-transmitter facility.
Ross is thinking along similar lines to Professor Persinger (whom FMS preserve) of Ontario, and the two of them might find common ground if they got in touch, possibly by synchronising their β- and θ-rhythms with the Schumann resonant frequencies of the ionosphere.
Synchronised Omega
rhythms: Not advised

Human ocular extramission detection goggles
Fortunately Dr Ross is comfortable with espousing positions that stray from the psychiatric mainstream. He is expert in Repressed Memory Recovery therapy, with a special fondness for recovering memories of Satanic Ritual Abuse; also in Multiple Personality Disorder, and the CIA program to brainwash children and inculcate them with Manchurian-candidate programmed-assassin alternative personalities. More recently he has criticised the psychiatric profession for its over-eagerness to dish out the drugs before demonstrating evidence of therapeutic value.

Here Ross knows whereof he speaks, for he is on record for treating patients with an "ultra-high dosage" experimental regime of lorazepam and triazolam (51 mg/day instead of 0.5)... as part of treatment that the patients later characterised as an exercise in splitting their psyches into multiple Alters, motivated perhaps by curiosity.*

Ross was subsequently sacked from Boniface Hospital and made his way from Winnipeg to yes, naturally, Texas. From there he promotes the risible discredited 'trophoblast theory of cancer', and defends cancer-quack / scammer Gonzalez by extruding papers for journal-shaped rubbish-bins.** He also provides psychiatric services in Dallas, runs a trauma program in Michigan, provides the 'Hannibal' scriptwriters with inspiration, and advises other scriptwriters on how to convincingly construct a multiple-personality narrative.

No-one could have expected that
Most of the people the Ross Institute treats describe very traumatic and abusive childhoods.

* Iatrogenic MPD should not be confused with Iagogenic jealousy [W. Shakespeare 1603].

** “Academicians’ Research Center” is a bunch of bottom-feeding Indian vanity-press grifters who are distinguished from other predatory publishers mainly by their unusual level of illiteracy.


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