Sunday, May 22, 2016

Return of the Lion's-mane fungus

An unobservant passerby will often overlook Hericium coralloides growing on a dead tree, believing it to be a burst waterpipe within the stump where the water froze overnight. However, microscopic examination of the fungus' 'teeth' or spines reveals the absence of any frozen Santa Clauses inside, distinguishing them from an icicle.

By artificial light
The many aliases of the organism include "Coral spine" or "Comb tooth" fungus; fungus icicles; hedgehog toadstool, where the comparison assumes that Spiny Norman has turned albino and is hanging upside down; and Pekepekekiore, which is Maori for "tentacle-toothed abomination from another dimension".

Appearance not improved by close examination.

To me it will always be the "Get in Mah Belly Mushroom".
Daylight, part eaten
The term "Lion's Mane fungus" is also attested. It follows beyond the shadow of a doubt, and with geometric logic, that there must exist corresponding Bald Shorn Lion fungi.