Saturday, October 8, 2016

I want your wife to be my baby tonight
I choose to steal what you chose to show
And you know I will not apologize
I'm making a career of evil

Here in distant Hobbiton we keep our ears to the grindstone and our noses to the ground. Thus we are appraised through various covert sources of bad craziness and implausible goings-on in Americanic politics, in the form of a tape in which a failed conman brags of his career of sexually assaulting women, and the subsequent discovery that the conman in question somehow became the Republican candidate for the Presidential election.

The more dedicated fluffers and apologists for his cause have come up with the intriguing excuse that Trump's sexual-predator boasting and low-life mode of self-expression can really be blamed on the corrosive effect of rap music, and really the violent misogyny of his conversation is no worse than the average rap lyrics. Alas, many other Republican candidates are not entirely reassured by this line of rhetoric, and foresee an immanent decline in Trump's ratings. Thus they are distancing themselves from his campaign, or even retracting their earlier endorsements.

One seldom encounters a case of shits leaving a sinking rap.


Yastreblyansky said...


rhwombat said...


Live by the (pork) sword, die by the (pork) sword.

Another Kiwi said...

He's going down
like a creepy clown
like Bobby Brown
and Huddersfield Town

I still got it

J— said...

Donald J grabs the pussy like a microphone
'Cause when you're a star, you're like a king on a throne

J— said...

Or maybe

Donald J grabs the pussy like a microphone
He says, "Bitch, I'm a star, I'm like a king on his throne"

H. Rumbold, Master Barber said...

I'd like to apologize on behalf of the United States.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Unfortunately, A.K., our alternative is the first lady President to funnel more income up to Wall St. and blow up more foreigners for corporate profits and Israel.

And so even the 'lesser evil vote' will be rewarded in a few years with a stronger GOP, rather than the dead one that it should be.

Jamie Parsons said...

Last fall, my whole "Donald Trump is a horrible raping rapist who wants to rape my country the way ISIS rapes women" was dismissed as part of my madness, but now I can loudly say I TOLD YOU SO.

Jamie Parsons said...

On a happier note, I have found a whole patch of Lactarius pseudomucidus. Very pretty after the rain, like nature's birdbaths. Edibility is lised as "unknown." I tasted a bit (for science!) and they are peppery and slightly acrid raw. I am sorely temped to sautee some and eat them (for science!) but certain people are telling me DON'T DO IT, JP, you could get sick! SHOULD I EAT THEM?

(Note that the genus is pretty darn safe. A tummy ache is about all they can cause.)

It is a good season for mushrooms in general, though. Perhaps I should hold out for my walk in the woods tomorrow and the hope that I will find some chicken-of-the-woods or chantrelles.

Smut Clyde said...

If you're sure about Lactarius as the genus (and the peppery / acrid fits that), then as you say, what's the worst that can happen?
I saw lots of Boletus (porcini) in the forests of North Vancouver. And a Hericium. GET IN MAH BELLY, FUNGUS.

"Donald Trump is a horrible raping rapist [...]" was dismissed as part of my madness

And if you had tried to tell people that "Donald Trump is a gargoyle downspout for a pipeline of Russian disinformation", how they would have laughed.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Uh... can I move in above your garage and become your 'Fonzie'?

Smut Clyde said...

There is no upstairs at The Garage.

Jamie Parsons said...

So I was starting to feel pretty good about voting for HRC, but then it came out that, while publicly comparing Putin to Hitler, she was calling him an "engaging conversationalist" and giving him other sorts of praise in private. In 2014.

But then I read about this, and I read about Jill Stein saying the same thing - see here - and figured Stein must be agreeing with Zhirinovsky or something, so there's no way I'm voting for her.

So it looks like Hillary Clinton it is.