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Blood Sugar Sex Magik

Amanda Mary Heath / Herzog / Jewell and Marco Ruggiero are recurring fixtures in Riddled health-care journamalism, but I do not think we have mentioned them both in a single post, for fear of crossing the streams (apparently this is a bad thing as crossing a stream makes cows poop). They occupy different sectors of the market in GcMAF -- the miraculous immune-modulatory panaceal plasma glycoprotein.
Incontinent near running water
There are two ways to obtain GcMAF: <explaining voice> you can filter tiny traces of it from human blood by-products and justify the high price per vial because the nanogram quantities means that it must be extraordinarily potent; or convert a different glycoprotein (VDBP) into GcMAF by fermenting dairy products with bacterial enzymes to carve off sugar groups </explaining voice>. Amanda peddles a colostrum-based Japanese jism from the Saisei-Mirai broad-spectrum grifters chain of clinics, imported through Bulgaria. Marco partnered with one David Noakes to treat terminal cancer patients with the blood-sourced product, but also deals in 'Bravo' magic yoghurt. Quite different, see; they're rivals.

Anyway, both have recently featured in the news. Let's begin with an eclectic prescription of open-minded brainfroth from Carl Hardman of Earth Foods (in Bournemouth). Carl's GcMAF pimping is actually on a different page of his site, but this page begins with a testimonial for wood alcohol and progresses from there. Cellfood is there; also "Mr Bean videos". We apologise for the length of the quotation, which is unavoidable, and for Carl's rejection of mainstream medical wisdom, which extends to conventional punctuation, and does not make it easy to keep up with his Bullshit Bingo.
The ingredients for the mixture were alcohol from wood,made by themselves,pine resin, eucalyptus resin and 70% OF PURE CANNABIS oil made from the same family seeds for over 1,000 years. Do Not take the modern day skunk ,stay off sugars, apart from Agave, Xylitol and stevia ,use Organic foods ,stay off meats ,and do not to eat much cheese and use Hemp Oil and or Linseed oil. Check out (Prof Dr Burszynsky .com and the Budwig, Alkalize for,Mr Bean Videos ) also Prof Linus Pauling a vitamin Guru ,and his top Student, Dr Mathuis Rath. They have both been out spoken regarding the truths learned about anticancer, longevity of life, using nature’s medicines, also using pure minerals that are negatively charged and are made from the Eucalyptus tree millions of years ago. Over 70 minerals in liquid solution, mineral salts and over 95 negatively charged minerals were made about 260 million years ago. Open cell ‘Phytomarine Plankton Spirulina’ contains virtually everything a human needs to survive, including R N A < D N A the Double Helix (I am pretty sure if Darwin new about Spirulina he may have suggested that we may have a connection with this ‘Super-Duper’ food). Have a mixture of spirulina and linseed oil, mix with pink salt, use it on any organic food add it in blender with broccoli carrots avocado some hemp milk, or almond or quinoa milks and just blend. Use plenty of vit C, L-Lysine, L- Proline, Silica, vit D, vit k, Curcumin Longa, Green teas , Resveratrol, selenium and B17 which has negatively charged hydrogen cyanide locked into it, also known has Amagdelen. Personally I have taken between 30 and 50 bitter Apricot kernels per day for over 30 yrs. Check out Dr Contreras at the Charity of Hope Hospital in Tijuana Mexico. Eat only Organic Veggies,some exercise according to age,Cellfood (made from Deuterium Sulphate and lignite), M.S.M and MMS and so many other natural products, it may be possible you can live with most Cancers. Chemo, Radiation and Sugar can spreads tumours
"MMS"? As in "Magical Mineral Supplement", or industrial bleach? Yes indeed. Hardman does not feel constrained to slavishly follow conventional definitions of words like "organic" or "natural", when characterising the healing modalities. It is almost as if 'GcMAF' and industrial bleach are Alt-Med shibboleths; any mountebankster who claimed to cure autism or cancer or whatever without promoting both Worship Words [Roddenberry 1968] would fall under suspicion of Wrongthink and insufficient enthusiasm and lingering loyalties to the enemy Med-Pharma-Rationality Complex.

Another example is Klaus Ross, a salesman for medical equipment who developed Qualification Envy and therefore acquired a Heilpraktiker license, to facilitate his indulgence in surgical-scrubs-&-stethoscope cosplay without the inconvenience of training. He made his way into the headlines by administering 3-bromopyruvate [the current Miracle Drug that Doctors are Keeping From You], and for racking up an impressive body count because he cannot tell the difference between catheter and cathexis. But 3-BP was just one item on the non-judgemental clinical cafeteria he offered, for it is a sin to leave money on the table by not offering any scam that clients might hanker after.**
1. Het remmen van het niet-fysiologische metabolisme van de kankercellen
  3-BP Glucose Blocker
2. Kankercel metabolisme herstructureringstheraphie​
  Enzym Therapie (Horvi)
  Hoge dosis vitamine C
  Glutathion zuur
  Alfa- liponzuur
  Medicinale paddenstoelen

  B17 (Amygdaline)
3. Immuun Theraphie
  NK Cells
  Mistletoe Therapy
  Organo peptide (o.a. thymus, lever, milt - faktor AF-2)
  Allopathische behandeling (door dokter Guenther Enderlein – Sanum therapie)
  Colostrum therapie
  Vaccins tegen kanker
4. Pijnbestrijding ​
5. Anastasistheraphie
6. Bio-resonantie en Bio-feedback
7. Zuurstof therapie, H202, Ozon, Vitamine B15
​8. Cranio-sacrale therapie
While further research reveals another shitweasel Heilpraktiker (I think it's German for "Practiced at Saluting") offering a similarly broad scammacopoeia.
...I seem to have wandered off-topic there. What brought Earth Foods into our ken and onto our radar was its appearance in UK headlines, after a shop assistant was taped touting GcMAF to a BBC reporter as better than any treatment... although a successful cancer cure is contingent on spending enough money -- "You need to spend more". Possibly the reason that Carl Hardman cannot afford paragraph breaks is that the BBC has used them all, at the rate of one per sentence.*
Mr Greenwood took a medical history from the reporter and said it would be passed on to the shop's supplier - a British woman called Amanda Mary Jewell, based in Mexico.
He told the BBC the GcMAF would be dispatched from Bulgaria, via Surrey, and he would take the payment.
After the consultation the undercover reporter received a treatment "protocol" from Amanda Mary Jewell and an email in which she claimed to have been "100% successful thus far at eradicating brain tumours", using a combination of GcMAF and other non-conventional therapies.
Nick Greenwood encouraged the reporter to take her ill relative to Amanda Mary Jewell's clinic in Puebla, Mexico.
Treatment there costs $4,000 (£3,280) for a 21-day stay.
Amanda Mary Jewell admits that she is not a doctor, but says she has worked alongside medical professionals for 15 years.
A "clinic in Mexico"? If I were selling worthless nostrums through a Mexican location it would totally be called 'Casa Nostra', just saying.
Clients at Flor de la Salud may be photographed
for FB as props in Amanda's surgical cosplay
With GcMAF growing over-popular with shameless opportunists and scamwagon-jumping charlatans, it lost favour among Alt-Med hipsters, and the last time we looked in on Ruggiero, he had renounced GcMAF in favour of some new product "Rerum" that is not yet a soulless corporate sell-out. David Noakes was not well-pleased.

In an act of intellectual parricide Ruggiero also repudiated Yamamoto -- the originator of the "GcMAF cures cancer" narrative that inspired his own story-telling skills -- accusing him of scientific fraud. Not (we hasten to add) parricide in a literal sense, as in Freud's "Totem and Taboo" reconstruction, culminating in a frenzy of ritualised cannibalism, entertaining though that would be.
But then this happened, to demonstrate the truth of Betteridge's Law of Headlines:

The unchecked proliferation of crap-packed mockademic journals provides lazy bloggers with no end of stupid stuff to point and laugh at, but to our shame at Riddled we have been neglecting Medical Hypotheses. A journal that was providing stupid stuff back in the days before it was fashionable; a trail-blazing pioneer in the field.

Heinz Reinwald is second author there in his capacity as head of a Swiss clinic and Ruggerio's employer, and dealer in therapeutic supplements. He is a political economist by training who later advanced to the Heilpraktiker title. Which is not to impugn Reinwald's own scientific prowess and research chops, for he has given the world any number of medical innovations that include "Crystal-E ®" high-information water concentrate, "Micro-Energy-Therapy VitalWave® Mikrostrom," and the AlphaQuant ® quantum-entropy energy-frequency scanner.

And this happened -- a further proof of Betteridge's Law, squeezed out through a journal-shaped shitspigot from the low-rent vanity press "Science Publications":

Ruggiero & Angelica (Böcklin, 1874)
Both papers are an exercise in threading the needle, and to make the job easier Ruggiero has brought his own needle, one of unusual size. The gist is that GcMAF does not work (so don't waste money on the competitors' products). On the other hand, GcMAF can appear to work... for the molecule carries other smaller molecules bound to its surface -- in the manner of biplane fighters piggybacking aboard a dirigible aircraft carrier -- which do possess curative powers when it smuggles them into the macrophages. That is to say, previous glowing case-studies and 80% cure rates from the inactive molecule were an honest mistake caused by fortuitous laboratory contaminants.

Specifically, GcMAF binds to molecules of chondroitin sulphate, oleic acid and Vitamin D3. In a triumphant advance, these serendipitous ingredients are now blended and compounded in a proprietary process, to comprise Rerum ®.
Demonstrating use of large needle, once threaded
And if there is one thing we have learned from watching US politics, and the over-the-barrel relationship between the Republican party and its presidential candidate, it is that repudiation can switch to endorsement at the drop of a "Make America Great Again" cap of Chinese manufacture. Yamamoto is not a villain after all, but merely the victim of mischance (or of some kind of conspiracy), and his impressive results can be cited again [despite the non-existence of his patients]:
three papers from the same research group that had reported very encouraging clinical results in HIV and cancer patients [28–30]. It should be noticed, however, that the retraction of these three papers was due to ‘‘irregularities in the documentation for institutional review board approval” and not to questions concerning the validity of the clinical observations.
First comes spring and summer, but then we have fall and winter. And then we get spring and summer again. The rehabilitation follows the purge.
It remains to look in on Kirsty Terry at Kirsty is an anti-vaxxer, "Functional Nutritionist" and "Energy Medicine Practitioner", available for Skype consultations, with a side-line as self-qualified autism therapist. Through her Equilibrium Health Practice she offers non-invasive bio-resonance screenings with the ASYRA device, which apparently integrates time-honoured Chinese traditions of quackery with the latest Scientology E-meter technology, matching your organ function to the appropriate homeopathic Water of Woo, and I hope it makes spooky theremin noises while it operates so you know you're getting value for money.

Kirsty's main income stream, however, is as a Bravo magic-yoghurt licensee. Her website presents a veritable Pantheon (or perhaps I mean Pantechnicon) of authority figures to vouch for the efficacy of GcMAF -- most of them familiar faces. What keeps bringing me back to the GcMAF market is the high calibre of individuals one thereby encounters.

Clive de Carle is there, self-styled Health Guru; and Jeff Bradstreet, whose suicide was the one decent accomplishment in his career of mendacity. John Gray of planet / gender essentialism fame. Klinghardt, whose ingenious contribution to the industry was the homeopathic principle of removing any ingredient. David Noakes hisself. Marco Ruggiero appears twice in honour of his double qualifications.

That could be awkward, though, for we also learn from Ruggiero that the bacterial enzyme reaction doesn't cleave sugars from VDBP after all, so it remains unclear where the putative GcMAF in bacterially-fermented Bravo Dairy-Phlegm is actually coming from.

Personally I would hire a Bene Gesserit Reverend Mother to trigger the molecular transformation but no-one consulted me.
Fermentation vat
* The Earth Foods manager elsewhere explained that the shop's website is not representative of its policies.

Another resident of Bournemouth is Lynda Thyer, erstwhile colleague of David Noakes from the days of his plasma-extract operation. She wrote to the local paper to defend the reputation of GcMAF in general, and more specifically of the Japanese fermented product. This was an unexpectedly generous act of professional courtesy, given that Noakes and Saisei-Mirai have a history of implacable rivalry, but I have lost track of the state of the drama.

** Ross' websites were in Dutch, for he targeted a Netherlands clientele, basing himself just across the border for the benefit of terminally-ill and desperate Dutchpersons wanting to avail themselves of the less restrictive German laws about emptying their pockets.


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And if there is one thing we have learned from watching US politics, and the over-the-barrel relationship between the Republican party and its presidential candidate, it is that repudiation can switch to endorsement at the drop of a "Make America Great Again" cap of Chinese manufacture.

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