Monday, May 29, 2017

Bill the Cat meets a Swedish AirBnB host: Awkward conversations

Oh well oh oh oh.
Uh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh well.
Oh well, oh well, oh well.
I'm sorry, you're welcome, you're welcome.
I'm afraid you're alright, you're welcome.
You are welcome, you are welcome.
I'm sorry, you're welcome
I'm sorry, you're welcome.
I'm sure you're welcome.
I'm sorry for you.

Oh thppt oh thppt.
I'm sorry for you.
I'm sorry to say that you have a good time.
I'm sorry, but I'm sorry. Thank you.
I'm sorry, but I'm sorry. Thank you. Thank you.
I'm sorry, but you can not wait too long.

1 comment:

Yastreblyansky said...

I see you've finally found a way to monetize it--selling lyrics to Eurovision contestants.