Saturday, June 10, 2017

Our chief weapons are decisiveness... decisiveness and responsibility... and an unwavering commitment to principles

The non-goodness of a Bad Decision can be measured by the speed of the Deciderer's search for someone else to blame.

There are limits, however, and I don't know if Theresa May's Brexit supporters will be entirely convinced by this new strategy of "It wasn't really my idea, it was the Europeans' suggestion and I just followed their advice."

UPDATE: Another culpable advisor has been found:
Theresa May was talking [sic, because Daily Mail] into the disastrous decision to call a general election by her Brexit Secretary David Davis and senior aides by the promise of a three figure majority, it was claimed today.
The Prime Minister had previously insisted she personally took the decision while on an Easter walking holiday with her husband Philip in remote north Wales.
But as the fall out continued over the spectacular failure that blew away Mrs May's majority focus has turned to who came up with the idea.
The Times reported today that it was pressure from Mr Davis, together with her top aides Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill, that persuaded Mrs May to roll the dice.
May is evidently unfamiliar with the adage that "Success has many fathers, while failure is an orphan" [Ciano 1946]... in addition to her uncertainty on details of parentage.
UPDATE²: The local Sunday advertisement-delivery vehicle found some gumby to opinionate on the UK election, in a praiseworthy effort to create work for our own dimwitted fuckknuckles rather than simply import Stockbroker Ignorance from the UK.

Highlights include
  • "...the result is May's loss, not Corbyn's victory. A more competent Leader of the Opposition could have capitalised on May's atrocious campaign and delivered Labour to Downing Street."
  • Corbyn is "an unapologetic Marxist better known for consorting with terrorist groups than political competence"
  • The liberal hope of a crushing Tory victory -- allowing the Labour party to return to its proper Blairite roots -- "is in tatters".
This compendium of clliches was signed by an Associate Director of Sherson Willis, a "communications strategy company". Are the clients aware that the company is in the hands of some dipstick who evidently gains his knowledge of UK politics by reading the Daily Mail and believing every word?

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