Monday, July 31, 2017

Reassuring: White House contains fewer than three preschoolers

John Decker: The President announced on Twitter that there's no chaos at the White House. How would you describe what has happened over the course of the past ten days?

Sanders: I have said it before, if you want to see chaos, come to my house with three preschoolers. This doesn’t hold a candle to that.


M. Bouffant said...

Now I know what a "dunny brush" is.

And I certainly wouldn't take any preschoolers to her house.

JP said...

The schadenfreude upon realizing that "the Mooch" sold his company, got divorced by his wife, and missed the birth of his child all because he so badly wanted to gargle Trump's balls (going so far as to attempt to memory-hole all of his past tweets that were not in line with Trump's agenda) is so intense that I almost feel bad about it. Almost.

Smut Clyde said...

I gather that the sale of Scaramucci's Skybridge company to a Chinese money-launderer has not actually happened yet, as it awaits for regulatory approval. I wouldn't be surprised if the buyer backs out of the deal, if they thought they were really buying Trump-related access and influence rather than a hedge fund of dubious value.*

So you could be looking at it the wrong way around. Scaradouche gargled Trump's balls (I assume that to be a golfing phrase) in order to sell his company (and WH access), rather than vice versa. Apart from anything else, he would have avoided paying $11-million tax on the transaction if he had started work at the White House within a certain window of time.

Part of his animus against the late lamented Priebus was his feeling that Priebus was blocking the WH job he was entitled to, and thereby threatening the whole transaction. So he rang up some journalist in the hope that the journalist would spill the beans about WH leakers; turned that out-of-the-blue phone-call into a lengthy coke-fueled anti-Priebus diatribe; complained when the journalist transcribed the diatribe as an interview; then was all "Yes, I meant to do that"; and ultimately scuttled his employment in a way that Priebus could not.

Do not feel guilty about consuming all the schadenfreude at once. There will be more to come.

* The way Scaramucci was promoting his company, in the kind of words you normally only encounter in email spam from Nigeria, I rather suspect that it's a Ponzi scheme that's about to go tits-up.