Monday, July 3, 2017

The transduction serum was increasingly taking hold and treasons were taking place inside his skull which had nothing to do with Boadicea, the Green Exarch or High Earth

How time flies! Noisily, and trailing a plume of black smoke, in the manner of a coal-burning Nazi pulse-jet war-plane!
It only seems yesterday when the loosely-coordinated bundle or Skandha of impulses and trait-collocations operating for convenience under the single name of 'Smut Clyde' first encounted the 'multiple system' identity / movement...

That is: the old social convention of a single unified personality is so 20th-century... good enough for your uncomplicated parents, but multiple personalities are the new Emo, while the new Black is a shattered mirror

...When in fact, when you add up all our separate fragmentary experiences of duration, it was years ago. Since then, expressions of the trope have left the confines of SF and multiplied within popular culture, like babies occupying a suit of armour, to the extent that the TVTropes entry is not entirely comprehensive.

And at last the phenomenon has made it all the way to Hungary! Ribáry, Lajtai, Demetrovics & Maraz were inspired to frequent the forums and support groups, and to contact six systems for interviews. Or at least that is the excuse they gave.
We are loath to consult the staff list of the Department of Clinical Psychology & Addiction at Eötvös Loránd University to check whether all four authors have separate entries there, preferring to believe that they are alters within a single headspace.

1. Ah, it was a Frontiers journal. Alles klar!

2. Is 'explorative' really a word? If so, it shouldn't be.

3. Any Abstract or Discussion that includes the dreaded words "Further research is needed" needs to stand in the corner and think about what it did wrong, while we subject the reviewers to Hard Stares until they feel flushed, embarrassed and fidgetty.

4. When you confine lots of triangles, circles and rounded squares inside an ellipse, they like to segregate themselves by geometry. Or, as the case may be, by colour.

"A man did not need the transduction serum to be divided against himself — he still had many guilts to accept and not much left of a lifetime to do it in."

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