Thursday, December 28, 2017

Transition-Metal Alchemist: "Not to mention Camels" edition

An Indian team of nanotech researchers put a lot of effort into a particular scatter of points, so they have used this Dromedary Distribution ten times in six different publications. In each case it is presented as high-resolution X-Ray spectroscopy resolving fine details within a spectral peak -- at a different range of the X-ray energy spectrum -- and used to justify a different combination of basis functions. I won't say fit a combination of basis functions, as in each case the colour-coded humps of basis functions appear to be hand-drawn with crayons, and bear no relationship to the "best-fit" curve supposedly combining them.

"Figure 1. ...Deconvulated XPS spectra of elements present in Pd@WO3-NDs: ...(F) O 1s ... and (I) N 1s."

"Fig. 2 ... High-resolution XPS spectra of ... (D) Se 3d...and (F) S 2p regions of NHDs."

"Figure 2. (a) XPS spectrum of CCDs. Deconvoluted (b) C 1s, (c) N 1s, and (d) O 1s XPS spectra of CCDs."

"Figure 2: Detailed (deconvuluted) XPS spectra for...(B) O 1s, (C) B 1s... present in the graphene foams."

"Figure 2: ... Deconvoluted spectra of SU-CNPs: ... (E) O1s and (F) N1s."

"Figure 2: ...Deconvuluted XPS spectra of ... (E) Se 3d,..."

One can forgive the reviewers of each paper not knowing about the other appearances of the Dromedary Distribution, but how did they not spot its appearance in adjacent panels of the same Figure?
In the same vein, the Bactrian Distribution turns up seven times in five papers in the authors' oeuvre.

"Figure 1. ...Deconvulated XPS spectra of elements present in Pd@WO3-NDs: (E) W 4f, ... (G) Pd 3d,..."
"Fig. 2 ... High-resolution XPS spectra of ... (C) W 4f..."
"Figure 1: ... XPS spectra of cube- shaped Ag/AgCl nanoparticles: (C) Ag 3d..."

"Fig. 1... Deconvoluted XPS spectra of (B) Ag 3d," 

"Figure 2: ...Deconvuluted XPS spectra of (C) W 4f, (D) Mo 3d..."

One cannot fault the authors' commitment to recycling.

UPDATE: (A) and (B) here may be the originals of the Dromedary and Bactrian Curves respectively, before the data points were bedecked with noise.

"Figure 4. Deconvoluted XPS spectra of (A) O 1s, (B) Eu 3d, (C) Ir 4f"

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