Sunday, May 6, 2018

Come and take this World without end
You'll be inventor. Invention, letter, earth, wind

With all our attention at the Riddled Research Laboratory and Museum of Goat Parasites taken up with other shiny objects, we seem to have fallen behind on the evolving medico-philosophical scholium of Marco Ruggiero (erstwhile Professor at University of Florence, now itinerant scholar and Don-Errant). Perhaps it is time to go back down the rabbit-hole and catch up on his recent excursions into the arena of predatory publishing.
Two delivery-rabbits bringing invisible parcel

This is also a convenient excuse to meet a few new lowlife publishing garbage-fires! For Dr Ruggiero is easily bored, and he has exhausted his initial spurt of enthusiasm for the Journal of Ruggiero Studies "American Journal of Immunology" [one of the journal-shaped scams from an academic parasite in Dubai], which is no longer cool now everyone reads it. He has forsaken that pukefunnel and transferred his editorial and auctorial enthusiasms to newer publishing spigots -- madridge, MedCrave, BioAccent, AIMS and Crimson.

We can skip quickly past three of Ruggiero's editorial self-advertisements, which come to us through the tent-themed madridge [Interconnecting Scientific World]. Despite the Dickensian title, this publisher is placed in Hyderabad by company records and details of domain registration: a city where publishing fraud has grown to be the #1 industry, and so receives municipal welfare. Anyway, one in "Journal of Vaccines":
[the product-placement mixes with above-the-fray tergiversation… “Oh, I’m nothing as vulgar as an antivaxxer, I am merely pointing out weaknesses in the rhetoric of vaccination campaigns!”]
Two in the "Journal of Immunology":
After a year or so, both journals are still on their inaugural issues, and it may be that madridge have focussed their efforts on switching to the more-profitable Mockademic Scamference side of the street.

The last of the papers rehashes Ruggiero's vision of Immortality... although it is the sort of conceptual Immortality that draws comfort from the genetic closeness between your gut microbiota (which will die soon after you do) and the microbes in other people's guts (which will survive you), rather than the kind of personal, actual-continuity Immortality that comes from not dying. But it has already received magisterial treatment from 'Dora' at HIVforum, and the other two also cover familiar ground.

So look instead at this encrustation of Worship Words, sprayed on thickly like a pebbledash of bafflegab. It comes to us from Crimson Publishers [Wings to the Research], celebrated elsewhere for the Indlish stylings of their rodomontade, who originally planned to name themselves "Microns" for the sake of its technical connotations but they dropped the word into the Anagram Device.*

It is absolutely condamine fishsticks mandible. Do you have your Bullshit Bingo cards ready?

I especially like the suggestion that if you are unwell, the best remedy is to find someone or some animal who is healthy, and become quantum-entangled with them, so they become sick and you get well. For lagniappe there is a lengthy footnote by 'Sacha' Stone (Ruggiero's current sugar-daddy) about his "QT-π" Free Energy fraud.

After that tour-de-farce it is all post-climatic tristesse. But we might as well continue, for the paper builds upon and links back to previous entries in the Ruggiero oeuvre... he is a tirelessly productive writer, conjuring an entire irreal scientific literature out of nowhere as a parallel to or parody of the consensus literature in the manner of a Gnostic demiurge; and as in a real-science paper, it is packed with references to its predecessors.

The link to Mothersill et al. (2018) is especially dispositive: it invokes quantum entanglement as an explanation for the familiar phenomenon of telepathic communication among irradiated trout.**

But here we follow other links to "On the impact of quantum biology and relativistic time dilation in autism" from AIMS Molecular Science and "Alzheimer's DNA Vaccine and Relativistic Time Dilation", from MedCrave Online [Step into the World of Research].*** They consider and repackage two applications of a single claim: Some molecules are so heavy that they curve space through their gravitational pull, thereby slowing time for the DNA to which those molecules have bound. This gives cells the chance to repair damaged DNA and stop / reverse Autism and Alzheimers respectively. Also, you can buy those molecules from Marco Ruggiero.
However, introduction of an uniform, monotonous, highly charged, macromolecule such as chondroitin sulfate that surrounds basic DNA-binding proteins independently of DNA sequence, introduces a type of gravity-induced time dilation that is not dependent on the individual genetic information. Therefore, time will run slower for the DNA to which the chondroitin sulfate is bound; this will give extra time to the well-known DNA repair mechanism to perform their tasks and will slow down aging at the level of DNA.
Smut reading papers
The advertisements papers are only a few pages but it seems much longer to read them, due to the concentration of Stupid, dense enough to curve space and cause relativistic time dilation.

Finally, two Novel Contributions to the treatment of HIV: "A Novel Approach to Klotho Aimed at Delaying and Reversing Aging", and "A Novel Method to Enhance Immune Responses Induced by HIV DNA Vaccination". The same bafflegab and worship words have been shuffled into a different order:
Implementation of strategies based on principles of relativistic time dilation and quantum signaling to Klotho has the potential to revolutionize the fields of HIV/AIDS research and aging with wide-ranging consequences.
"Klotho Immortalis" is (as any fule kno) the new Life-Extending Drug Supplement --
developed with the goal of targeting the anti-aging gene Klotho using a novel revolutionary approach based on a combination of microbiome medicine, genetics, epigenetics, relativistic time dilation and quantum entanglement at the DNA level
-- available at last in a limited supply (a maximum of 730 lucky customers!) for only $30000 / year from Sacha Stone and Marco Ruggiero. At that price, you only need to snag one stupid wealthy person to make all the effort worthwhile. Anyway, perhaps someone in the marketing department thought that it would help sell the product if there were a Peer-Reviewed Paper to Explain the Science Behind Klotho.

The other BOAJ paper takes a fraudulent "DNA Vaccine for HIV" promoted by Russian grifters, and wraps up the scam in a delivery vehicle consisting of wibble and word-wooze about Condroitin Sulphate. It is as if Dr Ruggiero does not expect his collaboration with Sacha Stone to last for long, and he is already casting around for his next host.

BioAccent, you will recall, is a skeevy little operation run out of Ravishankar Kuppala's spare room in Hyderabad and named after a laundry additive. It is noted for the pity-fuck pathos of its spamming, and Marco evidently succumbed to those blandishments. The scammers may even believe that his presence on one of their Editorial Boards adorns their naked avarice with a mantle of gravitas and scholarly rectitude, and I haven't the heart to disillusion them.
[H/t Dora]
* "Crimson" claims to be US-based, with a mail-forwarding-service address in New York and an "Editorial Office" at a residential home in Aurora Colorado. It shares these and its phone numbers with two other buttocks of the same bum -- BioMedical Journal and Lupine Publisher -- because a single grift is never enough. Domains for all three were registered by Sudheer Kaku, a web designer who is listed as residing at that Aurora address. If the "Lupine" name is the first of a series of predator-themed publisher names, I applaud the nascent tradition, and suggest 'Vulpine', "Musteline" and 'Crocutine' as future possibilities.

** I am not making this up. Published in a SAGE journal that only exists to take money from hormesis cranks. Sounds fishy!

"Well established in biology" here has the special meaning "only first author has ever written about it."

*** Even in the Hyderabad Parasite sector, MedCrave stand out as execrable. They were pioneers in the genre of "Spamming through Fake LinkedIn accounts", with an entire harem of sexy-lady-name bots. As well as accolades from ScholarlyOA and Flaky Journals, they inspired mischievous persons to set up spoof sites in a tone of sustained tongue-in-cheek denial, and Quora threads, all variations on a theme:
“We deny and refute the accusations made against us, that we are predatory OMICS clones! We are a totally reputable above-board publisher, interested only in spreading information around, and by the way, those accusations against us, here they are again! Did we mention that accusations have been made against us?”
Bravo, unknown spoofers! Regrettably, despite their name, MedCrave do not publish a Journal of Munchausen Syndrome and Factitious Disorders.


Emma said...


Case report: intermittent fasting and probiotic yogurt consumption are associated with reduction of serum alpha-N-acetylgalactosaminidase and increased urinary excretion of lipophilic toxicants
"Eating yogurt for breakfast will cause you to acquire Schindler disease?" Oh, shit.

if you are unwell, the best remedy is to find someone or some animal who is healthy, and become quantum-entangled with them, so they become sick and you get well
No, no, no. You both become simultaneously well and ill, but you won't be able to tell what parts are how until someone sneezes and one of you has to say, "Bless you!"
Also you merge subatomically to become a frightening multidimensional star-eater.

with two other buttocks of the same bum

I continue to be amazed that I could've cured myself of aging, death, & taxes if I had only taken my cat's Cosequin.

Smut Clyde said...

I would like to pretend to have always known about Schindler Disease (absence of Nagalase), but the truth is that I never heard of it before the medscammers started ranting about "Nagalase = Evil, artificially introduced into human bodies by vaccines and chemtrails".

Any of the medscammers' suckers could look up the Whackyweedia and find out that Nagalase is essential for health, but they are convinced that only the medscammers' own sources can be trusted. It is as if human beings have evolved to be defrauded.

Emma said...

I never heard about it until I Googled "alpha-N-acetylgalactosaminidase." My first question was, "Do people routinely piss out a lot of fat in their urine, or what?"

Any of the medscammers' suckers could look up the Whackyweedia and find out that Nagalase is essential for health
I consider it a duty — nay, a privilege! — to obsessively look up any condition I have ever been diagnosed with, including a head cold, while panicking. For days. It's a hobby.

To be fair to the sheeple, I'm not sure you understand how difficult it is for regular people to detect medical woo. Especially stupid regular people, who are sick. In your career as a science wizard all this daffy shit probably looks like cuckoo clocks & the dining-room draperies, but for most people the mere mention of alpha-N-acetylgalactosaminidase will send them reaching for a credit card to buy a cure. I think most sick people would be happier if, in addition to doctors, they were also given access to shamans. Reputable, licensed shamans who would sell them pasteurized snake oil, & not try to clot up peer-reviewed science journals trying to pretend it's medically effective. Would that be worse than Dr. Oz, honestly?