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The Dawning of the Age of Libertarius

Tear-streaked epistles continue to appear in our mailbox from distraught Riddled readers, curiosity piqued but not assuaged by previous posts about the "International Tribunal of Natural Justice", desperate to learn what we make of the backstory to that curious self-appointed Unseelie Court of judicial cosplayers. OK, not really.

This fabricated lede aside, the ITNJ is a fascinating window into a kind of intellectual aquarium. Sometimes you want to tap on the glass and get their attention but the sign says not to. It is an aquarium, or subculture, occupied by some delightful personalities who appear to have escaped from an unpublished Thomas Pynchon novel -- personalities such as Supreme Court Judge Anna von Reitz, and 14th-Amendment Constitutional Bounty Hunter, Private Attorney-General Rod Class... those last two words are not another title or qualification, they're his name, though Rod Class also styles himself sometimes as Judge Dale. Just saying, "14th-Amendment Constitutional Bounty Hunter" would be the worst Reality-TV series EVAH.

In this aquarium one encounters questions in the rhetorical mode such as
Did One People's Public Trust legally foreclose the banks and corporate governments worldwide in 2012?
Did Anna von Reitz liquidate us with a bond in January 2017?

This may make it clearer
For these people have devised their own jurisprudence that puts them outside the reach of mere nation-state laws, so Betteridge's Law holds no fear for them. This is the subculture of Sovereign Citizens and Freemen-on-the-Land, who view themselves as a blend of Ayn Rand and Timothy Leary (in his late exopolitics / Starchildren brain-damage phase), the epitomes of transcendental self-sufficiency... which is why they also devised their own eccentric school of economics in which Corporations / Govt / Banks owe them $10 billion each; and their own physics, entitling them to unlimited free energy from the zero-point of the Quantum Vacuum [they read about it in a John Campbell story so it must be true]. 'Sovereign Citizenship' is what happens when young impressionable minds are allowed to read "Farnham's Freehold" without supervision and without parental guidance. For some reason, "Freeman on the Land" always puts me in mind of Rambling Syd Rumpo, and if that is wrong then I don't want to be right.

I have tried to write this post several times, with different ledes, but each time it turned out that the RationalWiki entry on the One People's Public Trust (OPPT) was funnier and more succinct, so go read that, OK?

From this FotL milieu, first there sprang the Paradigm Project, and then in late 2012 the OPPT -- a Libertarian / Hippie translation of the Prosperity Gospel, adorned with rhetorical tropes filched from Philip K. Dick about 'breaking the Matrix' and 'escaping the Iron Prison'. Attend the deep thoughts of Anna von Reitz (Supreme Court Judge):
During the 1990s alert financial analysts working for the Department of Defense discovered an odd thing. Numbers weren’t adding up. A vast amount of public money was being embezzled. As the members of what came to be known as “The Paradigm Project” dug deeper, something even more astonishing appeared. Almost all of the governments on Earth were being run as private, for-profit governmental services corporations chartered under the auspices of the UNITED STATES, INC.
Now, stripping the onion another layer, the Paradigm Project discovered that not only had nearly all the traditional governments on earth been reduced to mere governmental services corporations owned and operated by the UNITED STATES, INC., but the states and people being served by these new corporations had been similarly unlawfully converted into corporate franchises. For example, Wisconsin had been reduced to a State of Wisconsin and then to a STATE OF WISCONSIN belonging to the UNITED STATES, INC.
Worst of all, living people had been reduced down to corporate entities. An innocent American man operating under the Trade Name: Joseph Allen Smith, was reduced to a Foreign Situs Trust also named Joseph Allen Smith belonging to the State of Wisconsin: after that, Joseph Allen Smith (the Territorial Foreign Situs Trust) was declared “missing, presumed lost at sea” and a Cestui Que Vie ESTATE trust doing business as “JOSEPH ALLEN SMITH” was created “in his name” as a franchise of the UNITED STATES, INC.
Free money from zero-point
fluctuations in the quantum vacuum
That "alert financial analysts for the DoD" is all my bum [said Brinsley]; in fact the OPPT was a core troika of Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, Hollis Randall Hillner and Caleb Skinner, who spake the magic words that LEGALLY FORECLOSED the Old World Order and made it all dissolve in a puff of logic. I cannot be arsed inquiring further into these barmpots for the details of their prior histories in fraud and home-schooled entitlement. In this LEGAL FORECLOSURE, the troika were encouraged and publicised by the 5D Media Network, an alt-media Faceborg group of bloggers and Youtuber channellers. "5D" being loosely synonymous with 'woke', and denoting a higher level of consciousness than mere 3D and 4D cognition.

The RationalWiki entry describes the ensuing OPAL Tour of 2013. The 5D medianauts took to the road to proclaim the vanishment of the OWO, in a caravan of motorhomes running on water and powered by Free Energy, reincarnations of Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters. Although Kesey's activities were limited to a single FURTHER bus by the absence of the Intertubes and PayPal as a fundraising infrastructure... he could not appeal for donations to pay for non-watery fuel, spare parts for the Tesla Technology generator, and drugs. This is ALL TRUE: RW did not make it up and everything can be documented.
Bonus Rambling Syd Rumpo, because why not?
Nor did they invent the "Convergence in Morocco" part of the story, where the 5D crowd relocated to Morocco to embark on an exercise in communal living, transcendental existence and drug consumption... following in the footsteps of Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf and Caleb Skinner, though without hospitality from those two on account of 'Fuck Off, Useless Losers'.¹
Caleb wants to create what he calls “Caleb’s House of Nerds”, a community of programmers who create great software and earn the rewards of their hard work. Heather also plans to create a unique community, blending in harmonic use of land, technology, agriculture, aquaculture, craftsmanship, and a possible alternative healing center.
We are getting a lot of inquiries from people wanting to come to Morocco and stay with us at Caleb’s villa. We frankly don’t have any room. Caleb and Heather have projects they are working on which are not complete, in fact they are very much in infancy. We have no facilities to house visitors (or feed them) at this time. Caleb’s villa serves as his working office. It cannot be the center of any sort of large gathering. There are no spare rooms.
The Morocco colony was joined by sundry OPPT believers (apart from such believers as had attempted to access their $10 Billion entitlement and were in jail by then). They were also joined by 'HopeGirl' (a.k.a. Hope Moore a.k.a. Naima Dawn Feagin) of the "Fix The World" foundation, bringing a different Free-Energy Quantum Generator that would power the community and indeed the entire village, and usher in the Millennium of Abundance,
as soon as Wandsworth the skool dog outside supporters donated enough $$ for the spare parts.* In one account, FtW "has always been a service-to-others organization focused on humanitarian projects to help bring about change on our planet that would work to end human suffering" but the judges would also have accepted "Old-fashioned wholesome family of grifters who glimpsed a new scam and wanted in on the ground floor".**
[Source: Hoaxtead]
Our interest, though, centres here on Caleb Skinner from that OPPT triumvirate, who is actually more of a character from an abandoned subplot of Cryptonomicon than from Pynchon. Even as the OPAL roadtrip and the Morocco migration was happening, Caleb was reinventing himself as a Software Boy-Genius, and switching his energies to 'Project XIII'... a multifaceted app that would topple Faceborg, luring users with the promise of data anonymity and hard encryption and a gateway to that $10 Billion of credit units to which we are all entitled; all for a nominal monthly fee. Despite sporadic release announcements, five years later 'project xiii' is just a shiny webpage, inspiring doubts that Caleb's forte is more in promises than in software.

But in fairness to Caleb, there were other calls on his time to distract him, e.g. co-opting the ITNJ. For the International Tribunal was meanwhile sprouting from the same rich intellectual loam -- initially as a "People's Grand Jury Initiative", in the recollection of its co-founder -- and Caleb was contracted to write "case-management software".

If we are to believe a series of slightly embittered posts at "Claims of the Living" from co-founder Rebecca Cope, a little band of US SovCits were putting together the underpinnings for a People's Court that would lay bar the machinations of the Matrix, with assistance from like-minded eedjits in South Africa These bare-bones-budget volunteers were glad of an offer of collaboration from Simon "Sacha" Stone, impresario of a portfolio of mandala-logoed New Earth websites. For he seemed to be a kindred spirit, interviewing the OPAL road-trippers if not actively joining them, eager to learn from the Grand Jury initiative, in much the same way that a magpie is eager to learn from a collection of shiny valuables. Caleb came as part of the package:
I next presented the timelines to Sir John and team. Caleb was in on that meeting because he was living with Sacha at the time. It was here I discovered the alteration in the intent of the Tribunal.
Sir John tipped his hand when he said he could call up a Grand Jury from the phone book, should he ever need one. Caleb said we could hold the Tribunal next week, since all we needed was a judge. It was stupid to waste time on Juries, etc, etc.
Calls himself Judge, which by Speech Act
Magic makes him a Judge; also 'ad the Latin
to get through the rigorous judging exams
Cope's trust in the SovCit belief-system is sincere if delusive (often citing Supreme Court Judge Anna von Reitz and Private Attorney-General Rod Class as the ultimate constitutional authorities) so imagine her surprise to find grifting in progress. She had received one bill from Sacha's mate Chief Justice Sir John Walsh of Branagh for his advice, another for his presence in London along with his entourage for the Tribunal's inauguration, while the vast bulk of the budget of the ITNJ was assigned for paying Mr Walsh's monthly retainer. A priority for the Tribunal would be cases from which Walsh stood most to profit.***
...massive fraud that would be perfect for exposure of many corrupt corporations. In the letter, the Law Commissioner stated 1/3 of any financial judgment in her favor would be paid to the Australian team for their efforts and requested a call be had as soon as possible between the parties to discuss.

Sovereign Citizens are such easy prey
And there were recriminations and drama, and the ITNJ charter changed unilaterally so as to no longer involve US input. Letters of Resignation were followed by Letters of She-was-never-really-on-the-team. My first draft included lengthy quotes from Claims of the Living, but it's all funnier in context so read the original.

A recurring theme in Rebecca Cope's account is the central role of Caleb Skinner:
Those who insist that there is a "middle ground" failed to listen carefully to Sir John's dialogue on the Grand Jury last night. Nor did they follow Caleb's "logic" on Contracts and Ecclesiastical Law. According to Caleb, a person coming before the tribunal gives jurisdiction to the Judge. That's the only "authority" the Judge needs. If a person is stupid enough to allow a Judge to hear their case, (Caleb's explanation) then they should suffer the consequences.
It appears that Caleb's model has been allowed to hijack the Tribunal. We have just reversed direction from what we have worked all year to accomplish. We don't need a Grand Jury. Caleb says so. We no longer have a People's Tribunal. We have a Judge's chamber, and we have our first law commissioner ready to bring a case that is "financially lucrative" that can help pay Sir John and team’s hefty salary.
Then an email comes through that Sue and others are "circling back" by not getting with Caleb. Caleb has communicated to Sue that he will not do the software until the first case comes through.
Well, of course. Now I understand. Caleb is telling Sacha and Sir John how easy it is to run the Court. "We don't need to do any of the things that Rebecca's team has been working toward. We don't need Grand Juries. That's so NOT zero-point. Here's how we do things MY way."
Artist's impression of Cope (h/t OBS)
Rather than write code and wrangle a database, Caleb reframed the situation so that software was no longer required. Whatever his actual software capabilities, he has mastered the three core virtues of programming: laziness, impatience and hubris.

[Many tips of hats to the discussion boards at Quatloos!, and Fogbow, as well as RationalWiki and Hoaxtead
Original title was to be "Secret Treaties", so as to use the B.Ö.C. Lyrics tag]

1. Caleb Skinner is described as a controlling arsehole but a wonderful easy-going personality as long as you believe his bullshit stories and do exactly what he says.
"Caleb, one of the other trustees from the former OPPT, is also quite an amazing personality. Caleb is a highly focused personality with an enormous work ethic and sense of purpose. Caleb loves computer programming, it is his greatest joy in life. Caleb is also a person with very defined boundaries. If you wish to be around Caleb you will abide by the rules of his house, which mostly are, being responsible for what you BE and DO, and being absolutely TRANSPARENT about it. He is however a very easy person to be around, and goes above and beyond to be a good neighbor.
"I understand why Heather and Caleb worked so well together, and I don't mean to leave out Randall Hillner, either, as he played an enormous role within the OPPT too.  I just don't know Randall - he's perhaps the most private of the three. 
"Caleb was the personality responsible for making sure the OPPT was closed once it had completed its task it was designed to fulfill.  Which turned out to be a very wise move given the smear machine was already gearing up to attack it like Occupy Wall Street.  What the contrast did know how to handle was millions of people who simple were will to BE and DO what was in their heart.  Nothing is more powerful than an individual willing to stand in their own personal power. 
"Caleb tends to be grounding force for Heather, and also tends to hold her feet to 3D deadlines.  Heather is a banker and a lawyer by training, but she is also a very spiritually aware person and tends not live by clocks and calendars but by events as they happen.  Caleb will pin her down when she would prefer to be imprecise and rely on your presumptions of the facts, that's just what good lawyers tend to do, and Caleb knows that.  So he insists on specificity.  Caleb's nature compliments Heather's nature in the mutual adventure they have embarked upon taking down the slavery systems on this planet. 
"Caleb is an autodidact, (a self taught person), as such he doesn't tend to be impressed by sheets of paper from institutions saying you know something when you really don't.  He is hugely intelligent with a very high IQ.  I've met few people as smart as he is.  Caleb's father was also a computer programmer. Caleb was raised on small farm in Oregon where he raised pure bred sheep with his family and brother. He was home schooled, and never got either a high school degree, GED or a college degree (he did go to college for a couple of years). That's not to belittle him, he's far more intelligent and educated than most college graduates I have encountered. He learned on his own which shows enormous initiative and work ethic.  He's very knowledgeable on the UCC law code and contract law.  He has operated his own software development house for many years and has a number of people around the world doing work for him."

* A perspective on this Convergence comes from Melani Vermay -- yet another 'Alt-Media journalist', i.e. a citizen-ranter with a "Freedom Central" Youtuba channel [also "Head of Media within the God Sky Earth Project", don't ask]. Mel was a passenger aboard OPAL and the QEG and the SwissIndo scamwagons -- the latter being another version of the Prosperity-Gospel grift. Mel is covered by the Hoaxtead beat so here she only warrants a footnote.

** Moroccan Aftermath:
I don't often read psychotherapeutic sessions but when I do, I read Wilfred Bion's attempts to psychoanalyse psychosis. Bion listens patiently to his client's word-stream, which he squeezes into Kleinian 'part-object theory' of fragmented Mother-Imagos and echoes back to see if that's what the patient meant. The resulting dialogs are completely condamine shuttlecock, but at least the patient has the satisfaction of knowing that he is not the craziest person in the room.

What brought this to mind was the transcripts of Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf's recent court appearances, where HAT-J tried to convince various judges to submit themselves to her Freeman theory and precedents of ontological jurisprudence (a conceptual framework in which there was no element of fraud or forgery or money-laundering in her previous activities). Rather then shout her down with bloody asides [Sellar & Yeatman 1938], the judges did their sympathetic best to understand, but the outcomes read like Ionescu scripts, all communicative misprision:
THE DEFENDANT: Okay. I am — I’m here as myself.
THE COURT: I didn’t ask that question.
THE DEFENDANT: No, I know. You’re asking if I’m representing myself.
THE COURT: We’re all here as ourself.
THE DEFENDANT: I’m not representing myself. I’m here as myself. I am myself. And I will —
THE COURT: I think I am myself too.
Speaking of mis-prison, HAT-J remains in custody for sentencing in June.
The 5D Network numpties showed how much they had learned from the abject failure of every aspect of their Moroccan interlude by regrouping with an even new-ageier logo, with "The ONE Network" as the new name for their Youtuber interviews with one another. For instance, inviting Sacha Stone and Heather Ann T-J to tell the listeners about their wonderfulness:

"Hope-Girl" continues to solicit donations for Quantum Energy Generators, though the focus of her entrepreneurial zeal has shifted to warning her readers of the evils of 5th-Gen Electrosmog Toxicity (which fortunately can be blocked by Shungite water-structuring Charge Plates and Orgonite Neo-Crystal Pyramids, for sale through her site).

For a while she was distributing a diary of her globe-trotting adventures in bringing Free Energy to the masses, written in jocular style, where Dirt was Dished on the comical losers who had housed her along the way. Subsequently, alas, having thought better of saying the quiet part loud, she withdraw this memoir from circulation, citing the clash between its irreverent contents and her newly serious Born-Again-christian status. Just saying, Birth-Again often happens to grifters who want to cultivate intra-faith affinity and trust among dim suckers before fleecing

2. The South African contingent of Freemen-on-the-Land have realised their role in the ITNJ, i.e. as a moneyteat, and went all regretsy about their involvement in it. Their problem with the Tribunal is not because the cosplay Chief Justice is a mendacious humbug who must have trained a neural network on Debrett's Peerage so it could make up titles and honours for himself, but rather, because they accept Mr Walsh's litany of bad-fantasy-novel titles - in particular, "Regent of the Royal House of Anjou".
Thus, the ITNJ’s allegiance is to an Anglo-Saxon-Norman-Latinus feudal system of kingship and slavery; of masters, servants and slaves; the very yoke that we, the people are now throwing off; but, blood is thicker than water;
And, it is the ITNJ’s prerogative; after all, it is the people of England’s right to be subjects to a feudal system; but, Africa will never be subject to an imperial colonial BAR legal system; hence, we withdrew;
[and a lot more like that].
They have also deleted the blogposts that record their one-time enthusiasm for the OPPT, and would rather pretend that the whole regrettable episode never happened.

*** In happier days it was proclaimed that the first case to come before the ITNJ would be that of Kevin Galalae vs. Canada,
be tried openly and televised live so that the offending parties in Canada and beyond will be known to the world for their unlawful, malicious and immoral actions with respect to covert methods of depopulation and further acts of structural violence can be avoided.
So the Depopulation Agenda was to be the linchstone and the keypin (or perhaps vice versa) of the hearing, rather than Galalae's other grievances against Canada, such as his passport issues, or the inequity and iniquity of Canadian child-custody laws. Mr Galalae is a Canadian / Romanian and World Citizen; also "Civilization Builder, Tip of the Spear at Confronting Genocide, Founder of Center of Global Consciousness". He is known in the Alt-Reality Looniverse for the dogged one-man rearguard battle he has waged [like Rierson in "Sleeping Planet"] against the Forces of Genocide with their Depopulation Agenda of vaccines and chemtrails. His resistance took the form of scholarship-shaped advertisements in mockademic journals from predatory publishers, as documented at Respectful Insolence, and indeed here at Riddled. I do not link him to the Freemen-on-the-Land, for his thought processes do not reach that level of coherence.

A few years ago Galalae teamed up with some other muppet for a Roman Holiday, all about winning support for his campaign from the Vatican, though a cunning strategy of hunger strikes while being videoed and help-help-I'm-being-repressed by the Italian constabulary. The expedition did not end well, but he did get to be interviewed by our man Sacha Stone.

Alas, Galalae was dropped from the ITNJ's docket in favour of deeper-pocketed plaintiffs, and now he has nothing but contempt for the Tribunal and for Sacha Stone:
International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ) is phony
I can now state with certainty that the ITNJ is not a genuine organization. It was set up by the current system to obtain the legal files of people whose lives they have destroyed so as to deny them justice in courts at a later date should it come to that.
He has also wiped much of his presence on the Interweave, in the last few days: his communiques, posted on the LinkedIn platform; Faceborg; his Youtubr channel. He had sought donations and paid big $$$ to the OMICS garbage publishers to attend their scamferences and deliver presentations on DEPOP AGENDA CHEMCINES VACTRAILS, but even the videos documenting these prestigious events have gone.

All this erasure, it seems, stems from a fit of pique at the apathetic masses who failed to support his campaign over all these years. He realised that the Forces of Genocide were right all along, the masses deserve extermination, and he wants to switch to the winning side. Of course here at the Mad Scientist Anti-Defamation League we applaud this move (Welcome, brother! We have cake), and we understand his need to efface his earlier footsteps. Still, an earlier version of this post was organised around Galalae's apostasy as the lede, forcing me to rewrite it when his announcement of that apostasy disappeared, so I am not well-pleased with him.


Emma said...

Smaller men might've spent their wealth feeding the blind or housing the meek.

I don't even know, man.

Caleb, one of the other trustees from the former OPPT, is also quite an amazing personality. Caleb is a highly focused personality with an enormous work ethic and sense of purpose. Caleb loves computer programming, it is his greatest joy in life. Caleb is also a person with very defined boundaries. If you wish to be around Caleb you will abide by the rules of his house, which mostly are, being responsible for what you BE and DO, and being absolutely TRANSPARENT about it. He is however a very easy person to be around, and goes above and beyond to be a good neighbor.
Caleb sounds like an incel.

My move to Morocco has been good overall, I have lost about 40 lbs (18 kg) since November and I've grown one inch in height! (2.54 centimeters) I am now 5'11" (180cm) and I was 5'10" when I arrived. All that in 2 months time at age 57! [...] [A]nd I expect I will top out at around 7 feet within a few years. Aging is not what it used to be under the new energetics that are forming around this planet.
What planet would that be, Bill?
(I apologize.)

Oh, god. I had a boyfriend in high school who was a Heinlein-humper (he still contacts me every few years, in case I've experienced a sudden change of heart about dating him again), and he gave me Farnham's Freehold. I didn't read it, and after Wikipoediaing it I feel very comfortable and safe in that decision. It sounds like the sequel to The Turner Diaries, only dumber.

Let's see, do I have anything else to add? Did I have anything to add in the first place? Where are all these lunatics getting their money? Can I have some of it?

Smut Clyde said...

You will have to do your own blegging and online sales of Orgonite pyramids.

sheva.crossofchange said...

Thanks for writing this. You've very nicely threaded together details, that I'm only vaguely aware about.

Smut Clyde said...

My pleasure, Sheva.

snoop4truth said...

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snoop4truth said...


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Williams demanded thousands of dollars in up-front fees from each homeowner (for filing worthless "voodoo papers" in public record) and then demanded that each homeowner make lower monthly mortgage payments to him every month thereafter (rather than make full monthly mortgage payments to their mortgage holders every month thereafter). But, the homeowners eventually lost their homes to foreclosure anyway. Williams converted the money he stole from homeowners in this way into cash and then converted the cash into "money orders" (so as to avoid leaving a paper trail) and then sent it to his mother in Texas to hide for him in her name (so that law enforcement authorities would be unable to find it and return it to his victims).

Williams' 20 year federal sentence will not even begin to run until AFTER he has fully served his 15 year sentence in Florida for an earlier conviction of an almost identical crime that he committed in that state. So, Williams will serve a total of 35 years behind bars for almost identical crimes, minus the roughly 3 years he has served of his Florida sentence during the federal case against him in Hawaii.. The Federal District Court For The District Of Hawaii also ordered Williams to pay $230, 527.13 in restitution to his Hawaii victims.



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