Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Identity Parade

Are you a false cover persona, split away from 'your' other personality (as a genetic soldier or programmed assassin) through MKULTRA / MONARCH techniques of drugs and hypnosis and trauma and memory implant? How would you know? These questions often come up during late-night shuffleboard sessions at the Old Entomologist, on account of Another Kiwi and I bearing such a close physical resemblance to Arnold Schwartzenegger in his Douglas Quaid role and Matt Damon in the Jason Bourne franchise, respectively.

In that connection, it may be that you are unfamiliar with any of the dissociated personalities of Fiona Barnett, a West-Island griefer and victim of Attention Deficit. Despite her eagerness to tell you at great length about the Satanic Ritual torment she endured from her family and the rest of their Satanic Illuminati network -- designed to splinter her personality and train her Alters to be genetic-elite Delta Special Ops, working in the cause of the Derp State. I am not making this up.

Subsequently Fiona escaped from the cult and reintegrated those Alters enough to recover the dissociated memories of rape by Richard Nixon and Billy Graham... also Gough Whitlam and Bob Hawke (not at the same time)... the human sacrifices to Dagon and Moloch and Baal (not at the same time), and the slaughtered children and the cannibal feasts.... not to mention the thousands of kilometers of secret underground railways beneath the Australian desert, all the way to Pine Gap. I am not convinced that her Recovered-Memory therapy is really helping. However, it did make her a star in the Crank-Magnetised conspiracy-conglomerate zone of the alt-reality Youbtuba (though there is tough competition from up-and-coming young griefers with even more creative tales of trauma, and crowd-funding accounts of their own, so she should not rest on her laurels).
Not the ITNJ
In particular, Fiona brought herself to the attention of the courtroom-LARPers of the 'International Tribunal of Natural Justice' (previously covered at Riddled, your one-stop shop for background research!), i.e. a charivari of charlatans who piggyback on other people's fabrications. Now I had thought that even the shameless ITNJ scammers would have examined her plagiarised fabulation and thought "No, let's save our limited supply of credibility and not waste credence on this bullshitting fuckwit"... but I guess they know their target of donation-button suckers better than I do. Hark, then, to Fiona's "virtual hearing" testimony (i.e. a Skype session).

Chosen for her particular bloodline, high cognitive abilities and physical prowess, Fiona was a perfect subject for MK ULTRA mind control programming, which took place in numerous universities and underground facilities both in Australia and abroad. Other nightmarish crimes perpetrated upon her throughout her childhood include ritual abuse, torture, the witness of torture and murder, being dressed as a teddy bear whilst hunted for sport at the annual camp at ‘The Bohemian Grove.’
Fiona Barnett’s testimony provides a very clear and detailed picture of global child trafficking, which, she explains, “is run as a single coordinated operation through the CIA in collaboration with British and Australian Intelligence Services.”
In her testimony, she interweaves her personal account with a vast research-knowledge of the history, practices and interconnection between intel-agency child trafficking, Luciferianism, ritual abuse, and MK ULTRA mind control, all of which she witnessed and suffered at the hands of.
Fiona was eventually able to escape the cult and has since made numerous attempts to have her perpetrators brought to justice. Her story has been publicly derided and she has been prevented from leading any semblance of a normal life.
Her testimony was heard via a virtual sitting of the ITNJ’s Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking & Child Sex Abuse on 7th July, 2018, before Chief Justice, Dr. John Walsh of Brannagh, His Grace Bishop Riah Abu El Assal, ITNJ Commissioner Carine Hutsebaut, and ITNJ Trustees Reverend Dr. Nancy Ash and Connie Broussard.
Now I want a comedy series about a Super-Secret Gubblement / Luciferian agency, tasked with tracking the Elite Bloodline families so they can traumatise / brainwash the children thereof and mold them into super-intelligent super-fit warriors. Only the agency is rife with bureaucratic bumbling and sheer incompetence, so they muddle the files and end up recruiting Adelaide trailer-trash instead.

Ms Barnett's anamnesis belongs to a substantial, evolving literary tradition, which began with Philip K. Dick (so I choose to believe), with his drugged-out paranoia plots, and his feelings of inauthentic selfhood. "The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag" does not count because reasons. PKD's protagonists are always discovering that their memories are as spurious as their personalities... all implanted as a mask for a real identity that for some reason wanted to remain in concealment. This is now standard procedure for anyone retiring from covert intelligence agencies, or so I hear from a friend.

However, a significant landmark along the development of the genre was "The Control of Candy Jones", in 1976. Candy Jones' age-regressed memory-crafting was directed under hypnosis by her husband, who would have been aware of PKD's oeuvre through his day job as conspiracy-monger, as a pre-Alex Jones radio host. The conventions of the genre were still crystallising at the time, so Candy was only able to remember her alternative CIA-constructed personality to be an interrogation-proof spy courier, rather than an elite assassin or soldier. Also her narrative missed out the existence and details of MK-ULTRA (later retconned into the genre) because the program had not been publicised by 1976.

I am glad to report that Fiona Barnett recognises her source, and she pays homage to it by choosing "Candy Girl" as the title for the documentary / dramatisation that will some day be made about her life. No-one tell her about Colin Ross or Project Bluebird, or they will be woven into the mythos as well.

The 1920 peak of interest in MPD can be ascribed to
belated interest in Morton Prince' 1906 case-study

“Michelle Remembers” (1980; ably reviewed by El Coyote over at Hoaxtead) introduced its own twist of Satanic family ritual abuse as the rationale for the multiple-personality plot device. In fact "Michelle Remembers" is an offshoot of a second fictional tradition, which had been developing in parallel... the whole "childhood trauma = multiple personalities" genre, in which "Three Faces of Eve" begat "Sybil" begat "The Minds of Billy Mulligan" begat “When Rabbit Howls”. The line of descent is notable for the increasing number of Alters and the increasing severity of the triggering trauma, as literary conventions evolved and each author had to out-do previous imaginations. This MPD cultural phenomenon is a long-standing Riddled radition but it is far from exclusive to Riddled.

At some point the streams crossed. and the MKULTRA / BLUEBIRD literary thread merged with the Satanic Ritual Abuse belief-system in the maggot-ridden minds of conspiracy fans. The paranoid-ideation crowd are now unclear whether the engineers of the Dissociated-Personality Programmed Operatives are the Satanic Ritual Cults, or the Covert Gubblement Agencies... in fact the two are the same.
That's how we get ants Fiona Barnett.

In line with the old Riddled adage that one should always leave the reader wanting less, there was going to be a few more paragraphs here about Rachel McIntyre / Vaughan, who is one of the young challengers to Fiona's crown as Queen of the Fantasist Griefers. TL;DW. I might get motivated to write them tomorrow.
MK-ULTRA background outsourced to El Coyote at Hoaxtead Research.
Fiona Barnett background outsourced to El Coyote at Hoaxtead Research.
Update: IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE PROPHECY, those lovable scallywags at ITNJ have continued with their judicial-robe dress-up games, and a challenger appears! Bearing Bombshell Beaumont ITNJ Testimony Set To Shock The World! World, are you ready to be shocked?
From the high profile case of the ‘Missing Beaumont Children’ to the infamous ‘Mullighan Report,’ Rachel Vaughan steps forward with a raw witness account, exposing the horrors of murderous child sex abuse rings in Australia.
This witness testimony highlights the 1966 “Disappearance of the Beaumont Children” case in Glenelg Beach near Adelaide, South Australia, unresolved after half a century. It also raises serious concerns regarding the Mullighan Report, (a 600-page Royal Commission report of sex abuse against Australia’s children in state care over four decades) where the names of perpetrators were supressed and the truth locked away by the South Australian government for 80 years.
Rachel Vaughan’s testimony exposes her own father within a prime pedo-sexual ring, actively prostituting out his own children whilst conducting the murder and disappearance of other victims. Rachel grew up in Edwardstown, South Australia. Throughout her childhood she was abused physically, sexually, emotionally, and spiritually. She now attests to high profile criminal cases, which also involves what is known as Ritual Satanic Abuse (RSA). This is a story of an entire industry involving government personnel, religious institutions, state departments, the justice department, a leading Australian television network, and the medical profession.
Rachel has put her life on the line to expose multiple murders and mutilations perpetrated by her father, whose organised pedo-criminal ring is allegedly still in operation today. Her testimony was heard via a virtual sitting of the ITNJ’s Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking & Child Sex Abuse on 1st August, 2018 before Judge-Advocate, Dr Chris Cleverly, Commissioner-Criminologist Carine Hutsebaut, and ITNJ Trustees Dr. Nancy Ash and Connie Broussard.

Rachel's contribution to the development of the genre is to implicate her father in every unsolved South Australian murder for the last 50 years (with her own forced participation), and also some that were previously thought to be solved (it was a cover-up!). The family dynamics leave much to be desired. She and her brother have enlivened the work of the South Australian Police by providing a series of shifting, contradicting, reality-conflicting accusations, since she recovered her memories in 2006 / 2007 (irresponsibly, I am going to speculate that therapy was involved, maybe even hypnosis). Fortunately Rachel kept a Ledger!
4? Sep 2007 — Phone call to, and conversation with, 21 Aug 2007 INTERVIEW with Annette Burden of SCIB, at Goolwa Police Station, detailing my sexual abuse and witness account of small child’s body as well as a man’s right foot in our Macklin Street bathroom 1977.
In a later entry Rachel says: “Sister Ruth saw 5 cadavers brought into our home in body bags [on that same day in 1977].”
2) the accounts of two witnesses (mine and Ruth’s) to the mutilated body of a young girl in Max’s bathroom 1977/78 (me at four years of age, Ruth an adult at 22 years of age) are being ignored by SAPOL (namely Paul Tucker of Major Crime)
One can hardly blame the police for being reluctant to investigate these reports, since they detailed how thoroughly evidence had been destroyed:
There was an incident where my father kept some of the body part of one of his victims, and put it in the fridge. He told me after pulling out this body part in the fridge that it was ‘for my mother to cook’. I was only ten at the time. 
Aficionados of grand-guignol theatre can find more prurient details here, filtered through the lurid sensibilities of an American conspiracist and highly-trained dot-joiner, who tells us in passing that Rachel's fantasies must be true because they are so outlandish that "you can't make it up". And look here: another blog-post from the same Wake-Up-Sheeple website...
RACHEL. As I said, my father Max, who did terrible things to me, had a special interest in some of the children’s cadavers. He took some of their flesh and sold it as meat. I am quite sure many people knowingly bought it – they wanted it.  I also say it was cooked and served in our home in Edwardstown, SA. Yes, I and my parents and siblings ate it.
MARY. What was the purpose of this?
RACHEL. I don’t know.
MARY. Now tell me about your brush with “kuru.”
'Rachel Vaughn Interprets “Zombie Apocalypse”' is all about the artificial nature of prion diseases, and the plan to spread epidemic scrapie through Australia for zombification purposes by appealing to the cannibalistic cravings of Adelaide suburbanites. Also AIDS and cancer are genocide bioweapons, but you probably knew that already.

A follow-up article is promised, about the network of secret tunnels beneath Adelaide. I struggle to control my anticipation.


Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Despite her eagerness to tell you at great length about the Satanic Ritual torment she endured from her family and the rest of their Satanic Illuminati network

That's the worst export from the US besides climate change denialism.

El Coyote said...

I was sure I'd commented on this when I first saw it, but probably the Big Bad Goobermint stole it.

Just wanted to say that I think you could have a real future in the genealogical study of the Satanic/MK Ultra über-elites wot control the world. If such a discipline does not exist, it ought to.

Smut Clyde said...

a real future in the genealogical study of the Satanic/MK Ultra über-elites wot control the world

I choose to regard this as a compliment.

Anonymous said...

Rachel Vaughan is a liar.

Deni Tomkinson said...

She goes way beyond being a liar Anonymous.
Her disrespect for the victims and their families is outstanding, just one small example:
She continually calls poor little Louise Bell 'Tracy', even Louises mother has said her name wasn't Tracy, just a few days ago she called her Tracy again!!
And her father had something to do with her murder, they also had her locked up in the basement where she was finally killed and her leg eaten for dinner by the family!!

That is just one small example of her treachery.
She and others of her kind, Fiona for example, need to be stopped!!!

Unknown said...

Many stories detailing many exact components of Fiona' s details are landing in court across the US at the moment. Many arrests have been made. Interesting... One would think most of her story as far fetched. Now with so many aspects being spoken of to the exact detail, I wonder if she has a case to bring back to the courts.