Saturday, October 27, 2018

Agents of Fortune

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For now, for your amusement, we get mail:

ATTENTION YOU ALL: I am agent Beadle Walter the Illuminati official agent,I am from united kingdom and I joined Illuminati in US,i have been given the Authority to broadcast Illuminati to the universe that Illuminati is real when you meet the rightful agent like me BeadleWalter,I have been an agent to this brotherhood more than eight years now and I am still a member and agent,don't be afraid to contact us if you are willing to join this fraternity, this fraternity welcome anybody in this wide world,this comment is been post by head office,the last comment that was post by the head office in UK was been used by fraudsters and the comment has been stopped by the Lord and from now onward's (24 August 2018) we the Illuminati have stop using it because a lot of scammers are now creating a fake UK number,that is why we have come with new identity number to locate the rightful agent by calling the head office in USA not in UK anymore,

To join In-box us on E-mail:
To join In-box us on Whatsapp: +2349034013942

Beware that we the Illuminati is now working on a new program to limit fraudsters and scammer that always use our comment to aim and achieve,please don't call UK number as head office for confirmation,it has be band by us the Illuminati.No need of contacting us,Dont mobile chat us on face-book,imo,Eskimi,you are asked to E-mail us,for joining,don't face-book any agent,it is not our access to join on face-book chat,the only alternative to join is to E-mail.
The rightful identity of us the Illuminati:

Be aware of scammer and contact us the real Illuminati,reach us through unite peter from now,
Fake identity of us Illuminati this list below:
Head office is not located in UK anymore, don't add anybody with UK number and don't E-mail any email that is not
Please don't lead yourself to fraudsters all the name of Illuminati,the complain of I have been scam is more than what will can complicate with!save your self by contacting us through this comment of us the Illuminati head office


peter micheal said...

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riches and fame,,this is the only chance of being of the Illuminati..I was
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have gotten 32,so we looking for 20,,so try and be among the twenty people
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Smut Clyde said...

What do people think? Now that the 'Illuminati membership' scammers have found their way here, how many spammograms should I leave up before throwing out the trash?

Atypically for this genre of fraud, Mr "Peter Michael" is operating out of Kenya. Agent Beadle Walter is more typical, being Nigerian in origin. Feel free to contact one, or the other, and see how long the conversation continues before he explains the expenses involved in the initiation ceremony.

Or introduce Agent Beadle Walter to Peter Michael and let them recruit each other.

Anonymous said...

WhatsApp with African #s? They couldn't even spring for the fake US google/skype #? The lack of attention to detail disappoits me. I expect better from my scammers. However, they did have one of my favourite rethorics: "Don't worry, those other guys were the scammers. You can trust us. *nod nod wink wink*"

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Don't report this!