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If a hundred Underpants Gnomes loaded up on crystal meth and banged randomly at a hundred typewriters for long enough, eventually they would produce the business plan of John Wanoa's 'Moai Tidal-Energy Hydrogen-Economy' grift

Remember when Stupid was a non-renewable resource, and the conservation alarmists were all "World reserves of Stupid are running out, we have passed Peak Stupid"? Then Tom Gold turned out to be right with his Abiotic Origin hypothesis, and we can rest secure in the knowledge that there is more Stupid sequestered in the Earth's crust, permeating up from the mantle, than the human race can ever use. Occasionally bubbles of it burst out through the Intertubes... there can be no other explanation for the news that some nimrod has ponied up the airfare to bring Moai King John Wanoa (descendant of William IV, and hereditary sovereign of New Zealand and Great Britain) from NZ to the UK. We can be sure that the sticky-fingered little scrote would never part with the readies himself.

What draws me to Wanoa's oeuvre is his Moai Tidal Generator / Hydrogen Economy visionary conception. The idea (I think) is to build a mighty barrage out to sea near the East Cape, so that tidal influx and efflux can be directed though turbines, as illustrated with a nice Artist's Conception indistinguishable from images in the aspirational sea-steading literature.

This is what MOAI POWER HOUSE BRIDGE PLATFORM will look like only bigger and will be powered up on self made Liquid Hydrogen Jet Fuels for our own new Solid Hydrogen Powered Ships Submarines and Passenger Airlines only the best will do.

It is difficult to be sure as in other depictions the tidal generators are bobbing around in the open waters of the Southern Ocean, so as to extract energy from the very non-tidal motion of the South Pacific Gyre.

MOAI TIDAL TURBINES are placed in the one way tidal free flow cycle in an anti-clockwise direction from East cape North Island New Zealand links Easter Island to Chile up to tahiti across to Samoa Tonga Vanuatu New Caledonia to Papua New Guinea then Australia and back to New Zealand. Just o give you an Idea. It would tale just 4 of these Platforms to power the whole of New Zealand. Thats the Fuel and Electricity for Machinery Aircraft Factories Homes pretty well everything in one shot.

The Prospectus is available and it is as mad as half-a-dozen wolverines after a week-long PCP binge. Like reporting a Trump speech, any attempt to sum up the context will necessarily and misleadingly be more coherent than the original, but with that caveat:

1. Buying one of the 999,999,999 £25 shares will secure your place in the ground floor of the post-Hydrogen-Revolution world.

2. Tidal energy goes into the machinery here and blocks of convenient solidified hydrogen comes out there.

As well as H2-powered flying saucers for space defense, there will be airships with top-deck swimming pools "anchored above the bridge hotel complex".

Wanoa is the one person who seems to take this child's crayon-drawing fantasy seriously (if it were merely intended to scam people, he would flesh out the details more plausibly). As a window into the shattered thought processes of a burned-out drug casualty, it rivals any of Philip K. Dick's imaginings (though PKD's brain-damaged characters tend to possess more gentle personalities).

Mr Wanoa came to the attention of NZ media when he persuaded some like-minded, violence-inclined henchthugs that his inherited sovereignty was centred in an office block in Auckland, so to demonstrate the legitimacy of his claim they stormed the building and physically removed the occupants. That little episode led to eccentric court hearings where the group variously characterised themselves, and a single suspended sentence.
Monga, who called himself a "sheriff", appeared today with an open black leather jacket exposing his bare chest.
"Somebody took my T-shirt as evidence," he said.
Wanoa was more conservatively dressed and told Judge Grant Fraser that he was a UN marshall, "recognised".
There was some confusion over who was the senior member of the operation as the judge tried to unravel their submissions.
"The King of Hawaii", "New World Order law", "King William IV", "Obama" and "The Pope" were all referenced during the protracted initial hearing, through which both men represented themselves.[...]
Monga also had some questions for the judge:
"Did you manage to get hold of the King of Hawaii?"
"Not yet. I don't have direct access to him," Judge Fraser said.
Another hearing ended with John Monga (Field Marshall of the Cook Islands and a diplomat of the King of Hawai'i) receiving 28 days in the cells for for contempt of court,* with 14 days for Robin Tamihere (Aotearoa Diplomatic Federal Marshal).**

Having seen how poorly prepared the court process was for this kind of diplomatic-immunity cosplay, the police weighed up the costs and their resources, and dropped charges against Wanoa himself. This may have been a mistake, as Wanoa now feels vindicated in his claims and even more entitled.
The man's self-concept
Here is a random sample of his rhetoric:

Here is a picture of the Queen of England Corporate “CROWN” Thugs we called THIEVES in front of their FACES and you can see our own MAORI Faces in there who caused these CRIMES wh caught doing the FRAUD and so you had to CATCH THEM Committing the FRAUD! You can see in the CHAIN of Events how our own NATIVES converted themselves into THIEVES for the “CROWN” Corporation Banker EVELYN ROTHSCHILD who MOAI CROWN will HANG with the QUEEN and the POPE for MURDER GENOCIDE and THEFT of NATIVE LANDS and these MAORI can HANG TOO for just about STEALING our LAND and WHAKAPAPA Ancestral Inheritance, using a TREATY OF WAITANGI Document to SCREW the PUBLIC of New Zealand. NOW they get to see MOAI and the Maori HAPU CONFEDERATION use our KING WILLIAM IV “ADMIRALTY LAW JURISDICTION SOVEREIGN INTERNATIONAL WATERS TREATY CONVENTION FLAG to Boot them OVER the SANDBAR of our FORESHORES with their BAR ASSOCIATION COURTS set AFLOAT on the SEAS of No Protection for them on their way back to ENGLAND! thats it the PIRATES in SOMALIA can EAT THEM Cook them and SINK their BOAT! The Queen has NO ADMIRALTY LAW of the SEAS, only the KING has this as KING WILLIAM III Created that ADMIRALTY LAW and COMMERCIAL TRADING LAW that the MAORI CONFEDERATION FLAG RULES the TRADE over the SEAS FREE PASSAGE anywhere in the WORLD belongs to the HAPU and their TREATY PARTNER The “Government of ENGLAND” Is nothing to do with the “CROWN” Corporation who USURPS our FLAG MANA JURISDICTION we TAKE OFF them NOW! HERE ARE the 10 THUG PIRATES of New Zealand I will be PURSUING this week with the CONFEDERATION MAORI GOVERNMENT PRIME MINISTER Sue Nikora and her TOP Constitutional Lawyer Barrister Charl Hirshfeld PULLS the STRINGS of the “CROWN” to pieces. He and the Confederation successfully STOPPED the “CROWN” Dead in its TRACKS!

I cannot bring myself to ornament the text with the multiple colours, emojis and blink tags that it deserves. The random capitalisation, absence of punctuation, fixation on Jewish bankers, and Worship Words like ADMIRALTY LAW and COMMON LAW COURT are together a clue that Wanoa augments his ROYAL BLOODLINE with the whole Sovereign-Citizen school of jurisprudence authentic frontier gibberish. That is, laws and debts are only binding if you accept their jurisdiction, and can be dissolved through the appropriate incantations. Also the only courts and law-enforcement agencies that count are duly-assembled groups of Sovereign Citizens (like lynch mobs but totally different). Memorious Riddled readers will reminded of the ITNJ as one instantiation of these judicial-robe dress-up games, but the most accomplished grifter in this "Authorities are corrupt so give me money" tradition is Kevin Annett of Kanata (Canada).

Wherever there is a legitimate outrage, such as the historical crimes committed against Canadian First Nations, or the exploitation of children within the ambit of organised religion, there you will find Annett and his sockpuppets, discrediting the official Commission of Inquiry with hearings of his own "International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State", in the hope of grabbing some of the compensation. I am inclined to believe that the inspiration for Annett's ITCCS is stolen from the Cruiskeen Court of Voluntary Jurisdiction, but this is difficult to prove.

Has this worldwide cultic subculture of delusive solipsists always been there, somewhere in the background, not bothering people until now? The alternative is that they sprang into existence recently (along with a fictive history) as a fluctuation in the quantum vacuum, a kind of quantum fart bubble -- evoked by the Morphogenic Field, mirroring the successful ascension of a scamming conman to the US presidency (assisted by his blithe contempt for facts and reality).

Anyways, Wanoa is inspired by or affiliated to the Keith Annett circus of scam. This earns him some cachet among Truther / conspiracist / grifting circles in the UK, where his arrival was welcomed with open arms and knock-off copies of the United Chiefs flag from 1834.

Instead of appropriating the 1834 flag as part of his art-practice iconography (it was just lying there waiting to be stolen), he could have used the American Confederate-traitor flag; he has just as much claim to its heritage, and the UK fan-club would have been equally impressed.

In New Zealand, of course, Wanoa is a gift to the Redneck Right-wing faction of society. His success in staying out of prison (and out of a high-security bughouse) confirms the rednecks' belief that NZ courts and police lean over backwards to accommodate Maori activists and land claimants, for fear of being labeled 'racist'. Affirmative Action! Reverse Racism! Political madness gone correct! In this they are encouraged by reading media reports, which minimise the mental demands expected from readers by fitting Wanoa into the ready-made category of 'activist' or 'land-rights protester'.
Police have arrested two people after activists stormed an Auckland office over an apparent land claim..
It does not bother them, any more than it bothers the UK fan-club, that Wanoa has no tribal affiliation, and his land-ownership claim is as specious as his Pan-Polynesian accoutrements of Rapanui Royalty and Cook Islands / Hawai'ian ancestral alliances (cancelling out the Eurotrash House-of-Orange side of his origin story).

In an earlier phase of this developing Return-of-the-King narrative, the basis for Wanoa's asserted Ownership of Everything was a fabricated Moriori identity. "Moriori" is another shibboleth in rightwing white-supremacy circles...IF (the reasoning goes) some Anglo-Celtic tribe of Moriori or Waitaha occupied NZ before the Maori arrived and dispossessed them, then the subsequent dispossession of Maori by European settlers was merely Karmic justice, rather than historically-recent shenanigans, deserving compensation.

Building castles in Spain (or in the air) is nothing new. What we have here is the equivalent of renting them out to gullible numpties -- first emitting a sepia cloud of SovCit bafflegab about one's True Bloodline Descent from the House of Bourbon, making one the rightful King of Spain and therefore entitled to sell residency permits to the castles' new tenants.

So Wanoa is found posing for selfies with the luminaries of the UK conspiracy/Truther scene like Andy Devine and John Patterson. I don't know what became of Matt Taylor (aspirant UK Prime Minister as a parliamentary candidate for the Moai King William Party, and pursuer of vendettas against the Sussex Police force): he used to be the John the Baptist of Brighton to Wanoa's Jesus, but he erased his Party blog not long ago.
As a King’s man through and through, I believe in John Wanoa, native Moai King of New Zealand and Surrogate King William IV, King of England of the “ROGAN” English Royal Monarch family.
Claiming his rightful place in the pages of history, King John Wanoa belongs to the WANOA MOAI Royal Tahitian Monarch Family, whose MANUKAU Polynesian Monarch Family ancestors married the “ROGAN” English Royal Monarch family who ultimately constructed the Politics of Australia and New Zealand Governments under QUEEN VICTORIA TITLES direct to Westminster Government.
Not to forget John Wanoa meeting Charles Seven as they separately shut down Westminster and sent Parliament packing. This is like one of those Predator-vs-Aliens cross-over movies that you get when the film industry is devoid of inspiration and resorts to merging previously-lucrative franchises.

John Wanoa (staunch friend of Freemasonry and Sinn Fein) accepts his ceremonial Orangeman Protestant/white-trash-supremacist regalia. WTF?

It remains to be seen how many of these UK bumblefucks will buy £25 shares in the Moai-King Tidal Power scheme.

* John Monga is clearly a entertaining, harmlessly self-deluded buffoon. Until fugitive murderers adopt his Agent-of-Foreign-Powers rhetoric, and (the police believed) he shelters them.

Convicted killer who has dodged authorities since February claims he's not covered by New Zealand law.
...He has also told authorities he has a new job as head of security for Polynesian royalty, so does not believe he has to adhere to New Zealand laws...
It is understood Te Awa may be with John Monga, who goes by the title of High Chief of Aotearoa for the Polynesian Kingdom of Atooi, the ancestral name for Hawaii.
According to its website, the Kingdom of Atooi is recognised by the United Nations as an indigenous sovereign nation that is part of the Royal Union of Pacific Nations. A branch of the kingdom operates in New Zealand, with the mission of its people to "make right with the land", and Te Awa claims he is head of security.

You will be shocked to learn that the "Polynesian Kingdom of Atooi" is not recognised by the United Nations, and is simply the scam of some Hawai'ian grifter (possibly set up the help of "The Royal Union Of Pacific Nations" "Te Moana Nui A Kiva” NZ conmen), but we need not venture down that particular rabbit-hole today.
** Marshal Robin Tamihere explains here.
Greetings – As one of the Aotearoa Diplomatic Federal Marshals who entered the 61 Cook Street Auckland building to evict the office staff, I wish to make corrections to this page.
Unfortunately the Office Staff were collateral damage.The Aotearoa Marshals are registered at the United Nations. In early 2016 I laid a Huge Human Rights Complaint with the United Nations Human Rights Commissioner that saw the NZ Police withdraw all charges and dismiss each Marshal with no evidence offered. Only one person was convicted through Police deception. When the 3 Police witnesses committed blatant acts of perjury and the Police violate the Laws of New Zealand, Human Rights and United Nations Treaties, and the two Judges lacked jurisdiction to prosecute but fraudulently rode roughshod over the Rights of those charged for over 10 months, saw the Court through United Nations intervention discharge us without conviction. Other fallout that ensued, was John Key’s resignation as Prime Minister, Helen Clarke vetoed from her U.N position and Murray McCully’s resignation from the U.N. NZ’s U.N. representatives were sent packing.
I state the Marshals have absolutely no connection with the ITCCS or Kevin Annett, the Heading ITCCS affiliated NZ Marshals is false.
John Wanoa is a separate entity and is not and has not been a part of the Marshals.


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