Wednesday, January 2, 2019

So I beheld, and lo! an ensign borne
Whirling, that span and ran, as in disdain
Of any rest; and there the folk forlorn
Rushed after it, in such an endless train

The last of the photos 163 to 167 of the Kaipara Harbor with the site of the Moai Tidal Turbines in the future There are a few other books bound with the Manukau Kawharu History of New Zealand and Moriori There was No MAORI in this History That is a Fiction Tribe of Ngati Whatua created by the Queen to Dupe the Native peoples in the World She corrupted the Kings Titles now we are settling her accounts and the Corporations Rothschild Bank Accounts of Fraud and Corrupting the Kings Bench Bank Court Magistrate I will sort this out next week with videos on Radio in Europe and Britain
My bad. My fingers slipped on the tuning knob of the Crank Magnetron and suddenly we were picking up John Waroa's Faceborg broadcast up in the ALL-CAPS frequency band, in a bad translation from the original Majuscule.

The Wanoa channel is rather like one of those Numbers Stations of yore. It is unconcerned with coherence or any discernible connection to consensus reality, and it never stops. If you tune out and tune back to the station later on, nothing has changed.* Mr Wanoa has been shouting at clouds since at least 2009, when he registered his New Zealand tidal-energy company Na [sic] Atua E Wa Aotea Ltd with 999 999 999 999 £25 shares, and began touting for investors.

This whole John Wanoa hairball, with his Sovereign King claim and his Hydrogen Economy Tidal Turbine brain-fart, it is not original bloggerly material. But the recycling is an appropriate beginning to 2019, here at the Riddled World of Gnowledge and Novelty Silage Agricultural Emporium, where we are all about the recycling and the reduced ecological footprint.
Reduced footprint: Doin it Rong
Also it is a good lead-in to a weird phenomenon. It is an echidna wrapped in carborundum. I refer to the spectacle of white-supremacist Nazi-wannabees in the UK and Ireland, having adopted the colour "yellow" as the heraldic tincture of their marching uniforms, further adopting the 1834 United Tribes flag of NZ indigenous independence, under the impression that it symbolises the illegitimacy of the UK gubblement. I am not making this up.

17,000,000 (F) Class Shares offer from 1,000,000,000 Shares, raises ₤500 Trillion This Fund, for Moai Crown Sovereign Monarch State Dual British Government with the proposed new Surrogate King of England to challenge the Crown State Throne. The "Moai Crown King William IV Trust" is the Commercial Trading Bank Creditor of the Kings Bench Royal Revenue derived from King William IV British Crown Federal State Dual UK British Government in Devonport England. Great Sovereign Seal Royal Crown and Anchor Admiralty Court Martial Prize Possessions Cargo and Salavaged Property from Default Convicted Fraudsters and Criminal Felons using our MOAI CROWN STATE and KING WILLIAM IV Commercial Trading Bank Mortgage Liens illegally Fraudulently and collecting Royal Revenue that legally belonging to KING WILLIAM IV Male Bloodline Royal family Commercial Contract Agreement with our MOAI Tahitian Royal Monarchy Sovereign State Government Admiralty Partnership!
Prepare now for your hopes to purchase shares to be cruelly dashed... in the intervening years, the e-commerce purchasing features of Wanoa's webstore have not been enabled, despite occasional promises, reminiscent of Billy Bunter's perennial promises to repay his debts one day soon when the money-order arrives. The frequently-heralded funding from overseas investors remains equally elusive.

The present dispensation allows you to reserve shares...
This is your receipt for a 25 GBP Note registered share in the Company's House London prepared creditor plus one free share Please do not send any money yet until a share broker member of our Moai Power House Group Limited Trust takes over full time from me You will then be required by British Crown Law to pay a share for the Company's Share Record as a claimant beneficiary Creditor of this Moai Power House Group Trust Business for the meantime until the new website is completed for public share record still under construction and You are now a 2 share Creditor claimant under Moai Power House Group Limited 1,000,000,000 share register company in London UK one of 250 Countries in the world under King William III King William IV King George IV King George III Flag Sovereign Authority Jurisdiction GROUP Organization each with their own Country 1,000,000,000 shares ONE SHARE FITS ALL 250 Countries Co Operative Shareholding CORPORATE KINGS EMPEROR CONGLOMERATE BANK CREDITOR .
Anyone in the world can register for a GBP 25 Pound Note share in this Westminster City Country of England 1,000,000,000 Share registered company from new born baby to death certificate of a natural man or corporate person is now a legitimate stakeholder in this MOAI POWER HOUSE GROUP LIMITED Corporate Company in England
Thank you John Wanoa Surrogate King William IV UK NZ
Also if you are concerned for Wanoa's impecunious state, his on-line impresario and media maestro (i.e. prolific Youtuber) -- one Andy Devine -- will direct you to send money to a John Paterson (or conceivably vice versa), who will look after it until the company shares are transactable (or replaced by a UK company of the same name).

To be fair to Wanoa, there have been shiny objects and skwirls to distract him onto other image-theft design projects... e.g.

· The Moai Power House Bank,
designed as the Share Holders Bank Account under TagPay France Administered by the new Bank Manager from ANZ Bank Auckland New Zealand very experienced in Commercial Banking philosophy. Will appear in every Country in the World as Electronic Money Transactions against the British Pound Note at the present time. Until such notice of a change to Euro Dollar it remains GBP British Sterling Pound Notes. The other Bank is the MOAI ROYAL BANK is for the MOAI CROWN CONFEDERATION Fraud Recovery Moneys using KING WILLIAM IV KINGS BENCH STATE COMMERCIAL LIENS UNDER MOAI CROWN KING WILLIAM MONARCH SOVEREIGN SEAL JURISDICTION ADMIRALTY LAW!
· Establishing his Moai Admiralty / Crown King William IV Federal State Court.

· Holding his own Moai Crown Native Magistrate Court in 2017 (in Te Unga Waka Marae, Epsom, Auckland, joined by three other old scrotes engaged in Important-Personage cosplay) and arraigning most of New Zealand's political elite to defend themselves against charges of treason [WARNING: Linked page is rich in hatstand condamine fishsticks; may be injurious to rational thought].

· Currency (because what is the point of a pretend bank without pretend money?). It seems that inflating the numbers on your play-money with more zeros endows the notes with credibility and gravitas, as we saw in Zimbabwe and Venezuela and Weimar Germany.

· A Moai Airline of hypersonic hydrogen-fuelled aircraft to circumnavigate the globe in four hours and shuttle between tidal-turbine-mounted airstrips off the NZ and UK coasts.

· Suitably opulent buildings to house the Commonwealth World Government / World Trade Centre / NZ Federal State Government Senate, built in Auckland's Eden Park -- a Bruegelian Babelian tower born of the unnatural union of the BBC Euston Tower and the GCHQ rotunda in Cheltenham.

· Moai Aquafarming

· More Turbines!

· Stalking a police officer who annoyed John in some arrest-related fashion.**

There are about 100 more Wanoa-related FB pages revealing different facets of his crackpottery but bored now.

Is it nice to be pointing and laughing at such a brainfucked old cockwomble? Do you feel good about that, Uncle Smut?

No, I feel guilty.
John Wanoa has two main lessons to teach us: Go easy on the medicinal herb when self-medicating for florid psychosis, and if you do insist on huffing petrol, stick to the unleaded blend to minimise the damage. Better still, switch to huffing Wanoa Solid Hydrogen.

But we need to remember: Wanoa has been adopted as a kind of mascot by the Truther conspiracist-ideation Alt-Reality grifters in the UK, who actually scraped together the airfare for him to visit. This contrasts with his 2015 abortive UK expedition -- in the company of his State Secretary and Resreve World Bank Govenoress and assistant designer JAYMIE ANNA-MARIE PATRICK-STEWART NGATAI*** -- to meet potential investors and no doubt to dismiss Parliament and dethrone Queen Betty. On that less-auspicious occasion, a crowd-sourcing page raised only £0.00 of the £50,000 he required.

He has been interviewed by the media Youtube magnates of that not-entirely-coherent intellectual tradition, e.g. by Andy Devine, John Paterson, and Sean Maguire (previously familiar to Riddled readers as a pimp for Amanda Mary Jewell's patient-killing cancer scams), who have groomed and indoctrinated him in virtue-signal Worship Words (currently these are "Hampstead satanic-cult baby-eaters!!" and "788-790 Finchley Road", never mind why). Making fun of the gobshite is not just an indulgence, it is a moral obligation.

It may be that in the Looniverse Wanoa serves as a virtue signal himself, or as a purity test. Any half-hearted barmpot can claim to believe in Rothschild Bankers and climate-change-denial and vaccines-are-evil and QAnon and the rest of the crank-magnetism conspiracist catechism; these quotidian items do not winnow out the wannabees. But to take seriously John Wanoa and his tidal-turbine generator UFOs, that shows true commitment to the war against the tyranny of evidence. Some of them suspect that he's a delusive grifter but expect admiration for not saying so out loud.

Though the Hydrogen-Economy aspect of Wanoa's performative art practice does not interest the Truthers so much as his Moai Royalty Heir-to-George-IV self-stylings. Hence the popularity of the United Tribes flag. The flag's chequered history is not entirely free from fraudulent associations, but I will try to be succinct with the backstory.

Back in 1834, a British diplomat convinced various Maori tribes in the Bay of Islands region (in NZ's Deep North) to send representatives and form a Confederacy, in order that they could proclaim New Zealand to be a sovereign nation; and to solemnise that announcement by choosing one of his suggested flag designs... all as a ploy to discourage acquisitive Frenchpersons from staking out the NZ islands as a French possession. The declaration was later superceded by the Treaty of Waitangi, or possibly not.
SENTENCED: Gerard Otimi was sentenced to 18
months in jail despite a supporter, right,
disrupting proceedings and challenging the judge.
Anyhows, the "Confederation of Chiefs" concept was revived in the 1990s, when various chancers and lowlives saw the economic possibilities in anointing themselves as the successors of that first Confederacy... able to bestow exemptions from inconvenient laws, for a fee (by invocation of Maori Customary Law). Also able to sell passports and visas and citizenship via Maori tribal adoption / initiation... the purchasers being individuals residing in NZ in unorthodox and officially-unapproved ways, hopeful of avoiding deportation by way of these worthless documents. The scam recurs at intervals, usually with the United Tribes flag for verisimilitude.

So it was inevitable that Wanoa would research the flag, find a supplier, and coopt it into the heraldic iconography of his not-entirely-coherent origin story.

It adorned the mise-en-scene at the 2017 Moai Crown Native Magistrate Court performance like an American Confederate banner at an especially treasonous Country-&-Western concert.

And at last we come back to the yellow light-brownshirt protesters who were blocking London bridges a few weeks ago and threatening to come back in even larger numbers -- in their 40s rather than 30s -- and wreak even greater hilarity if their Brexiteer demands are not met. They have appropriated the yellow vests from anti-austerity protests in France, combining them with islamophobic slogans and QAnon imagery in case their extreme rightwing leanings went unnoticed. They have also appropriated the Pen-Draig theme from Welsh culture and turned it into an icon of racism, for these are garbage people. They had no problem with going on to steal the United Tribes flag that Wanoa stole from Northland Maori iwi, believing it to be another symbol of White Trash Supremacy.

It is not clear how the banner demonstrates that the UK gubblement is a corrupt usurpation, but these are not smart people.
[H/t: The hard-working commentariat at Hoaxtead Research]

* Many decades and a few regenerations ago, at the ICA, I saw a touring retrospective of Situationist International work. What stuck in the mind was Pinot Gallizio's Industrial Painting from 1959: long scrolls of canvas, randomly daubed and dyed and decorated without beginning or end, which art consumers could buy by the metre to fit into their workers' abodes.

John Wanoa's continual stream of rhetoric brought it to mind, for some reason.

** Having a conviction or restraining order for stalking is seen in the Looniverse as a desirable social accomplishment. Preferably someone whom you encountered on the opposite side of a courtroom. The absence of anyone to stalk is practically a badge of establishment status.

*** The ALL-CAPS denote the Sovereign-Citizen legally-untouchable form of Jaymie's name and it is apparently a crime to use it. She is still on the scene, but less socially-medially active than in 2015, when she was Faceborging supportively about every turbine-related breakthrough and salivating at the prospect of mass executions as soon as the MOAI Court system got off the ground.


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