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These are people of the land. The common clay of the new West. You know… morons

Life here in the Shire is insular and parochial but the isolation is balanced by advantages, such as being too small a market to attract the great media empires from across the border through Breeland. In particular, the Nazgûl News Corporation [founder: Mouth of Sauron] has seen no profit in absorbing the Shire media. Thus we miss out on their agenda of fostering
  1. incurious gullibility;
  2. pants-wetting fear of dusky Southrons; and
  3. the crank-magnetism philosophy that once you accept one imbecilic conspiracy theory (like climate-change denialism), you should embrace an entire panoply of imbecilic conspiracy theories (or for short, the Republican Party Platform) to keep it company.
Nevertheless, a certain demographic of hobbits feel the need for conspiratorial ideation and end up embracing six impossible things before breakfast all by themselves, without encouragement, guided only by the principles that "Credo Quia Absurdum" and "Everything is true; nothing is permitted".

Which is a circumbendibus way of introducing the topic of the Great 1080 Panic.

H/t Naomi Arnold
"1080" here is Sodium Fluoroacetate, a toxin secreted by some Breeland Australian plants to discourage their consumption by mammals. It is a convenient and practical way to control populations of the various mammalian pests that European colonists entertained themselves by introducing into the Shire New Zealand. But perhaps the 'fluoro' part of the name triggers morphic resonance with longer-standing antifluoridation purity-of-essence obsessions; or the numpties confound 1080 with chemtrails because it is often distributed across NZ native forests as pellets, dropped from planes. Anyway, there is an anti-1080 lobby, convinced that the air-dropped pellets kill native birds (by falling on them, or by toxic emanations and miasmata) rather than the ground-based mammals who eat them. They are unwilling to trust their lying ears, let alone the dead-mammal / live-bird data collected by ecologists at the Department of Conservation or by independent groups.

In the Good Old Daze, 1080 agitation was the exclusive preserve of hunting enthusiasts, who are traditionally opposed to effective control of noxious species - mustelids and possums, but especially goats & pigs & deer - seeing little point in saving native species from extinction when they can't hunt those species. But then in the US and the UK and across Old Yurp, political entities weaponised the Crazy Conspiracy Truther crowd and harnessed them in the cause of rightwing politics. The NZ counterparts were left at a loose end [see above: no Nazgûl Media] and I can only suppose that they feel envious. In lieu of David Icke and QAnon and Pizzagate to cater for their need for drama and irrationality, they finally rallied around this 1080 cause. At least it harmonises with existing Purity-of-Body-Fluids alarm about electrosmog and GMOs and chemtrails and vaccination and 5G mobile telephony in children's ice-cream.

Thus the Shire has experienced such alarums and excursions as an anti-1080 bioterrorist extortion threat (and a conviction). Bird carcasses with various combinations of tyre-tracks and bullet-holes were flung into Parliament to dramatise the death-toll from 1080 (and to emphasise the sincerity of the carcass-flingers' concern for avian life). When campaigners couldn't sabotage a 1080 program they sabotaged a non-1080 program of pest control instead. If this is a grassroots movement, it suffers from a serious infestation of grassgrubs. The only remedy, I suspect, is to play up the natural green origins of sodium fluoroacetate and rebrand it with a Harry-Potter / Homeopathy name in cod-Latin.

Anyway, welcome to an excitable world, inhabited by anthropomorphic personifications of 10-Tesla Crank Magnetism... like Bronwyn Llewellyn (who also shows up in the fringes of UK 'Satanic Ritual Abuse' panics, but who will adopt any Suppressed-Truth Conspiracy Revelation that follows her home, as long as it is daft enough). Though she is a Trump-licking US refugee so arguably does not count. Or EnvironWatchRangitikei, who is a home-grown self-radicalised crazy as far as I am aware.

Also, to admire these scenes from the Hikoi of a Poisoned Nation. Basically this is Alan Gurden and Emile Leaf, professional flingers of roadkill / gunshot-wound avian collateral-damage (by appointment to the NZ Parliament). They are marching the leadth and brength of NZ under the auspices (one never encounters a single auspix on its own) of the Māori Government of Aotearoa because of course they are.

That top flag on their nithing-pole looks familiar, Uncle Smut.

Well-spotted, youngling! It is indeed the 1834 'United Tribes' ensign of national independence, which has been adopted into the iconography of UK Light-Brownshirt protesters to symbolise the illegitimacy of the UK gubblement, for reasons they could not conceivably explain. Previously featured here.

Now here in the Shire, the 1834 flag has been revived in recent decades to serve a range of purposes.
  • A. A reminder of broken promises from NZ's colonial-history shitshow, and of the unbroken nature of Māori claims to self-determination.
  • B. When hung on the wall of a student flat, an emblem of the staunchness of the occupants' right-on politics.*
  • C. Camouflage for various lowlife scammers and extortionists operating under the cover of A.
We have previously encountered a few examples from that parade of pelf.

"None of us would have known about the United
Tribes flag if John Wanoa hadn't told us about it."
John Wanoa - floridly querulant crazy person and con-man manqué - variously claims to be of Moriori descent, a Moai, and of the Tahitian / Hawai'ian / Easter-Island Royal Bloodline, though not "Māori" (because that is a fake word made up by English usurpers). But that has not stopped him co-opting the flag as part of his own artistic practice, to bolster his claim to be the real King of England. Don't ask me how that works... ask those UK protesters who chose Yellow to be their heraldic colour.

So now would be a good time for a Brief History of Maori Govts of Aotearoa!

1. The 2002 version, a.k.a. the New Zealand Armed Intervention Force, which caused some perturbation at the time on account of gun collections, military training, and a propensity for demanding money with menaces... also their Declaration of War upon the established gubblement. All now co-opted for John Wanoa's artistic practice. Membership of this group of "Maori radicals" / extremists was dominated by one Kelvyn Alp and his white supremacist cohort.** Alp subsequently opted for mainstream politics and was last seen trying to flog his MGA passport as a valuable historical memento.

2. A 2005 MGA declared in the East Cape area by Sue Nikora... I do not know if the 1834 flag featured in her scheme for extorting money from moteliers. John Wanoa has made the pilgrimage to Nikora to pay homage to her role in this tradition.

3. A 2008 MGA declared by Nellie Morton in Whangaparoa. This is still extant, and has a Faceborg page, primarily focused on microchip implants.

4. I figure that the current MGA is probably different from the 2002 version, with less white supremacy. The contact details on its webpage are shared with the Maniapoto Tribal Govt and The Gazette of Nu Tireni - New Zealand, so I will go out on a limb and speculate that all three entities are likely the same couple of grifters in Hamilton. They sprang into being in August 2017 and solemnised their claim to represent all Māori in New Zealand by sending a gloriously pompous submission to a tax-reform commission (as one does), spelling out the framework for a transfer of power. That document further sets out their stance against water fluoridation and 1080 pest control, though regrettably chemtrails go unmentioned.

The MGA's primary or Other Other Operation consists of sending fictitious demands for 'rates' or 'lease' demands to the owners of attractively covetable properties in the area, and claiming ownership of those properties when money is not forthcoming, in the hope that the actual owners will pay them something to just piss off.

Their interest in the 1080 crusade is of a similar shake-down nature. As well as encouragement for the Gurden-Leaf excursion, legal-cosplay 'liens' and 'interlocutary orders' - ripe with legal-looking flimflam - are dispatched to anybody or entity involved in or supporting the use of 1080.

An uncharitable interpretation is that they are waiting for someone to pay them to just go the fuck away.

* For a previous generation of students, that role was filled by the Tino Rangatiratanga flag, but that is passé, has specific political-party associations, and has the disadvantage of looking like a beach-towel.

** Much of the incoherence surrounding the 2002 M.G. of A. and its NZAIF military arm becomes clearer when we discover that the leaders had been inhaling the farts of Sovereign Citizen / Common-Law solipsistic bafflegab.
All Government and de-facto government agencies including the Judicial System in New Zealand are corrupt using fraud; deception, trickery and force to snare the unsuspecting, Natural Person into doing Commerce (business) with the "State" and the rules of the commercial game are known only to them. Sovereign Law has been created in order to help you remember what is inherently etched within the conscience of your Soul, "Common-Sense".
"Common Law" (Law Of The Land) is superior to the subordinate statute law (Private / Commercial Law). DO NOT be fooled in believing over wise. Knowledge is power - Remember once you have the Knowledge - and you will indeed hold the power.
Alternative title: "Wings Wetted Down, stumbling on the ground".

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