Thursday, March 11, 2010

Gin and twin studies. Good science?

Rare footage of the first ever twin study carried out by Johannes Kupler  in 1542 at Gutenberg University. Several important features can be seen here:  1. The attendance of the local superhero. This was commonplace at the time due to  concerns regarding the propriety of the tests. Note the application of "Cooling off water" by Domehead, one of the local Friends of Justice. His sidekick Pointhyead is showing the test subjects the sort of gap that there should be between them. 2. Note the presence of Kepler on the right behind Pointyhead, a traditional place of standing for researchers in the presence of superheroes. He may have a few fortifying Gins from the look of him which is understandable due to the "Make or Break" nature of the superhero visit. Kupler's assistant Jane of An Gee-la stands behind Domehead and looks disapprovingly at the older scientist perhaps realising that he is not in the best "frame of mind' to explain the experiment and  that she will have to do all the work to earn a "thanks for technical help" in the final paper.
The nature of the twin study appears to be a comparison of the ways males and females can find their way through a maze like bed structure. This was a contentious issue of the day and may have eclipsed Orb  Studies in some Italian universities. Guido Artemintini of Bologna published perhaps the definitive paper on the subjects "Who isth best beteweenth ye sheets, if ye knowth what I means, and I think ye do"


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At least the happy couple has a pot to pee in.