Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Orbs through the Ages

Learned Sir,
I write to you as a whilom Denier of the Existence of "Aubs". "Pish!" it was my wont to say when my credulous fellow-man put credit in Entities of too rarefied a nature as to be seen by Eye, yet able to be captured by modern Mechanical Arts. And "Posh!" I would expostulate. "Thou hast no more sense than a Papist! Thy precious Aubs are mere Ignes Fatui, Arty-facks and Flawes of the Etching Process!"

This week last, withal, my mind was changed and made anew when my new DeBry & Associates Woode-Cut Apparatus with the high-speed Flash Attachment arrived by Mail-coach at my country estate in the County of O______. Straight I put it to the Trial by woodcutting one or two pictureskew scenes of the Gothick sensibility. I attach the results herewith, for your use perhaps in your Coffeehouse Broadsheet, for note ye well that both the Feral Baby and the Bird upon the Wing are surrounded by a veritable Swarm of Aubs, that godsooth were not there to my Eye when I incised the wood!

Now I do not presume to side with the learned Dr Dee on one side of the Contra-versy, who holds that these 'Aubs' are living beings like unto the animalcules of Leeuwenhoek or the 'cells' of Robt. Hooke, but Gargantuan in dimension and of another plane orthogonal to ours -- his 'Wholly Ineffable Meta Protozoa'. Nor with Kepler his detractor, who holds them to be no more than the dander of God, or perhaps Angel Poop.

Yours, D____ N____ (Bt.)
The circular Orbs that are the only form observed these days are evidently the last surviving member of a whole family of geometrical shapes. It is a mystery.


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

The older ones have already had their orbituaries written.

fish said...

Those are very rare Pokemon.

mikey said...

Of course the standard model includes all POSSIBLE orbs, but at energies extant in the universe today most do not exist, or exist only as virtual orb/autie-orb pairs created out of the vacuum energy.

And don't even get me started on super-symmetrical orbs or a multi-verse explanation for the various orbs...

Substance McGravitas said...

This one still makes a good record now and then.

Another Kiwi said...

Sirre, whyle yor prognostications onne the manner and forme of the aubes is to be apploreded fore it's candor, it is lakking in scientiffic riggor.
No aubes have yett been isolayted and studyied enuff for us to gane insites into their nayture.
Rather than publishhe piktures of wolfes inn cayves and suchhe, migght it bee nott betta to get ones handdes derty, as wee are wontt to sayye in the science.

Yourss in Science
Marigold Grytpyppe Thynne

mikey said...

I'm thinking about developing a whole new web persona calling itself Arty Facks. Just the debris left behind to history, y'know?

Another Kiwi said...

Bad orb!!Bad Orb!

tigris said...

Bad Orb's coat of arms is great: that bad orb is eating that guy's head! I don't understand the toga-togged man tickling the horse, but to each his own.

Smut Clyde said...

Either the lower guy on the coat-of-arms is actually holding the horse & rider off the ground in a circus-strongman act, or the orb is trying to drag the rider & horse away, while the guy on the ground tries to hold them back. I remember a scene along those lines from "Sinister Barrier".