Monday, March 15, 2010

Tail-fins would be another improvement

BBBB calls the readers' attentions to a glamour-girl calendar promoting an Italian firm of specialised cabinet-makers. It comes as a surprise that Miss December is not wearing a Santa hat or some similar holiday-themed clothes or lack thereof. Perhaps the Italians are not so obsessed with $mas consumerism.

I was also a tad surprised by the sobriety of the caskets being advertised in this way. They are all decorum and gravitas. What is the point of trying to appeal to the lads if the coffins are not painted with go-faster stripes?

If this all seems skeevy and perverse, then it may come as a consolation that coffin-promotion giveaways were far more morbid a few centuries ago.


ckc (not kc) said...

...if that were a music box, it should play "Careless Love"

tigris said...

Hey, so pregnant Midge barbie doll with the snap-off belly was a total rip-off!

mikey said...

See, this is just wrong. You can't carry boxes around with you. Pretty much everybody but YOU got that after an even limited opportunity to audit combat 101. You're asking for the big-time funky skunky along with the diseases and diarrhea.

Listen to me. Put the bodies in the bags. Zip 'em up tight and leave 'em far behind your advance. You don't need fear and terror and horror and disease and loose running POO to take you outta the fight!