Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spooky Similarities

What with all the Kerfuffle about a Socialist junta in America (honestly, one little junta and you just go to pieces) I thought it would be a good idea to examine the Riddled Amateur Dramatic Society (RADS) production of  "The American Revolution or Bite my Bum, King George"
It also doubled as pets day here at the Riddled compound.
It was very difficult to get the Hydra to float around on the ceiling and standing underneath it was quite the smell (ITTDGY 2009). Mrs Miggins bravely voluteered to be the angel in the winged chariot and she will probably make a full recovery. A brown goose got into the building and Merc's lion was growling at everyone. Smut and I in soldiers uniforms WERE NOT ALLOWED TO SHOOT ANYONE!! We also did not get ANY Sailor's rights. Harumph
I'm not sure we will put this on again.


merc said...

My Lion! My Lion! Aahahaha My Lion beats everyone, everywhere, anytime!!! Aahahha.

solabl; ready for the Sun

Smut Clyde said...

The Declaration of Independence in the production looked more convincing after everyone had TRAMPLED ON IT.

merc said...

Aaaaahahhah talk to ma Lion, talk to ma Lion

imenylli; a Milli Vanilli intervention is imminent(see above).

mikey said...

Know what I'm thinking?

FURNITURE! Get some freaking STUFF, you guys. A nice Settee, maybe a loveseat, a goddam armoire, maybe a couple of throw rugs, some occasional tables? It looks like Bachelor 101 in there, without even the early orange crate and boardsnbricks shelving....

I mean, I hate to rapulate, but

ckc (not kc) said...

"Hello, sailor! Got any rights you want to exercise?"

M. Bouffant said...

Say "wo" to tyrants!

And all aboard the bingeark for a three-hour cruise!

Smut Clyde said...

And all aboard the bingeark
There is one of those running beween Malmo and Copenhagen, and another between Flensburg and Odense.
The pissed Swedes are the worst.

fish said...

Thank goodness there were subtitles for those of us who only speak American.