Monday, May 3, 2010

Cutting-edge biting satyrs

Literary cross-overs and mash-ups are still popular, sez Another Kiwi, so for the next Riddled amateur dramatics evening we've decided to splice H. G. Wells with Jonathan Swift, and stage "Lemuel Gulliver, Time Traveller".

It will be all cutting-edge biting satire about NZ current events.

Gulliver will question his hosts about the report into New Zealanders' drinking habits that recently advised the excisemen to raise the tax on alcohol, and the inn-keepers to keep shorter hours. When the previous government requested this report (he will ask), did they go to a panel of eminent doctors, with expertise in whether people are really drinking too much; or psychologists, with insights into the drinkers' motivations and how to change their behaviour; or sociologists, who might point fingers at advertisers and brewers?

"What strange ideas you have, Captain Gulliver; your head is full of fancies and megrims. Naturally the government went to the Law Commission. The best group to decide on the severity and causes of a social problem is obviously an association of lawyers whose qualifications amount to success in arguing with other lawyers."
If they had requested a report on alcohol use from the Institute of Architects, the resulting advice would have been "Fill up any open public space with buildings", but fortunately the Institute was already snowed under with similar requests from the Wellington City Council.

Below: Gulliver explores the Time Tunnel.
That figure looks somehow famil...
Shush, have another beer.

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Another Kiwi said...

Why, I ask, why did they not consult with the New Zealand Institute of Quantity Surveyors??
It is outrage. Sir!

Plus, is the Hotdog concession going to go to Mrs. Miggins again? I'm just saying that she's a bit Ruff in making them.