Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sumo Frogs

SRSly now. Dressing frogs up in little sumo thongs and making them wrestle? Is there no novelty to which Japanese bars will not stoop? At this rate they'll soon be as weird as those German bars with their cockroach racing and their sports-predicting octopodes.

But Wrestler #4 with the mock-corroboree body-paint is just wrong. Not only is it an appropriation of Aborigine culture, but also it's cheapening the whole contest if you have to beef up the sumo frogs with a WWF gimmick.

Also, Across the Andes by Toad-back.

UPDATE: In comments, fish points out the existence of prior art.
Also, Bonus Haiku:
yasegaeru | makeru na Issa | koko ni ari


merc said...

Oh that's just nos marks...bit of nitro always helps speed them sumo froggies up, I have heard tell.
Like that time at the Riddled dressup as if you are grownup function...oops.

fish said...


merc said...

It's as if they know we eat them.

phedi, them Jedi Feds.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Frog tattoos are the latest craze.